Dreams Really Do Come True

dreams come true copyI’m writing this from my new home on the Oregon coast. It honestly feels surreal to write that – to really take it in.

Just two months ago, I shared here about my dream of wanting to move to the beach – of longing to live by the water and take in the ocean’s energy. For over a year, my soul had been whispering that this is what I needed to fully heal my body and to fully align with my soul. I knew it. I could feel it. But I was afraid to make such a big leap.

Well… I had no idea that declaring this intention to each of you would supercharge my dream and speed it up. I had absolutely no idea that just weeks after I wrote that post that I would be living my dream – spending each day in a beautiful home where the sound of the ocean’s waves lulled me to sleep. I had no idea that it would take just three minutes to go from my driveway to the ocean’s shore. I had no idea that all of this was about to happen – that this huge long-held dream of mine was about to come true.

But it did. It has. It’s real.

I’m still settling into that. I’m still coming to terms (in a good way) with that. I’m still wrapping my brain around that.

I had visualized this for so long that it almost seemed like it would permanently be in the future. I had thought about living here for so long that it seemed perpetually just out of reach – something that would happen “someday.”

Last November, I had one of the biggest health scares of my life when my adrenal glands went into full crisis mode. I was sicker than I have ever been and absolutely terrified. After recovering, something inside me shifted. I realized that I didn’t want to wait on my own happiness any longer. I wanted to allow myself to be fully happy and fully alive and fully healthy. I no longer wanted to allow pushing and pushing and pushing myself to be the norm. I didn’t want to look back one day and think that I was a really good worker and accomplished so many great things all at the expense of my own health and happiness.

I wanted to embrace life. To smile. To laugh. To feel free.

And while I knew that I could do that anywhere, I knew that it would be much easier to do so while at the beach – my soul’s sanctuary.

Getting clear about this intention and really knowing that I was ready was all the universe needed from me. It took over the details and everything fell into place in what felt like record time. Just weeks later, we were living at the beach. Just weeks later!

This is such powerful evidence for me to remember how quickly things can happen once we align ourselves with our dreams.

So here I am. A new house. A new life. New priorities. New boundaries. A new awe of this amazing universe. And a new love affair. While I’ve never lived near the ocean before, I have always felt a strong connection to it. I always feel the most alive and the most myself when I am near it. I am completely in love with it.

Dan and I went to the beach for the first time on Christmas Day to celebrate our wish/dream coming true, and I immediately burst into tears upon seeing it. I was home. Everything that has happened in my life has brought me right to this moment – has led me back home.

And that truly is a miracle.

Dreams really do come true.

They really do.

We just have to find a way to align ourselves with them. Oftentimes this means stepping out of the way and simply letting the universe take over and watching the miracles flow in.

That’s what I’ve done, and I am in absolute awe and will most likely stay in this space for a long, long while.

I am just so grateful to be here in this dream space and to share this moment with each of you.

It’s my wish that your dreams come to life this year as well. We are all so deserving of having all of our dreams fully realized. We really are.

j christmas seashell us at beach on new years

Hugs and love,



Perfectly Imperfect Timing

Jodi Chapman on beachLike most of us, I have many dreams that I want to bring to life. I spend countless hours visualizing them coming to fruition, fully immersing myself in them, and living right smack in the center of them. When I go to sleep at night, I dream about them. And when I wake up in the morning, they are the first thing on my mind.

After  many, many years of one dream after the other, I pretty much have the whole dreaming part down by now.

However, I also have a huge side of me who loves to be safe and comfortable and live in the known. While my dreaming side is carefree and whimsical, this side is more practical, cautious, and thorough. This side wants things to be all lined up in neat little rows before I leap. It wants a big sign to appear, letting me know that it’s the absolute perfect time to bring this dream to life.

So what usually happens is that I constantly teeter between each side. I dream, dream, and dream. And then I question, pull back, and stay where I’m comfortable. And then I dream, dream, and dream some more. And again I question, pull back, and stay where I’m comfortable.

This usually goes on for a very long time – until eventually I get so fed up with this back and forth struggle that I leap anyway and pray that I’ll land on my feet.

