Love Brings You Home

jodi and dan

Here we are 12 years ago. :)

Dan and I are celebrating our 12th anniversary of being a couple tomorrow, and so I’ve been thinking about love even more than usual.

I feel like I have had two lives: before Dan and with Dan.

The person that I was before Dan was hopeful but cynical – yearning but jaded – a dreamer but not a believer. 

While I always wanted to believe in love, I somehow always seemed to feel let down by it. The love that I had built up in my dreams never seemed to come to be in my waking life. The relationships that I had before Dan were a mix of okay to not-so-good to downright horrible.

My heart had been broken. I had broken hearts. And the common thread throughout each relationship was that they never felt completely right. I was always left wanting more. I always had one foot out the door – waiting for something (someone) better.

I was waiting for Dan. My soul knew it. And I just needed to catch up to that knowing. I’ve spent every single day for the past 12 years living in complete gratitude for this beautiful man’s presence in my life.

While I knew that I loved him 12 years ago, I now see that it was just a tiny blip of the deep, soulful that we have built together through the years.

We have spent the past 12 years growing together, honoring and cherishing each other, and loving, loving, loving one another. We are rarely apart. He is my soul’s other half.

What I have come to realize is that our love brought me home. It led me straight to my soul – to the person I had always been but had forgotten. Our love gave me a foundation, a truth, and a knowing that I never even knew existed.

Each “I love you,” each hug, each compliment, each token of appreciation, each look into each other’s eyes, each kind gesture, each loving word through the years has built our house of love.

Because of this deep, soulful love that Dan and I share, love has overflowed from my heart and seeped into every part of my life. Our loving foundation continues to give me the courage to extend this love to each of you. My heart is wide open now. I am now wide awake. I have come home. 

Because of love.


And I now see and know deep within my soul that love has the power to bring all of us home.

I know that this can sound cheesy. I know that to a jaded heart, this sounds like complete nonsense. Remember that I was cynical once, too. So I get it.

But I know, know, know that this is real and that this is true and that this deep, soulful love exists if you allow yourself to open up to it.

And it doesn’t have to be with a partner. It could be with a dear friend or a close family member. Or even a sweet pet.

Dan was my saving grace. His love not only brought me home, but it also led me to each of you. 

And I will spend the rest of my life living in complete gratitude for his pure, sappy, utterly everything love.

Please allow yourself to be opened up and swept away with love. Allow love to bring you home.

Your soul is waiting. Your heart is waiting. We are all waiting.



Soulful Shout Out – Introducing Rebecca Quave!


I absolutely love the Soulful Shout Out series here on Soul Speak! I get to highlight and introduce you to beautiful people and their wonderful offerings!

I love connecting people and sharing products that I love, and so I’m just thrilled to be able to do that each week with you here.

If you would like your product/website/service promoted here, please click here to read the details and then email me to apply. (I take what I share very seriously and will only share products and services that I am in alignment with.) Please note that we’re scheduling into July – so be sure to reserve your space soon!

And now, let’s get to this week’s beautiful soul and her inspiring offerings!



This week, I am featuring Rebecca Quave!

Rebecca and I recently met on Facebook, and I immediately loved her open heart and kind energy. She is an intuitive soul who is known as “The Metamorphosis Mentor,” meaning she helps to lovingly support her clients through their own unique process of awakening and transformation.

Rebecca has put together some soulful gifts for you and also has some truly exciting offers to share, which we’ll talk about very soon! First, though, let me introduce her!

Welcome to Soul Speak, Rebecca! I’m so happy that you’re here! 

Because we just recently met, I would love to know more about your journey thus far. Did you always know that you wanted to help others, or was this an inner knowing that evolved along the way? What pivotal life moments led you to where you are now? 

It has been both of those. Looking back now, the agreement of service to awakening that I made before even coming here is crystal clear to me. But was that in the front of my mind at 13 years old, struggling with the adolescent dramas of life? No.  (laughing) On one hand there was an underlying sense of “otherness” that was always with me, and yet consciously I didn’t always understand what it was.

I first looked for answers by pursuing science. I expected that if I could understand all of the deepest intricacies of the laws of life and nature that I would feel satisfied. However, I quickly realized that what I was looking for was still left unanswered. I then immersed myself in an attempt to be the ideal mother and wife, to have the perfect home, and to have the life that it seemed would surely relieve anyone of their inner turmoil.  Meanwhile, the unanswered questions gnawed at me more and more unrelentingly.  One day I woke up and realized that none of it was real, that none of it was going to satisfy me, that nothing in my life was what it had seemed, and I knew nothing would ever be the same again.

Spiritual awakenings are a huge part of your transformational work with others, and I would love for you to share more about your own experience of awakening.

I recall a time of such overwhelming joy that had me pulling over while driving because the sheer amount of trees and cars and roads and atoms to be cripplingly in love with was just staggering.  But of course that phase came and went, as it needed to.  The point here is to remember that the “big experiences” arrive in order to be integrated, not chased after, maintained, or recreated.

Expansion is continuous. Although there are some moments that the mind interprets as more astonishing than others, it is important to continue beyond setting up the paradigm of spiritual “arrival” in the form of awakening, enlightenment, realization, etc.

My journey was guided by an inner knowing of “something else,” combined with experiences of suffering and an absolute hunger for an answer to my confusion about the suffering.

After realizing the truth of this existence, everything that we previously thought or believed unravels, and we go through a period of rebalancing, then surrender to everything unfolding and playing out however it does.  It is important to let each part of this continue unfolding in its natural course.

Beautifully said.

I get the strong sense that you and I would agree that our messages that we share with others have one common denominator: love. How does love show up in your life? What does it look like? How are you able to share it and see it and allow it to flow in and out of your life?

Love as I refer to it is simply the Love that Is.  It is the fabric of all that exists.  I’m referring to the Love that you Are when you say only “I AM.”

It is ever-present and reveals itself to us, and through us, when we open to the reality of wholeness.

Love shows itself throughout my life because of a willingness to recognize and embrace it everywhere.

At this point, Love is most often to me a constant that is residing in the pulse of  all existence all at once.  But as I said before, that wasn’t always my experience.  I spent many years feeling devastatingly removed from Love, then went through a period of it seeming to flood back into me so intensely that I felt it burst me into non-existent pieces over and over again.

I completely agree that love is everywhere in everything. We are love.

We both believe that the answers are within each and every one of us. It’s completely normal for each of us to move away from our connection with our inner wisdom, and I would love for you to share some ways you have learned to slow down and reconnect with your soul.

Even the “ways of connecting” are already built-in right inside each one of us – and they can change right along with us.  When it is something that you do without force, then you know you are following your own set of instructions for following your innate wisdom.

So explore – find what brings you back to you and savor it.

Sometimes I receive a reminder in something as simple as the license plate in front of me as I drive. : )  Part of the beauty of participating here on this planet is the remarkable variety that presents itself every day. I encourage everyone to be open to and embrace all of the amazing ways that you are capable of communicating with yourself. You are truly unlimited, so let yourself dance in the variety made possible by that infinity.

You have some wonderful offerings available – your audio course and your upcoming retreat!

Your Birth of You audio course feels like a celebration of the soul! Who is it meant for? And what do you hope that someone gains after listening to the audio classes?


That is a great description of it!  The course is meant for everyone who is ready to live fully as the Love that they Are. Any and every seeming concern, complication, or problem in life finds resolution in our re-discovery of the Truth of our own Being.

My wish is for everyone to re-embrace that Truth of their own Being, and discover the gift that they truly are. Once that happens, they breathe Love into everything.

Every moment that any person (through the course or otherwise) knowingly resides in Truth, Love, Being  – is such a joy to me.

Click here to learn more about this wonderful course!



Your upcoming Joyful Transformation Retreat sounds amazing! I would love for you to share more about it! 

The retreat will be a life changer for a small group of people who will come together in Bimini on June 1st in order to refresh themselves in Love, realize the ease of the flow of life, and return to their worlds now anchoring a new vibration of oneness, harmony, and love.

We will combine the energy of the waters of Bimini, daily boat trips to interact with the wild dolphins there, energizing clean food, yoga practice (suitable for any experience level), transformational sessions, sounds baths with the crystal alchemy bowls, and of course plenty of rest, fun, and delight!

Click here to learn more about this upcoming retreat!


I loved learning more about crystal bowls and their healing abilities on your website. Could you share how you began your journey into this arena of healing and how healing sounds have helped you in your own life.

bowlsThe bowls made their way to me quite recently. Prior to meeting them and bringing them home I had never heard of them at all. This worked distinctly well because then there was a complete reliance on inner knowing and communication with the bowls in order to open up my work with them. They are indeed very powerful in more ways than the mind knows how to understand.

Just as light is the building block of what we call the physical world, sound is the building block of what we call the spiritual. And, of course, sound vibration clearly impacts the physical directly as well. This combination allows sound to operate in an immensely healing and transformative way on many levels.

Also, when listening to the bowls, they immediately bypass the rational mind, so the work is much more direct (and therefore accelerated) because of that.

What’s next on the horizon for you? 

1392232933On April 21st, the journey that began in “The Birth of You” will continue – a new, live 6-week coaching circle called “The Birth of Dreams” will focus on working from the new point of balance reached in The Birth of You in order to welcome into creation all that you could have wished for and much more.

Many people have gotten confused or frustrated about the idea of conscious creation or manifesting. During the Birth of Dreams circle, we will bring all the misunderstandings back into harmony so that you can return to your most natural state of allowing what you had desired to express itself into being through you.

Click here to learn more about this coaching circle!


Is there anything else you would like to share? 

You are not broken.
You are what you have been looking for.
Love is All there is.



Rebecca has put together a wonderful free offering that I’m so happy to share!

  • An Infinite Flow video meditation that will help you come back into harmony.
  • A crystal alchemy singing bowls audio recording – you can enjoy the healing vibrations of the crystal bowls along with soothing sounds of the ocean in this healing audio.

Click here to download these free gifts!


Thank you, Rebecca, for sharing your heart with us!

Please spread the love and share this post on Facebook and Twitter!

Big hug,


Are You Listening to Your Body?

body-and-soulOur bodies are so powerful, and sometimes with all of our busyness it’s so easy to forget to pay attention to what they are telling us. I know I definitely take my body for granted and ignore it much of the time.

But about a month ago, something happened that I just couldn’t ignore: my thumb started twitching. It began very gradually where it was barely noticeable. And each day, it got progressively worse. It even would twitch so much that it started waking me up at night. I would look at it while it was twitching and feel completely powerless. I had no idea what was happening with my body, and I didn’t know how to fix it. I started looking into possible causes, which definitely isn’t a good route to go down for someone who is prone to anxiety. I increased my vitamins, spent more time in the sun, and made sure I drank a green smoothie every day. But still, it continued getting worse. It went from a mild twitch to an almost constant spasm. And I was really starting to worry.

Thankfully, in the midst of the worrying, my soul managed to take control. It asked my fear to step aside for a moment and let me know that I was okay. It let me know that nothing horrible was happening to me, it was just my body’s way of dealing with fear – really intense fear that I’d been doing my best to ignore and push down.

At the same time the twitching started, something really big in my professional life happened: I found out that I was going to be a columnist for (My new column, Heart of the Soul, starts very soon – I’ll definitely share it with you when it goes live!)

I’m really excited about this column, and I’m truly honored to join their family. But, my old programming kicked in almost immediately and took all of my joy away. I began to wonder if I would be able to handle such a level of commitment to write soulfully. What if I couldn’t come up with any new material? What if it was just too much for me? How was I going to handle that many people seeing me and reading my words? For someone who is still getting comfortable with stepping into this public world, knowing that my writing would now be on a site with millions of readers, I began to freak out.

And it came out through my body – through my thumb. All of that fear of not being able to handle it and worrying if I was good enough and wondering if I was truly ready for this big of a leap needed to come out. And it ended up coming out through an annoying twitch.

What’s really interesting is that once I realized this and began to acknowledge my fear, the twitching started to dissipate. Once I started talking about my fearful feelings and getting them out of my body, there was no longer a reason for my thumb to twitch. Once I stepped into my own power and faced my insecurities and fears, I began to once again get excited about this opportunity rather than feel afraid of it and overwhelmed by it.

I remembered that we are never given anything that we aren’t ready for and that we can’t handle. I remembered that I am constantly surrounded by a team here on Earth and in the angel realm who support me and love me. I remembered that I am so strong. And I remembered that taking action is one of the best ways to push fear aside (at least for me).

