Angel Fund


I’m so excited to introduce you to Soul Speak’s Angel Fund! 

We have such a loving community here with so many Earth Angels among us. One of these angels suggested I create a fund that everyone could donate to, which would allow anyone who may not have been able to afford to take my ecourses and work with me one-on-one to do so. I loved the idea and decided that I would match any donation that came in!

We all have such huge hearts and have so much to give, and this Angel Fund is a way for us to come together and offer others love and support, too. It’s a way for us to spread the love.

How Will it Work?

If you would like to donate to the Angel Fund:

If you would like to donate to the Angel Fund and help others be able to take part in all that Soul Speak has to offer (Soulful Life Sanctuary, ecourses, etc.), then please scroll to the end and click on the “donate” button. You will be able to enter any amount that you would like.

I will create a Wish List below, so you’ll be able to see what is needed. If you would like your donation to go to one person in particular, please let me know when you submit your donation. (For example, you may see that someone really wants to take the Coming Back to Life Ecourse, which was life-changing for you. And so you may really want to make that possible for them.) If you don’t specify who you would like your donation to go to, it will go to the next person on the waiting list (assuming there is enough money in the fund to cover what they would like).

I will post all of the donations that come in in the table below. Your donation can either be anonymous or I can list your name and website. (Please let me know which you prefer when you check out.)

I will update both the donation table and the recipient table regularly, so you’ll be able to see exactly how your donation is helping another.

If you would like to receive from the Angel Fund:

This fund is here for anyone who would like to join the Soulful Life Sanctuary and/or participate in my ecourses but isn’t sure how they can afford it.

Here are my current offerings:


Upcoming Offerings:

  • Balancing Heaven & Earth Course
  • Soulspiration Course
  • Soulful Abundance Course
  • Celebrating YOU!

If you would like to receive from the fund, please email me your request and the amount that you are able to pay for the product/service that you would like.

For example, let’s say you wanted to take the Coming Back to Life Ecourse. This normally sells for $147, which you felt was a bit much for you at this time. Paying half in two payments of $36.75 each felt more comfortable for you. So you would email me your request, and I would take $73.50 from the Angel Fund to help you pay for the course (assuming it was available in the fund at the time of your request). If it isn’t available, I will add you to a waiting list, so you’ll be in line to receive this loving assistance just as soon as it becomes available.

Pay What You Can:

Because I think it’s super important that you empower yourself and embrace your own ability to attract abundance into your life, I would like for you to pay what you can for these products/services – the Angel Fund will cover the rest.

The Angel Fund is here to help lift you up and see what’s possible, rather than keeping you from standing strong in your own ability to step into an empowered life. So when you send a request, I will trust that you’re offering as much as you are able to in this moment.

Paying it Forward with Love:

Many of us have been given a helping hand at some point in our life, and the Angel Fund is a wonderful way to pay this love forward.

For those who are able to give, thank you so much for opening your hearts in this way.

For those who are wanting to receive, thank you, also, for being willing to accept this love. I have 100% confidence that you’ll be able to pay it forward someday, too!

Let’s all see the Angel Fund as the beautiful offering that it is: Earth Angels coming together to help each other soar – higher than we ever imagined that we could fly!

Please email your request to me here:


Donate to the Fund Here:



Current Amount in the Angel Fund: $255.82!


Current Earth Angels:

Donation DateName of AngelAmount DonatedTotal Donated with Jodi's Match
9/22/13Lisa Wechtenhiser from Practically Intuitive$100$200
9/25/13Sue Kearney from Magnolias West$25$50
11/5/13Cassandra Herbert from Just Bee Wellness$100$200
7/28/14Caroline Kirk from Walking Barefoot$40$80


How the Donations Are Being Received:

DateProduct/Service ReceivedAmount Recipient PaidAmount Used from Angel Fund
9/22/1360-Minute 1:1 Dream-Planning Session$47$100
9/22/13Coming Back to Life Ecourse$35$112
9/24/13Blog Review$27$50
9/24/13Soulful Journaling Ecourse$23.50$23.50
9/28/13Bring Your Blog to Life Session (1 of 10)$45$54.50
9/28/13Bring Your Blog to Life Session$50$97
10/3/1328 Days of Joy Ecourse$10$18
10/5/13Coming Back to Life Ecourse$50$97
10/8/13Bring Your Blog to Life Sessions (2 and 3 of 10 total)$90$109
10/20/1328 Days of Joy Ecourse$10$18
10/20/13Soul Clarity Cards$10$14.95 (to cover international shipping)
12/3/13Soul Shakers 4-Month Membership$87$29
12/6/13Bring Your Blog to Life Sessions (4 and 5 of 10 total)$90$109
3/1/14Bring Your Blog to Life Sessions (4 and 5 of 10 total)$90$109
4/1/14Bring Your Blog to Life Sessions (6 and 7 of 10 total)$90$109
5/1/14Soul Shakers - 1 month$10$27
5/1/14Soul Shakers - 6 months$87$135
5/31/14Soulful Life Sanctuary$100$47
5/15/14Soulful Life Sanctuary$75$72
5/31/14Soulful Life Sanctuary$125$22
6/8/14Soulful Life Sanctuary$111$36
6/28Soulful Life Sanctuary$85$62
6/29Soulful Life Sanctuary$40$107
6/29Soulful Life Sanctuary$75$72
6/29Soulful Life Sanctuary$75$72
7/21Soulful Life Sanctuary$175$22
7/22Soulful Life Sanctuary$100$97
7/24Soulful Life Sanctuary$100$97
7/29Soulful Life Sanctuary$100$97
7/29Soulful Life Sanctuary$60$137
7/29Soulful Life Sanctuary$50$147
7/29Soulful Life Sanctuary$97$100
7/29Soulful Life Sanctuary$100$97
7/30Soulful Life Sanctuary$80$117
7/30Soulful Life Sanctuary$100$97
7/31Soulful Life Sanctuary$100$97
7/31Soulful Life Sanctuary$150$50
7/31Soulful Life Sanctuary$50$147
7/31Soulful Life Sanctuary$150$47
12/1Soul Shakers$29$29
1/12Soulful Life Sanctuary$19.95$19.95
2/17Soulful Life Sanctuary$65.77$131.23


Angel Fund Wish List:

If more requests come in than donations, I’ll enter them anonymously in the wish list below. I’ll fill them in the order they are received (unless an Earth Angel chooses someone on the list specifically.)

Date RequestedProduct/Service Wished ForAmount Recipient Can PayTotal Needed from Angel Fund
(Total Cost of Product/Service - Amount Recipient Can Pay - Jodi's Matching Fund = Total Needed)


I can’t wait to see the love, support, giving, and receiving that is about to take place. I have a feeling it’s going to be something truly special! 

Thank you in advance to everyone for opening your hearts – whether you’re on the giving end or the receiving end, you’re each allowing love to flow. And that’s pretty wonderful.

Remember, no donation is too small when it’s sent with love. It’s that loving energy that will change mindsets, uplift lives, and create lasting shifts. I love that we each have the power to do this.

Who’s ready to make some miracles happen?

Big hug!





P.S. – If you have any questions, please email me here: