Taking My Own Medicine

body-and-soulOh, this soul of mine is something else. It just doesn’t give up. No matter how much I ignore it or try to silence it or stuff its voice deep down, it always comes back – always with loving persistence.

Several years ago, I started down this path of listening to my soul and helping others do the same. I had many conversations with someone on the other side who said this was my life’s calling. Those conversations were followed by a dream where I saw myself being filled with love so that I could be a conduit for others – where I knew that it was my calling to share this loving energy with others.

And after a year or so of fighting this calling (“It’s too big, too much responsibility. I’m too afraid, too private, too sensitive, too _______ to do this. Choose someone else, please.”), I took a leap and decided to embrace it wholeheartedly. I decided to give absolutely everything, everything, everything I had to it. I was impassioned by it, engrossed by it, and completely immersed in it. I took it very, very seriously.

So seriously that I didn’t have time to sleep – there were too many who needed to receive this love. Too many who needed to know that they weren’t alone. Too many who were ready to see the light and just needed a loving nudge saying that it was okay to look for it.

So seriously that I didn’t have time to listen to my body – it just needed to cooperate and hang in there and give me what I needed because I was doing soul work and this was important and it was just going to have to deal with it.

So seriously that I didn’t have time to realize that my own needs mattered – that being of service to others wouldn’t work if I wasn’t first being of service to myself.

I just knew that I needed to take this message and RUN – fast and far.

I thought that this whole life thing/sharing-our-message thing/living-our-calling thing was a sprint – quicker, quicker, faster, faster, go, go, more, more!!!

And what I now am feeling at such a deep level is that it’s actually a marathon. It’s about pacing ourselves so that we’re here for the long haul – so we don’t tire out too quickly and lose steam and putter out and collapse before we reach the finish line.

Oh yeah.

This makes perfect sense, but I was too busy running and wanting to be the best messenger ever that I completely forgot about this.

Until yesterday.

I was planning on spending the day working (spreading love, hanging out in the sanctuary, inspiring, connecting, and seeing – really seeing – other beautiful souls). When I woke up, though, my soul and my body let me know that this wouldn’t be happening. I was so tired that all I could imagine doing was staying in bed. I was completely exhausted.

As much as I wanted to support others, I first needed to take some time to support myself. I had spent years being so consumed with sharing this message with others that I had forgotten to take my own medicine: 

Slow down. Connect with your soul. Honor your own needs. Show up authentically in the world. Let love flow into you and out of you. Balance Heaven and Earth. Sleep when you’re tired. Have faith in yourself, in others, and in the universe. Embrace each moment. Focus on what is working rather than what isn’t. Give yourself permission to feel joy. Rest. Listen to your body. Love, love, and love some more (others and also yourself). 

So yesterday I did this. I turned off the computer, and I rested. I took two naps. I laid on the couch and watched two movies. I read two books. I spent hours talking with Dan – about how I was feeling and how I want my life to be moving forward and how I’m no longer okay with putting my own needs on hold in order to make sure everyone else’s are taken care of.

I realized that I had been trying to offer this message in the way that I thought it should be offered rather than trusting in myself enough to know that I’ll offer it perfectly just by being me: whole, loving, well-rested me. 

Oh yeah.

Such a great reminder, right?

And that goes for all of us. Because I believe that we each have a unique calling. I believe that we are each offering love in our own way.

We have to honor our uniqueness and our sensitivities and our bodies and our energy levels and our needs in the process.

And trust, trust, trust in ourselves and in the universe and in our angels to know that we wouldn’t have been given this message to share if we weren’t the absolute perfect ones to share it in our own perfect way. 

Oh yeah.

So refreshing to remember. I’m not meant to push so hard. None of us are. I’m meant to step back and have complete faith that it’s all happening exactly how it should. The love is flowing to those who are meant to receive it.

It’s like magic. And all we have to do is show up from a rested, whole, all-loved-up space in order for this to happen.

Oh yeah.

Thank you to my soul for helping me receive this message.

Thank you to me for listening to it and letting it seep into my entire being.

And thank you to you for hearing it and hopefully taking it into your own heart.

It’s time we take all of the love that we are offering to others and give some of it to ourselves. It’s time for us to take a dose of our own loving medicine.

Oh yeah. :)

We’re SO worth it!



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Spiraling My Way Back to Me


I went away this past weekend to give myself time to go within, clear my head, talk to my soul, and just BE.