I’ve been experiencing this so much over the past year. My husband and I went to the beach last summer to celebrate our anniversary. We both feel the most alive and the most ourselves when we’re near the ocean. When I am there, I feel like I can exhale more deeply than in any other place. I breathe life in and feel completely invigorated. When we came home, we promised ourselves that we would find a way – sooner rather than later – to move there full time.

We began researching where we wanted to go and immediately found the perfect spot. I printed out beach pictures from our trip and created a vision board that would remind me of our intention each day and inspire us to make it our reality. We began to go through our things – separating them into what we wanted to bring and what we wanted to donate. We began searching for a home and trusted that the perfect one would appear when the time was right. We were on track and completely in alignment with our dream, which felt so good.

But then life took over. We got busy with work. We rescued a dog who needed a ton of extra care and eventually found her a forever home. I became really ill and needed to lie down for much of the time. Our dream no longer seemed feasible – at least not for now. Our heads told us that that it was probably best to set this dream aside. So, with deflated hearts, we stopped packing and put away the travel brochures – knowing that the beach would be there when we were ready. And we got back into our everyday routine again, which now had a heaviness and darkness to it. I told myself that it was for the best and that it would just be too much right now to move. There was too much work to do and too much “life” to do – it wasn’t the right time.

So we started looking at the calendar to see when the right time would be. And we went month after month after month after month and realized that if we waited until the perfect time, we would never ever move (or reach any of our dreams). We were always going to be busy. We will always have books coming out and work that needs to be done or holidays to participate in or birthdays to celebrate or this or that and that and this through the end of time.

Wow. What a wake-up call this was.

There is never a perfect time to leap into your dream. 

Which means that every single moment is as good as any to take the leap. 

Most likely, the stars will not align in perfect order and give you a clear sign that the vortex has opened up and give you an hour/day/month/year when you should make your dream come true.

What will probably happen is your soul will continue to whisper that it’s time and let you know that you’re ready. What will probably happen is that you’ll get to a point where staying in your comfort zone will become more uncomfortable than leaping into the unknown. What will probably happen is that you’ll feel on a very deep level that, while it doesn’t make any kind of rational sense, you know that the time is now to bring your dream to life. You’ll know it. You’ll feel it. It will become such a part of you that you can hardly think of anything else.

When you reach this point, you won’t care what the calendar says or what’s on your schedule or what your friends think about it or what your mind says about it. When you reach this point, you will have reached the point of no return – you will have gained so much momentum that’s leading you toward your dream that there really is no turning back. You’ll have the universe, your spirit guides, the angels, and your soul all on your side – cheering you on and lovingly pushing you forward. You’ll be able to feel it – and slowly, all doubt and questioning and caution will disappear.

This is where I am right now with this move. My soul says that the time is near. And while my head still isn’t completely on board, I’ve learned to trust my soul when it is this emphatic. It hasn’t steered me wrong yet.

So, while the details aren’t worked out and while I have no idea what the specifics are, I do know this: sooner rather than later, I will be moving to the beach, and I will bring this dream to life.

And that excites me beyond anything I can imagine.

I invite you to open up some space for your own dreams as well – to remember that the timing may never seem perfect to your mind, but the time to leap toward your dreams is always exactly right within your soul.



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A Note from My Soul

believeI’ve had a really tough week, and so I’ve asked my soul to write this post to all of us when we’re feeling disheartened and defeated. I know that we’ve all found ourselves here at one point or another, and so if you’re also feeling this way, it’s my hope that this will be as helpful for you as I’m hoping it will be for me.



I want to start by saying that no matter what has happened or hasn’t happened, you are loved. So loved. And, even though it may not appear as such, everything truly is happening for your highest good.

I know that you’re disappointed and that you wanted things to go in a different way than they did, and that’s perfectly understandable. I love how invested you are in your own happiness. I love that you care so much about feeling good and wanting to do things to create a life that will help with that.

