Going for It

I lost a loved one several years ago, and today is the anniversary of his funeral. His death woke me up. He helped me remember that I was here for a reason, and he gave me the confidence to reach my dreams with one message that he shared over and over again: "Go for it."

Many Different Roads

I’ve been here, on this Earth, for long enough to have discovered that there is more than one way to do something, more than one way to get to wherever it is that we want to go, and more than one road to take.

Some of us will take the straight road – one that is easy and free of struggle – one that feels light and joy-filled. Some of us will take the road that twists and turns so much that we feel completely disoriented after being on it. Some of us will take the road that seems


Just A Little Bit of Gratitude

We’ve all experienced the ultimate crappy mood. If you’re reading this post, it means that you are human. And because you’re human, you will undeniably have access to (and utilize) the entire spectrum of emotions while you are here on Earth.

And while we will all have many beautiful moods that we wish we could capture in a bottle to be able to access any time, the reality is that we will have an equal amount of access to the darker moods – the ones that don’t always


Letting Go and Saying No

I was watching Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday a month or so ago, which is one of my favorite TV shows. In it, she was interviewing John Mackey, the CEO of Whole Foods. While I take away little nuggets of truth each time I watch an episode, I had no idea that this particular interview would profoundly change my life.

While the entire interview was wonderful, one particular part stuck with me. He shared that while he was in college, he was taking a class where one of the assignments was to read


The Spreading Love Project: 50 Love Notes in 50 Weeks

I have been feeling really loved. Extra loved by each of you. And I’m so very grateful to feel this way. It’s so nice to go through my day knowing that your love is surrounding me – both grounding me and lifting me at the same time. I am so, so grateful to be filled with this beautiful energy. It’s the best gift of all.

I’ve been feeling a stirring from deep within that there’s something extra special to this love. I’ve been feeling that I wanted to sort