Jodi Chapman - Soul SpeakBecause I was now going to be seen by a much bigger audience, I wanted to feel great about my headshot. (The one I had been using was from almost four years ago when my life was much different. I wasn’t spiritual at all – I hadn’t woken up yet. It just didn’t feel right in my soul to have that image go out into the world.) But… I was terrified of having a new headshot done. I wanted to wait until I looked how I wanted to look: straighter teeth, not as tired, etc. However, the universe’s time table and my time table are frequently very different. :) And so I knew that it was time for a new picture, whether I felt ready or not. I scheduled a photo shoot with a local photographer, which ended up being such a freeing and opening experience for me – filled with tons of tears and breakthroughs.

If you’ve ever struggled with your self image, you know how intimidating having your picture taken can be. And so this was a huge step for me to let myself know that I’m truly ready to shine light on myself and open my heart to the entire world. And seeing the pictures felt amazing – she did an amazing job of bringing my light forward, and I’m so grateful for her. (If you would like to see more of them, you can click here.)

I now feel like I’m ready for this opportunity. I’ve gone through my own old programming and landed in a soulful, faith-filled space, which feels really wonderful.

I’m so grateful that my body lovingly created this twitch to help wake me up and make the time to connect with my soul, examine my fears, and bring them to the light. I am so grateful that I am back on track – saying yes to life and tapping into my inner wisdom to help me along this journey.

It’s normal to get off track. Our bodies are here to help us get back on. But here’s the thing: we have to pay attention to them. We have to listen to what they’re trying to tell us. If we’re too busy and moving too fast, we may miss their subtle messages. And the messages may get bigger and bigger until we finally stop and pay attention.

I know that we’ve all experienced moments in our life where our body was speaking to us. And I’m sure many of us waited until the message was almost unbearable before we listened and took action. I sure am guilty of this. Think about when you get the message that you really should rest. But, you think about all of the things you need to do, and you keep going. And most likely, after you do this a few times, you end up coming down with a cold – forcing you to rest.

I’m learning that my life flows much more easily if I pay attention when the messages are small rather than waiting for them to become bigger. It’s definitely a process, but I believe that it starts with being conscious of wanting to begin a relationship with our bodies – treat them with respect and honor what they are telling us. From there, you become a team rather than being in constant opposition. 

What is your body telling you right now? To slow down? Drink more? Pay attention to an emotion? Exercise? Feel more joy? Love yourself a little bit more? 

I would love for all of us to give ourselves some space each day to check in with our bodies and listen – really listen – to what they are saying. And then act on whatever it is that they need us to do.

This relationship will be with you for as long as you’re living and breathing, and I’m starting to see that it’s time I began making it easier on my body. We’re not at war – it’s not the enemy. We’re in this beautiful, amazing life together. And that feels pretty great.

Please spread the love by sharing this on Facebook and Twitter!



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Over the past few months, I’ve seen the current Soul Shakers create their own websites, begin and finish their coaching certification, start businesses, embrace their callings, and leap toward their dreams!

I can’t wait for you to join us and reach your dreams, too! It’s such a loving, powerful space! Click here to join us!

I’m Listening

listenOver the last two months, I have received guidance from two beautiful friends (who each happen to be amazing intuitives): Karen Hager and Donna Hartt.

At different times, they each shared the same message with me: it was time to listen. To the universe. To my guides. To you.

It was time to slow down and re-center myself. It was time to reconnect with my soul and receive the next steps for my journey.

As many of you know, I have been editing my book, Coming Back to Life, for several months. And it feels like it’s just not quite finished. I’m realizing that it’s not finished because the final piece can’t come from me. It’s meant to come from outside of me. It’s meant to come from you.

I’m writing this book for all of us. To help us navigate our way through this life – balancing the spiritual world and also our human world.

Part of my own spiritual journey has been opening up and allowing others in. To know that I don’t have to do it alone. And letting others in has been such a beautiful experience for me. My entire life expanded and brightened.

So why have I been trying to write this book entirely on my own? I now see that it will be such a powerful reflection of this beautiful way of living openly if I let you in.

And what I love about life is that we can always choose differently and walk down a different path. Which is why I’m opening my book up to you. I’m opening my heart up to you. I’m letting you into my world – lovingly, completely, and wholeheartedly. 

I’m listening.