Please remember that while you are only able to see what’s right in front of you, I am able to span out miles and miles and miles ahead. And because of this, I can see how each decision will impact the next. And because of this and also because of my love for you, I want to do everything I can to insure that the path you’re following is a healing one and a loving one that is always in the interest of your highest good.

That means that there will be times when you will feel like things just aren’t falling into place – that no matter what you do, you can’t seem to find the light. And when that happens, I ask that you go back to love and faith. I ask that you shift your focus towards something bigger than what’s right in front of you and place your energy on trusting in something bigger than you: me, the universe, and all that is and has ever been. Believe, really believe, and know, really know, that everything – absolutely everything – is happening for your benefit. Everything – absolutely everything – is happening to support you and is coming from a place of love.

I know that while things seem bleak now, as you move down your path, you’ll be able to see why things didn’t go according to how you wanted them to go right now. And you’ll be able to see why this had to happen in this way in order for what’s coming next to happen and what’s coming after that to happen (and so on and so on). You’ll see how it’s all going perfectly. It truly is.

But for now, please give yourself permission to grieve the path that you thought you would take that is no longer. Be okay with feeling sad about what will never be. Allow yourself to go to that desolate place that feels so hopeless. It’s so important that you keep your heart open and continue to feel everything – the feelings that feel good and also the feelings that don’t feel good. You are here to experience life – all of it. Not just the easy parts, but also the parts that help you expand and grow.

Remember when things didn’t go the way you had hoped in the past. Think of one of those moments right now. Think of how upset you felt and how deflated you felt. And now, remember how grateful you became (after you had the benefit of perspective) when you realized how lucky you were that things didn’t go your way. Think about what your life has become because of that experience and what it wouldn’t have become had you not gone through it. And take some time, right now, to really take in this appreciation for the loving universe that you are a part of that truly only wants to see you soar.

There are so many great experiences and moments just waiting for you – they are just out of view. But they are there. And having this not-so-great experience will make these good ones that much sweeter.

You are so strong. You are so loved. And you are exactly where you need to be.

Always remember that.







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Holding Hands Across Time

grandmaToday is my grandma’s 90th birthday. This milestone is bittersweet because while her physical body is still here on Earth, it feels like her soul has been gone for many years. She has dementia, and if I called she most likely wouldn’t even know who I was. The last time we spoke, I was trying to figure out a way to get back home to see her. She said that I had better hurry because she didn’t know how much longer she would be around. I had no idea how true this was – I sort of just assumed that she and my grandpa would always be there (like they always had been). I never took the trip due to life circumstances that were beyond my control. And if I sit in this space for too long, it’s easy to spiral into sadness – for what her life has become and also for the grief those of us who love her feel.

Instead, though, I’ve decided that today I will celebrate all of the wonderful memories that we’ve shared together. I believe that in one form or another, her soul is with mine. We are so much more than our physical bodies, and I have no doubt that she can hear me and see me and knows how much I love her. So we’ll celebrate together – we’ll have a soul party where she is the guest of honor.

When I was 11, we moved to the small South Dakota town where my grandparents lived so my mom could help my grandpa who had been diagnosed with cancer. I had grown up outside of Denver, and I had no idea how to relate to the other kids or fit in at school. Their way of life was completely foreign to me: I knew nothing about farming or small towns. My clothes were different. My experiences were different. I was different. While I did my best to adjust to this new life, it definitely wasn’t easy. And my grandparents’ home became a safe haven for me to retreat to – a place where I always knew that I would be loved unconditionally.

Going to their house every day after school for snacks and a game quickly became the routine. Their house was stocked with more food than I had ever seen: mini pizzas and push-up pops from the Schwan’s man; butterscotch cereal bars, Rice Krispie treats and homemade pie; a candy cupboard that was continually stocked to the brim with chocolate and licorice; and a fridge in the basement that was filled with pop of all kinds.

I would get myself a snack and then the three of us would sit at the kitchen table. After we talked about the day and caught up with each other, my grandma would always ask if I wanted to play a game (which I always did). The games rotated between Rummy, Triominos, and Racko – sometimes Scrabble. My grandpa would usually just watch or would eventually retreat into the livingroom to watch sports on TV. When the game was finished, I would walk back home, do my homework, and get ready for the next day.