To be completely honest, my intention with this mini retreat was to do all of the above-mentioned things, but also to make some headway on the upcoming Soulful Life Sanctuary, which is opening on July 1st. I wanted to get clear about what it was that I was creating and get grounded in it so that it would have a solid foundation before I began sharing it with the world.

But something strange happened while I was in the hotel room: all I wanted to do was draw spirals. 

Let me back up a little bit: A few weeks ago, I had this strange urge to find a spiral making kit. You may remember these from when you were younger – they have grids and circles that go around the grids, and you can make all sorts of fun spiral designs with them. (Here’s an example of one to give you an idea.) I was having an extra sad day (still grieving over my sweet dog-ter, Xena, who passed away in December), and my soul was urging me to go get one of these kits. So my sweetie, Dan, and I headed out to the bookstore where we found the perfect one.

And my time in the hotel was the first chance that I gave myself to really dive in and see what designs came out. So I drew. And I drew. And I drew some more. At first, I couldn’t draw them fast enough – I was so happy to be creating something, and I wanted to create more and more and more.

And then, I settled into it. Round and round and round the circles went around the grids. Round and round and round the pens drew beautiful designs. And while I loved seeing what was created, I was finding that the process itself was so calming.

As you may have read throughout this blog over the years, I have struggled with meditation. I feel called to do it, but it’s honestly like pulling teeth to get me to sit down and actually do it. However, drawing these spirals gave my mind something repetitive to do while my soul could just BE. It gave me something to focus on (similar to the breath in sitting meditation), so that I could get in touch with the present moment. And it was amazing.

circle5Without even realizing it at the time, I now see that I was spiraling my way back to me. With each spiral that I drew, I uncovered a layer that was between me and my soul.
And in taking the time to create these spirals, I was giving myself the gift of stillness and the gift of presence. The only thing that I was thinking about was the pen going round and round. Or what color to use next. Or what grid to try out.

That was all.

Everything that I thought I would be focusing on during my time in the hotel seemed completely secondary next to this time in the present moment – this time of complete focus. This time with my soul.

I was telling my mom about these spirals yesterday, and she said that I used to love drawing these as a child. That I used to spend hours in my room creating spiral after spiral. And while I don’t remember that at all, it’s somehow comforting to know that I’m getting back to me. That I listened to my soul, and it led me to me in a fun, creative way.

Meditating can take so many different forms. Soul work can show up in so many different ways. This is how it’s showing up for me. And I’m sure it will show up for you in its own unique way. And it’s up to us to listen to our soul’s whispers and take action.

If you’re being asked to spend time in nature, go. If you’re being asked to sit still, sit. If you’re being asked to create something, create. If you’re being asked to dance, dance. If you’re being asked to laugh, laugh.

Whatever your soul is asking of you, please pay attention. It’s so important. Because these whispers will lead you back to you. And that’s a pretty amazing space to be in. I truly wish that for each of us.

And after all of these spirals were drawn, I did spend some time creating the Soulful Life Sanctuary. So it all worked out – just not quite in the way I thought it would. In an even better way. :)

Here are a few of the spirals that I drew. (You can click on them to enlarge them.):

circle-1  circle4

circle6 circle

I would love to hear how you’re coming home to yourself, too! Please feel free to share in the comments below. 






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Soulful Shout Out – Introducing John Groberg!


I absolutely love the Soulful Shout Out series here on Soul Speak! I get to highlight and introduce you to beautiful people and their wonderful offerings!

I love connecting people and sharing products that I love, and so I’m just thrilled to be able to do that each week with you here.

If you would like your product/website/service promoted here, please click here to read the details and then email me to apply. (I take what I share very seriously and will only share products and services that I am in alignment with.)

Please note that we’re scheduling into July – so be sure to reserve your space soon!

And now, let’s get to this week’s beautiful soul and his inspiring offerings!


John_headshot_2010_rt2smThis week, I am featuring John Groberg!

John made the decision years ago to follow a deeper calling and go where his soul led him. He helps people connect with their soul through his writing, his teachings, his coaching, and his online courses. He has just launched his new Peaceful Warrior Training, and he also offers a great program called Spiral Up Yoga, which helps you find balance and self-care in just 5 minutes a day through yoga and chakra healing! We’ll talk more about these offerings soon, plus he has some amazing free gifts for you! First, though, let me introduce him!

Welcome to Soul Speak, John! I’m so happy that you’re here!  You’re someone who lives your life by following the whispers of your soul. I think this is so inspiring! Was this a conscious decision that you made one day or did your life sort of just evolve into what it’s become today?

I think everyone’s current experience of life could be said to have evolved into what it is today.  There are so many different factors that contribute to our current experience of life: conscious decisions, unconscious decisions, unconscious habits, the conditioning we received from the environment we were born and raised in, and of course Soul or divine guidance.  The personality, which is addicted to control (or rather the appearance of control) likes to pretend it understands the chain of causation of its current conditions so it can either condemn or congratulate itself.  It’s laughable really. I personally don’t think any of us should take too much credit or too much blame for the conditions of our life right now.

If I’m honest about it, I don’t really know and probably can’t really know everything that has gone into influencing where I am today or why I do what I do. That being said, I am a big believer in diligently trying to influence my life through my conscious decisions, and I believe one of the best decisions I have made is to seek out and at least attempt to follow the guidance of my Soul. Of all the influences that contribute to our experience of life, Soul guidance has the greatest potential power to guide us to our best life, but it is also the easiest to miss or ignore.

So, do I live my life by following the whispers of my Soul or the shouting of my personality?  Both.  It’s more about what the balance is between the two.  For the last decade or so, I have been making a more diligent effort to decrease the personality part and increase the Soul part.

I love how you say that your life purpose is to be a “light brightener” – helping others uncover the light in their own souls. This is a beautiful purpose and something that I think we can all learn from. Can you share some of the ways that we can all shine light onto others and help them see into their souls?

The innate light of the Soul is never really diminished in anyone, it just becomes obscured. So to brighten the light in others is to do anything that helps them remove some of the layers of soot and dust that have accumulated in their body and mind over the years so that the always brilliant light of their Souls shines brighter. By far, the best way to do this is to first brighten the light of my own Soul and do my own internal cleaning and clarifying work so that I can become a more translucent and eventually even a transparent vessel of the brilliant light of my Soul.

No matter how else I try to help others, I must always be working to keep my own vessel as clear as I can, and this is a life-long endeavor of consistent effort from which there is no retirement – sort of like dusting or cleaning your windows. The clearer you can keep your own windows, the more obvious it will become as to what you can do to help others. At some point, as I became more clear about the message, it became obvious that I had a responsibility to become a more vocal messenger – to stick my neck out and start sharing the message in my own way.

The more you can see others as “Brilliant Souls in Hiding,” no matter how insecure their personalities are behaving, the more you will be unaffected by the stupid things they may say or do.  Often nothing needs to be said at all, just you seeing them that way is enough.

I believe that we are each born with a unique purpose to share with the world. How did you discover yours?

Before I answer that, let me first state that this belief that we each have a singular unique purpose to share with the world needs to be clarified or else it can easily become a source of unhappiness and discontent, which is what this belief leads to for many people.  “I should have discovered my unique purpose in life that I was born with, but I haven’t. What’s wrong with me?” Even when people think they’ve discovered it, they have really just found a part of it that their Soul encourages them to lean into.  It’s more about a life-long string of Soul-guided contributions that can take many forms over time than it is about finding or missing your one and only purpose.

So, now to answer your question about how I discovered my unique purpose.  I’d say it’s really more of an ongoing process of discovery.  The more I experience my Soul – not just read about other’s experiences or teachings – but really experiment with and experience my own Soul, the more clear it has become to me that one of the things my Soul wants me to be is a teacher and guide to help others live more Soul-directed lives. So far that has taken the form of several things such as my book, websites, and trainings.  I’m sure that none of them is THE one thing I am here to contribute, but rather just those that have taken shape so far. There will doubtless be others that haven’t taken shape yet.

One other point I find is helpful to understand with regard to one’s life purpose is this: I believe that first and foremost, we need to get clear on our universal/shared purpose as human beings before we waste too much time chasing after our individual or unique purpose.  Once we become at least somewhat clear on our universal/shared purpose, then we can more easily discover how we can become unique contributors to the common purpose.  If what I believe is my individual purpose doesn’t contribute to the universal purpose, then I haven’t really found my unique purpose yet.  We need to first get clear on The Message before we can become clear on what kind of messenger we are going to be.

People who follow me through my book or trainings will hear me teach about what this universal purpose is and how your individual purpose will naturally unfold as you begin living more in alignment with our universal purpose.

Congratulations on your brand-new “Peaceful Warrior Training”! What does being a peaceful warrior means to you?

To me the phrase “Peaceful Warrior” is a perfect description, in just two words, of the nature of the Soul. It’s how you will naturally show up when your personality learns to partner with your Soul instead of trying in vain to control everything and stay safe. It shows that the goal of living is not about attaining a peace that leaves you withdrawn from the world, but one that sends you forth to do battle with ignorance and illusion – first your own internal version and then the externalized shared versions.  But no matter how things appear to be going, being firmly established in the true security and peace that can only come from being aligned with your Soul. Think of any of history’s greatest spiritual leaders and you’ll find that the phrase Peaceful Warrior describes them very well.  Being a Peaceful Warrior to me is one way of describing what our shared or universal purpose is.  That’s what we’re here to become and help each other become.

What will you be offering in your training? 

This is a private membership community of kindred Souls from all over the world who share in their desire to become Peaceful Warriors.  I serve as your trainer and guide you in experimenting with different practices that are designed to help you uncover the Peaceful Warrior within you.

It’s something that you can join at any time and leave at any time.  It’s not a course that has a specific start date or a specific curriculum you have to follow and build upon from the beginning.  You join when you are ready and do the initial “Getting Started” assignments and then start participating with the live group online in the membership portal.  You can look through the last 90 days of archived materials if you want, but otherwise you just jump in and join the group in progress.

There are 3 main aspects to Peaceful Warrior Training:

1) Monthly Stretch Challenges Each month I issue a new challenge that I call the Stretch Challenge.  Each stretch challenge is designed to help you stretch the tight grip your personality has on you and open up space for your Soul to expand and shine.  I teach you about a specific practice and identify the key daily input that you can measure and track.

2) Trekking in the Territory Calls In the middle of each month we have a live group call that I call “Trekking in the Territory.”  The reason I call it this is because it’s one thing to read a map and know it well, but an entirely different thing to trek through the actual territory the map represents.  That’s where stuff happens and conceptual is put to the test.  That is where the real experiential learning happens. In these calls, I answer any questions posed on the membership portal or asked live on the call.  I also give any additional training pertinent to that month’s stretch challenge.  The calls are recorded and made available to all members for listening to later.

3) Experiments in Experiencing Your Soul Many people have very limited experience actually experiencing their Soul (after age 7 or 8) when the personality took over the driver’s seat and has been asserting control of the journey ever since then. This section teaches you different ways to experiment with experiencing your own Soul.  Gaining that personal experience is what this training is all about.

What would you like people to take into their hearts after being a part of it?

The main thing I want people to take into their hearts by participating in Peaceful Warrior Training is their own personal and individual experience with the true nature of their Souls.  I also hope they’ll find great support from me and from their fellow trainees and feel like they have a community of kindred Souls to communicate with along this path.


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You’re offering a free Peaceful Warrior Self Assessment for everyone to take! Can you please share more about this?

As we become the Peaceful Warriors we are meant to become, certain common traits and characteristics begin showing up.  Some of these are visible or tangible, some are just ways of being and ways of showing up, but the results of Peaceful Warriorhood are very noticeable.

I’ve created a simple worksheet I call the “Peaceful Warrior Self-Assessment,” which has 30 different aspects of what it means to live as a Peaceful Warrior. You can score yourself from 1-10 on each of these 30 aspects.  That means you’ll end up with a “score” of some number between 30 and 300.

What this score means to you is really up to you.  The primary purpose of this self-evaluation is to give you a clear vision of what is possible for you as you continue down the path of Peaceful Warriorhood.  Your initial score is something that can be used as a baseline from which to measure your progress as you participate in the training and take on the challenges.  Another benefit to this self-evaluation form is that it will show you visually in which areas your personality is over-controlling and in which areas your Soul is allowed more freedom.  That will help you design your own personal plan to focus your efforts on improving.

WARNING:  Your personality will likely resist doing this.  It may cause you to feel discouraged at all the areas you are weak in and try to get you to put this off or discount its value or pertinence.  Acknowledge that this is happening and complete it anyway.  Remind yourself this isn’t about self-judgment or comparison to others (that’s what the personality is really skilled at doing) but rather it’s about finally getting crystal clear on the kind of life you are capable of experiencing.

Click here to receive the Peaceful Warrior Self Assessment for free!

(You’ll also receive a bonus “7 Signs of a True Peaceful Warrior” video training for free!) 



In addition to your Peaceful Warrior Training, you also offer the Spiral Up Yoga free membership site, which looks wonderful! Can you share more about the 5-minute system that you’ve created, based on the chakras?

Spiral Up Yoga is a system of daily self-care that I developed, which is yoga based and organized around the 7 chakras and tied to the 7 days of the week.  It only takes 5 minutes a day and can be done by anyone, anywhere.  Mondays are 1st chakra days, Tuesdays are 2nd chakra days, etc.  There is only one rule to this system: do something for just 5 minutes today to rebalance and strengthen today’s chakra.

I teach many different ways of doing that, and you pick and choose the ones that appeal to you.  It’s a wonderful system of daily self-care that works on body, mind, and Soul at the same time.  I’ve personally been practicing this every day for over six years, since I first was inspired to create it.

downloadI wrote a book about it called Spiral Up Yogawhich you can get in print or Kindle on Amazon.  Then I created a membership site that includes tons of short videos teaching you each of the yoga postures and other aspects to the system.

Right now the site is free to join and has a few thousand members from 85 countries and counting.  I plan to transform it into a paid membership site soon, but am still planning the details.  So if you want to be grandfathered in under the free version, I recommend you do it now.

Click here to learn more about the Spiral Up Yoga community and join for free!



You’ve also created a wonderful ecourse for those looking to learn more about their chakra system and go deeper into restoring balance and healing. Could you please share more about that with us? 

chc-courseSure! It’s called the “Chakra Healing Course,” and it’s a complete 9-unit course of me doing in-depth teaching and training through videos, audios, and PDF files.  There are also recordings of live coaching calls on each unit with a previous group of people who went through this with me in a live setting.  The course is delivered to you one unit per week, but you can take however long you want to complete it.  It’s discounted for a short time, too, so I definitely recommend anyone who’s interested to check it out soon.

Click here to learn more about the Chakra Healing Course!


What does your soul want you to know? 

Keep leaning in to what you feel inspired to do and relax about how it unfolds.

What do you have coming up on the horizon?

Right now my efforts are focused on serving the Peaceful Warrior Training members and growing the reach of it. I also will continue to focus on the Chakra Healing Course and Spiral Up Yoga.  I have lots of ideas of things I would like to create and contribute in the future, but I welcome whatever happens next, even if it has very little to do with my personality’s plans.

Is there anything else you would like to share?

Thank you for investing the time and attention it took to read this.  I hope you found it useful and that something here will be of great service to you.  Regardless of whether you decide to experiment with any of my offerings, keep reminding yourself of the truth: that at your core, you are a Peaceful Warrior – regardless of any and all current perception and evidence to the contrary.

Thank you, John, for sharing your heart with us!

Please spread the love and share this post on Facebook and Twitter!

Big hug,

Love Brings You Home

jodi and dan

Here we are 12 years ago. :)

Dan and I are celebrating our 12th anniversary of being a couple tomorrow, and so I’ve been thinking about love even more than usual.

I feel like I have had two lives: before Dan and with Dan.

The person that I was before Dan was hopeful but cynical – yearning but jaded – a dreamer but not a believer. 

While I always wanted to believe in love, I somehow always seemed to feel let down by it. The love that I had built up in my dreams never seemed to come to be in my waking life. The relationships that I had before Dan were a mix of okay to not-so-good to downright horrible.

My heart had been broken. I had broken hearts. And the common thread throughout each relationship was that they never felt completely right. I was always left wanting more. I always had one foot out the door – waiting for something (someone) better.

I was waiting for Dan. My soul knew it. And I just needed to catch up to that knowing. I’ve spent every single day for the past 12 years living in complete gratitude for this beautiful man’s presence in my life.

While I knew that I loved him 12 years ago, I now see that it was just a tiny blip of the deep, soulful that we have built together through the years.

We have spent the past 12 years growing together, honoring and cherishing each other, and loving, loving, loving one another. We are rarely apart. He is my soul’s other half.

What I have come to realize is that our love brought me home. It led me straight to my soul – to the person I had always been but had forgotten. Our love gave me a foundation, a truth, and a knowing that I never even knew existed.

Each “I love you,” each hug, each compliment, each token of appreciation, each look into each other’s eyes, each kind gesture, each loving word through the years has built our house of love.

Because of this deep, soulful love that Dan and I share, love has overflowed from my heart and seeped into every part of my life. Our loving foundation continues to give me the courage to extend this love to each of you. My heart is wide open now. I am now wide awake. I have come home. 

Because of love.


And I now see and know deep within my soul that love has the power to bring all of us home.

I know that this can sound cheesy. I know that to a jaded heart, this sounds like complete nonsense. Remember that I was cynical once, too. So I get it.

But I know, know, know that this is real and that this is true and that this deep, soulful love exists if you allow yourself to open up to it.

And it doesn’t have to be with a partner. It could be with a dear friend or a close family member. Or even a sweet pet.

Dan was my saving grace. His love not only brought me home, but it also led me to each of you. 

And I will spend the rest of my life living in complete gratitude for his pure, sappy, utterly everything love.

Please allow yourself to be opened up and swept away with love. Allow love to bring you home.

Your soul is waiting. Your heart is waiting. We are all waiting.



Soulful Shout Out – Introducing Rebecca Quave!


I absolutely love the Soulful Shout Out series here on Soul Speak! I get to highlight and introduce you to beautiful people and their wonderful offerings!

I love connecting people and sharing products that I love, and so I’m just thrilled to be able to do that each week with you here.

If you would like your product/website/service promoted here, please click here to read the details and then email me to apply. (I take what I share very seriously and will only share products and services that I am in alignment with.) Please note that we’re scheduling into July – so be sure to reserve your space soon!

And now, let’s get to this week’s beautiful soul and her inspiring offerings!



This week, I am featuring Rebecca Quave!

Rebecca and I recently met on Facebook, and I immediately loved her open heart and kind energy. She is an intuitive soul who is known as “The Metamorphosis Mentor,” meaning she helps to lovingly support her clients through their own unique process of awakening and transformation.

Rebecca has put together some soulful gifts for you and also has some truly exciting offers to share, which we’ll talk about very soon! First, though, let me introduce her!

Welcome to Soul Speak, Rebecca! I’m so happy that you’re here! 

Because we just recently met, I would love to know more about your journey thus far. Did you always know that you wanted to help others, or was this an inner knowing that evolved along the way? What pivotal life moments led you to where you are now? 

It has been both of those. Looking back now, the agreement of service to awakening that I made before even coming here is crystal clear to me. But was that in the front of my mind at 13 years old, struggling with the adolescent dramas of life? No.  (laughing) On one hand there was an underlying sense of “otherness” that was always with me, and yet consciously I didn’t always understand what it was.

I first looked for answers by pursuing science. I expected that if I could understand all of the deepest intricacies of the laws of life and nature that I would feel satisfied. However, I quickly realized that what I was looking for was still left unanswered. I then immersed myself in an attempt to be the ideal mother and wife, to have the perfect home, and to have the life that it seemed would surely relieve anyone of their inner turmoil.  Meanwhile, the unanswered questions gnawed at me more and more unrelentingly.  One day I woke up and realized that none of it was real, that none of it was going to satisfy me, that nothing in my life was what it had seemed, and I knew nothing would ever be the same again.

Spiritual awakenings are a huge part of your transformational work with others, and I would love for you to share more about your own experience of awakening.

I recall a time of such overwhelming joy that had me pulling over while driving because the sheer amount of trees and cars and roads and atoms to be cripplingly in love with was just staggering.  But of course that phase came and went, as it needed to.  The point here is to remember that the “big experiences” arrive in order to be integrated, not chased after, maintained, or recreated.

Expansion is continuous. Although there are some moments that the mind interprets as more astonishing than others, it is important to continue beyond setting up the paradigm of spiritual “arrival” in the form of awakening, enlightenment, realization, etc.

My journey was guided by an inner knowing of “something else,” combined with experiences of suffering and an absolute hunger for an answer to my confusion about the suffering.

After realizing the truth of this existence, everything that we previously thought or believed unravels, and we go through a period of rebalancing, then surrender to everything unfolding and playing out however it does.  It is important to let each part of this continue unfolding in its natural course.

Beautifully said.

I get the strong sense that you and I would agree that our messages that we share with others have one common denominator: love. How does love show up in your life? What does it look like? How are you able to share it and see it and allow it to flow in and out of your life?

Love as I refer to it is simply the Love that Is.  It is the fabric of all that exists.  I’m referring to the Love that you Are when you say only “I AM.”