What do you need?
What are you searching for?
What do you feel is missing?
What do you yearn for?
What are you seeking?
What are you grateful for?
What are you loving?
What are you afraid of?
What are you unsure of?

I’m listening.

And I’ll take what you share into my heart and feel the energy behind what you write. I’ll connect with your heart and take your words into my soul. I’ll look for patterns and I’ll wait for a sign from my guides that this is what was missing – that this is the final piece of the message that needed to be shared.

I have complete faith that you are holding this piece. I do. And I have complete faith that you will offer it lovingly in the comments below.

What would you like me to know? to take into my heart? to have rest deep within my soul? 

What would you like to share? What keeps you up at night or wakes you early in the morning? What sits heavy on your heart or taps away at your brain? 

If you could wave a magic wand over your life, how would things change? 

Do you need help with forgiveness, releasing negative beliefs, changing your story, loving yourself, loving others, trusting in the Universe/God, believing in this magical world, letting others in, leaping into your dream life?

I’m listening. 

I’m here. I really am. 

I want to hear you. To know you. To stop my own busyness and get off of my own treadmill to really be here with you. To share this moment together. You sharing and me listening. Connecting as two souls on this beautiful journey – side by side.

I’m listening. 

And I am asking you to open your heart and share. For you, for me, and for everyone else who was thinking it but maybe wasn’t feeling strong enough or brave enough to put it out there. For everyone who will read this book when it comes out – who needs to hear these words seep into their soul.

You are holding them. You are carrying the missing piece.

And I can’t wait for you to share it with me.

I’m listening.

Big hug and so much gratitude,





tae smallP.S. - I would love for you to join me for the FREE Transformational Author Experience where bestselling authors, transformational leaders, and publishing industry experts will lift the veil on what it takes to write, publish, and market your book and impact more lives as a transformational author and leader! You can register by clicking here!

Getting Naked: An Interview, An Offer, and A Giveaway!

***This giveaway is now closed. Thank you so much for your heartfelt entries! I’ll post the winners very soon!***
juliaWe haven’t had a giveaway here on Soul Speak in awhile, and I’m super excited to bring this one to you!  

You may already know my dear friend and soul sister, Julia Fehrenbacher (she’s shared space here on Soul Speak several times). Well, Julia is amazing and I adore her.

She’s created an authentic, soulful, loving course that I’m excited for you to know about. It’s a 40-day online soul class that begins on May 6th, and Julia is giving away 2 spaces in it! How wonderful is that? :)

I am honored to have shared a candid conversation with Julia inside the class, too. And I’m so excited for it that I’m going to be one of the participants!

Because the class begins on Monday the 6th, this giveaway is super short – Julia will choose 2 winners on Sunday the 5th at 9 pm pst. So please enter right away! 

Here’s a bit of what Julia says about the class: 

Getting Naked is an invitation.  It’s an invitation to shed all that’s in the way of your truest, never-been-created before, will-never-be-created again, one of a kind, absolutely REAL, love-filled Self.

It’s an invitation to shed the shoulds, the I can’ts, the comparisons, the thoughts and old stories that insist that you’re not enough—that you need to get more, be more, do more, have more, before you can fully BE finally. 

It’s an invitation to lay down the swords, the armor—to shed all the barriers within yourself that you have built between you and YOU/Love/God/Source/the Divine.  It’s an invitation to live softly, boldly—truly—with wild, love-filled, faith-filled abandon.  

It’s about living with absolute freedom and unapologetic brightness. 

It’s about opening the door that was never closed.  Recognizing that the only thing in the way of you living your most ALIVE, love-spilling life is you.  And deciding, with every cell of you, to get out of your own way so you can share freely all of your gifted treasures! 

Here’s what’s included in the class:
  • Uncensored/unpolished videos of Julia sharing her stories and inspiration
  • Real/raw conversations between Julia & other women on similar paths (including one from me!)
  • Poetry/art/quotes 
  • Exercises, challenges, & invitations to go deeper, open & trust and love more
  • An invitation to begin a daily practice that will nurture you & keep you coming back to your deepest, most alive Self
  • Guided meditations to nudge you back to your breath, your center – your place of softness, your place of power
  • The sharing of tools & treasures that Julia has gathered over the years….including little glimpses of her past journal entries
  • A private space/website to interact & connect…a soft, safe place to land, to love & be loved, to support and be supported
  • 40 consecutive days of receiving daily Love in your inbox (as well as on our private site)

I asked Julia a few questions about her journey in creating this class, which I’m happy to share here. 