We lived there for eight months until my grandpa’s health improved, and being able to spend each day with both of them is something that I will forever hold close to my heart. We moved just a couple of hours away, and so I was able to continue to see them often until I graduated from high school and moved across the country. (I even ran away to their house at 17 when my parents got divorced – it truly was a safe haven for me. I only stayed for the weekend, but it was so nice to know that their door was always open for me.) After moving away, we saw each other much less frequently but our connection remained. The last time I saw them was just after I graduated from college, and my grandpa drove to see me with his head looking sideways due to only being able to see peripherally and my grandma navigating – letting him know if he was about to hit anything. (Seriously!) We stayed in touch regularly by phone after that, and I’m happy to say that my grandpa lived for about 25 years after he was first diagnosed with cancer, which was such a blessing for all of us.

I was looking at my hands the other day and saw my grandma’s hands – the same lines and wrinkles beginning to form. We have shared so much throughout my life – so many memories. And now, I love knowing that each time I held her hand, a piece of her stayed with me. And each time I look at my hand, I see hers holding mine still. We are together – not in this physical world, but in a world that is eternal and a world that holds only love. The love that she showed me during our time together is just a blip of the love that we hold for each other. And I’m so grateful for that.

So today, I’m celebrating her life and her infinite love. And Dan and I will play a game of Racko tonight in her honor, too. :)

I love you, Grandma.



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Discover Your Soul’s Purpose (A Gift for You!)


I believe that we are all born with a purpose that is the same and also unique. I think that we are all here to love, to expand, to shine our light, to enjoy our life to the fullest, and to align with our highest self. What’s really neat about our journey here on Earth is that there are so many ways to do these things – so many ways to be happy and feel at peace within our soul.

We are all completely unique, and so it makes perfect sense that how we go about living our soul’s purpose would be unique, too.

I never gave much thought to any of this for most of my life. I never thought about why I was here (if there was a reason) or what I was meant to share with the world (if anything). I was very skeptical about everything spiritual, and if I couldn’t prove it, I didn’t want to know about it. Everything changed when my first love died in 2010 and began communicating with me from the other side. What I realized (after about a year of asking for proof, proof, and more proof) is that there’s so much more to our existence than what we can see, touch, and experience here in the physical world. So much more. He shared with me that we all create a contract before we are born where we state what sort of things we would like to experience and how we would like to grow. It’s an outline, and we have complete free will to fill it in however we would like to.

Many of us don’t remember that we have this soul contract. And many of us (including me) live for years and years feeling like something is missing – like we want to have a purpose and like we know on a deep level that there is more to it all than what we’re experiencing, and yet we aren’t sure how to uncover the missing pieces.

That’s when it gets extra important to begin consciously opening up to the universe and to willingly start communicating with our soul to see what it is that we’re meant to know/remember. There are so many wonderful ways to do this. One way that I find absolutely fascinating is connecting with the Akashic Records, which are a sacred compilation that carry information about your soul. Everything that you’ve ever thought and every experience that you’ve ever had is stored within these records. And they are available to you at any moment.

I’ve had some beautiful experiences and really healing insights come up while connecting with my own records. I’ve learned that I am a teacher, and that one of my biggest strengths is to shine light on others so that they can see how amazing they truly are. I’ve learned that by shining my own light I give others permission to shine their own. And I’ve learned that the more of my authentic self I share with others, the more at peace we all feel. I’ve also learned that part of my journey includes knowing that I deserve my own care and my own love, which is something that I’ve been honoring extra over this past year.

I love finding tools that can support us along our journey. They are all around us, and sometimes it’s just a matter of us being guided along the way and introduced to new techniques.

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Have you accessed the Akashic Records before? If so, I would love for you to share your experience in the comments below. I always love hearing and seeing how unique our purposes truly are. But what I love even more than that is seeing us actually being aligned with them and living them. That’s when everything just sort of gels together and starts to make sense, which is always a good thing.

Here’s to each of us living on purpose!