It is ever-present and reveals itself to us, and through us, when we open to the reality of wholeness.

Love shows itself throughout my life because of a willingness to recognize and embrace it everywhere.

At this point, Love is most often to me a constant that is residing in the pulse of  all existence all at once.  But as I said before, that wasn’t always my experience.  I spent many years feeling devastatingly removed from Love, then went through a period of it seeming to flood back into me so intensely that I felt it burst me into non-existent pieces over and over again.

I completely agree that love is everywhere in everything. We are love.

We both believe that the answers are within each and every one of us. It’s completely normal for each of us to move away from our connection with our inner wisdom, and I would love for you to share some ways you have learned to slow down and reconnect with your soul.

Even the “ways of connecting” are already built-in right inside each one of us – and they can change right along with us.  When it is something that you do without force, then you know you are following your own set of instructions for following your innate wisdom.

So explore – find what brings you back to you and savor it.

Sometimes I receive a reminder in something as simple as the license plate in front of me as I drive. : )  Part of the beauty of participating here on this planet is the remarkable variety that presents itself every day. I encourage everyone to be open to and embrace all of the amazing ways that you are capable of communicating with yourself. You are truly unlimited, so let yourself dance in the variety made possible by that infinity.

You have some wonderful offerings available – your audio course and your upcoming retreat!

Your Birth of You audio course feels like a celebration of the soul! Who is it meant for? And what do you hope that someone gains after listening to the audio classes?


That is a great description of it!  The course is meant for everyone who is ready to live fully as the Love that they Are. Any and every seeming concern, complication, or problem in life finds resolution in our re-discovery of the Truth of our own Being.

My wish is for everyone to re-embrace that Truth of their own Being, and discover the gift that they truly are. Once that happens, they breathe Love into everything.

Every moment that any person (through the course or otherwise) knowingly resides in Truth, Love, Being  – is such a joy to me.

Click here to learn more about this wonderful course!



Your upcoming Joyful Transformation Retreat sounds amazing! I would love for you to share more about it! 

The retreat will be a life changer for a small group of people who will come together in Bimini on June 1st in order to refresh themselves in Love, realize the ease of the flow of life, and return to their worlds now anchoring a new vibration of oneness, harmony, and love.

We will combine the energy of the waters of Bimini, daily boat trips to interact with the wild dolphins there, energizing clean food, yoga practice (suitable for any experience level), transformational sessions, sounds baths with the crystal alchemy bowls, and of course plenty of rest, fun, and delight!

Click here to learn more about this upcoming retreat!


I loved learning more about crystal bowls and their healing abilities on your website. Could you share how you began your journey into this arena of healing and how healing sounds have helped you in your own life.

bowlsThe bowls made their way to me quite recently. Prior to meeting them and bringing them home I had never heard of them at all. This worked distinctly well because then there was a complete reliance on inner knowing and communication with the bowls in order to open up my work with them. They are indeed very powerful in more ways than the mind knows how to understand.

Just as light is the building block of what we call the physical world, sound is the building block of what we call the spiritual. And, of course, sound vibration clearly impacts the physical directly as well. This combination allows sound to operate in an immensely healing and transformative way on many levels.

Also, when listening to the bowls, they immediately bypass the rational mind, so the work is much more direct (and therefore accelerated) because of that.

What’s next on the horizon for you? 

1392232933On April 21st, the journey that began in “The Birth of You” will continue – a new, live 6-week coaching circle called “The Birth of Dreams” will focus on working from the new point of balance reached in The Birth of You in order to welcome into creation all that you could have wished for and much more.

Many people have gotten confused or frustrated about the idea of conscious creation or manifesting. During the Birth of Dreams circle, we will bring all the misunderstandings back into harmony so that you can return to your most natural state of allowing what you had desired to express itself into being through you.

Click here to learn more about this coaching circle!


Is there anything else you would like to share? 

You are not broken.
You are what you have been looking for.
Love is All there is.



Rebecca has put together a wonderful free offering that I’m so happy to share!

  • An Infinite Flow video meditation that will help you come back into harmony.
  • A crystal alchemy singing bowls audio recording – you can enjoy the healing vibrations of the crystal bowls along with soothing sounds of the ocean in this healing audio.

Click here to download these free gifts!


Thank you, Rebecca, for sharing your heart with us!

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Big hug,


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