And then be sure to keep reading to learn how to enter to win a spot in this soul-filled class!


I love the name – what does Getting Naked mean to you?

It’s so very good to be here again with you and your lovely readers, Jodi – thanks so much for having me!

To me, “Getting Naked” means shedding that which is in the way of being our most authentic, empowered selves.  It means letting go of what no longer serves us, to lay down the armor, so we can show up fully for ourselves and each other.  It means feeling the fear and moving anyway.  It means letting our deep connection with Source/Love/The Divine lead the way rather than being held back by our little fear-brained selves.  It means that our peace/joy depends on our connection with Source, with our deepest inside places, rather than being at the mercy of changing opinions/circumstance.  It means knowing that we are worthy and enough just as we are, perceived “flaws” and all, and giving ourselves permission to live with full, unapologetic brightness.

Which part of this course makes your soul sing with joy?

I have never before created anything that feels so raw and vulnerable, that has required every ounce of my courage and strength and faith.  I am amazed by how scary it feels to put myself out there in this way.  And, at the same time, how completely, utterly ALIVE I have felt in the process of creating this.

What really makes my soul sing is that I’m giving myself permission (finally!) to show up with all of me – that I’m giving myself the freedom, for maybe the first time ever (in such a public way), to be vulnerably, fully me.  And coming back, again and again, to trusting that this is enough.

Who would benefit the most from taking your course?

Anyone who is ready and willing to take off the mask of who they think they should be and is ready and wiling to show up with all of their beautiful, imperfect, just right selves. Anyone who is tired of holding back, of containing their gifts, of being at the mercy of fear, who is tired of making excuses and knows, really knows that their joy/peace/aliveness is their very own to claim.  Anyone who is ready to say a big, bold, wholehearted, unapologetic YES to themselves – to life.

What do you hope everyone will take with them after completing it?

I hope they will walk away from these 40 days rooted in a peaceful, powerful knowing that who they are is more than enough – that the answers are all within, that this life is a precious gift and their very own to claim.  I hope they will walk away inspired, empowered, encouraged to move through fear toward all that is calling them.  I hope they will walk away with the freedom and courage to be all they are meant to be.

Can you share a bit about your own journey through fear as you’ve said yes to your soul and created such a beautiful course?

Whew!  As I mentioned earlier, creating this course has taken every ounce of my courage.  Whether I’m showing up to record a guided meditation, to share a story through writing or video or trying to figure out some complicated, confusing technical thing, right there next to me is trembling fear.  Each time I show up to create, there is this little fear-brained part of me saying things like:  You don’t know how to do this.  It’s too much.  What if it’s not good enough? What if you look like an idiot?

Every time I show up to create, I have to drop deep into the center of myself and trust that I will be shown/lead each step of the way.  I’ve had to stretch, to step out of my comfort zone over and over again.  It’s been an incredibly powerful, humbling experience to show up for myself in this way.

What does your soul want you to know?

My soul wants me to know that it’s enough to show up with all of me, just as I am.  It wants me to breathe deeply, to trust that when I show up fully for this moment, I will be guided, that the hows will reveal themselves one step, one moment at a time.


This is a very special giveaway because there are 2!!! spaces available in the upcoming Getting Naked class!

Julia is offering a spot and a sweet soul, Kimberley McGill, bought a space in the class and is gifting it to one of you!

So your chances of winning have been doubled! :)

Entering is super easy!

  1. Follow Painted Path and Soul Speak on Facebook.
  2. Leave a comment below sharing why this course speaks to you!  (If you’re reading this via email or a reader, please click here to be taken to the post.) 

Hurry and enter because Julia will personally choose two lucky winners on 5/5/13 at 9 pm pst.

Good luck!


Julia is offering the Soul Speak community $10 off the Getting Naked class!

You can click here and the discount has already been applied. (Thanks, Julia!)

And, if you join the class and then end up winning the giveaway, Julia will refund your money. So definitely join now if you’re planning on it!

Please help spread the love by sharing this giveaway on Facebook and Twitter.

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