The Spreading Love Project: 50 Love Notes in 50 Weeks

thank youI have been feeling really loved. Extra loved by each of you. And I’m so very grateful to feel this way. It’s so nice to go through my day knowing that your love is surrounding me – both grounding me and lifting me at the same time. I am so, so grateful to be filled with this beautiful energy. It’s the best gift of all.

I’ve been feeling a stirring from deep within that there’s something extra special to this love. I’ve been feeling that I wanted to sort of capture it and put it into a jar that could be opened whenever I needed an extra “dose of love.” I’ve been feeling that I wanted to find a way to spread it across the world and share it with each of you.

And then I remembered that change starts close to our hearts. Change starts close to home. Change starts by touching one person at a time. Just one. And then the ripple effect of that impact begins to expand into the entire world. 

So while it may not be possible for me to actually bottle up all of this love, I have thought of a way to begin sharing it with one person at a time, with the hopes that it will expand in their hearts and reach one more and one more and eventually will reach us all.

Do you remember the article I wrote a couple of months ago about writing thank you notes and sharing your gratitude for others in that meaningful way? Well, I would like to expand on that article and spread thankfulness and love and gratitude and joy on a regular basis. I would like to make this spreading of love a part of my regular spiritual practice. I would like to “ritualize” it and integrate it into my normal routine.

And I invite you to do the same.

The Spreading Love Project

Each Sunday for the next 50 weeks, let’s choose one person to send a love note to. (Not an email or an ecard but a physical card that we mail.) This love note could also include a small gift, but it isn’t necessary. What matters most is that the recipient knows how much their love has impacted us. We’re thanking them for their love and kindness and whatever goodness they have brought into our life.

It could be someone that we know really well. It could also be someone that we don’t know personally at all – a writer or someone in the public eye who unknowingly has inspired us in some deep way.

Mark a heart on your calendar for each Sunday throughout the rest of the year so you’ll remember to make space for this spiritual practice. And then think about who you would like to spread your love to, and write to them and send it. 

That’s all. 

Easy peasy and so, so meaningful. 

Life changing, actually. 

Imagine the joy that will be received when someone goes to their mailbox and pulls out your card. Imagine how in that moment they will know that they matter, that their love was received, that they are connected to you and to all other loving beings in the universe. Imagine how full they will feel – filled with lightness, loving-kindness, and possibility. Imagine what they will do with that love after they fully accept it into their heart? Just imagine how lives will be changed simply because you said, “You are loved. And I thank you.”

I get goosebumps just thinking about it.

You can get as creative as you would like with your love notes. You can buy them or you can make them yourself. You can use markers and decorate them. You can use fun stickers and glitter. Whatever feels right for you is exactly right. They are a direct expression of your soul.

If you aren’t sure who to choose each week, ask your soul to help guide you. Maybe someone supported you years ago, and you would like to let them know how much it meant. Maybe someone was extra kind to your child when they needed a friend. Let them know. Maybe someone on Facebook reached out and sent love when you were feeling extra down. Send a card to them and share how they made you feel.

If you don’t have their address, it’s okay. You can ask for it. You don’t have to tell them why. And if they ask, you can just say that you have a little something that you would like to send to them.

This is about love. Spreading love to those who have impacted us in loving ways – to those who have sent it to us (either directly or indirectly). 

It feels so good to love. And to be loved.

It’s the best, really.

And I can’t wait to imagine our love flowing all around the world in the form of sweet love notes in so many mailboxes. 

It lights me up just thinking about it.

Tomorrow is Sunday. I will be writing my first note then and will mail it next week. I hope you’ll join me in doing the same. 

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A Celebration of Love & A Free Gift!

6000 likesI am so excited to share that Soul Speak’s Facebook page has just passed 6,000 fans! This is truly wonderful, and I wanted to think of a special way to celebrate all of us coming together to connect with our souls and also each other.

I thought of two ways that I would like to celebrate.

First, to share my gratitude, I created a free gift for you: 5 affirmation cards that can be printed out and put up around your home – loving reminders for all of us to embrace our life. 

I’ll share them all here, and you can click on them to print them out. They each measure 5″x5″ and are saved at high resolution. You can print them on cardstock and put them up where you’ll see them often – on your mirror, on your vision board, on your fridge – anywhere you look often! Let these loving words seep into your consciousness. :) (Here is a link to print them all out at once.)

Card 1:

affirmation gift card1

Card 2:

affirmation gift card5

Card 3:

affirmation gift card4

Card 4:

affirmation gift card3

Card 5:affirmation gift card2

A Celebration of Love

Second, I would love to have us all come together to spread some love and let it flow into the world. A few months ago, many of us came together on Facebook and all set the intention for one minute to focus all of our energy on visualizing love pouring out of our hearts and landing where it was most needed. I get chills now just thinking about how powerful it was. I could feel my body vibrating faster and my heart felt so absolutely filled with love.

I think this celebration is a perfect time to do that again! Because we’re all in different time zones and spread out throughout the world, I’ll choose four times through the day on December 16th for us to come together and spread some love around the world.

Here’s how it will work:

On Monday, December 16th, let’s come together at these times to focus our energy on spreading love: 

  • 11 am pst
  • 3 pm pst
  • 7 pm pst
  • 11 pm pst

Please choose whichever times you can make and stop by Soul Speak’s Facebook page and comment on the thread saying that you’re there. At the top of the hour, we’ll all close our eyes and meditate for 5 minutes – visualizing love pouring out of our hearts and flowing into the world. And we’ll visualize it coming back into our hearts, flowing through our bodies, and flowing out again into the world.

And then, after the meditation is over, we can come back and share how the experience was for us.

I believe that our love has the power to change the world. And it starts with moments like these – consciously choosing to focus on love, to expand our love, and to share our love. 

This is something that we can do – that we can give. And I can’t think of a better way to celebrate our loving, growing community than to open our hearts and share our love with the world!

I hope you’ll join us!

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A Thankfulness Experiment (Want to Try It?)

thank you

Most of us always feel thankful for so many beautiful souls in our life. But then we get busy and move onto the next task or appointment or project or day or month or year… and we don’t always stop and take a moment to express our thankfulness.

I have a theory that thankfulness expands – the more we think about it and share about it, the more it takes over our life (in a good way!). To show you what I mean, I would love for you to try this thankfulness experiment (please take your time with it – it probably won’t be done all in one sitting):

1. On a scale of 1-10, write down how thankful you are feeling right now in this moment.

2. And now, take a few moments to think about 10 people who you are thankful to have in your life. Choose people who have brought you joy or lifted you up or have showered you with love. Choose people who bring a smile to your face and a light to your spirit when you think about them. Choose people who brighten your world. Write each of their names on a piece of paper. And then write down how thankful you are feeling right now in this moment (on a scale of 1-10).

3. Next, write 10 letters expressing your thankfulness to these 10 different people. (You can write a letter and mail it, you can send them an email, or you can write them a message on Facebook.) Let them know what they mean to you. Your letter doesn’t have to go on for pages and pages, but it does need to come from the heart. Share how their love and their presence has helped you. Share how grateful you are to have them in your life. And then send it off with love. Take time to really tap into these feelings of gratitude and appreciation. Sit with them and allow them to soak into your body. After you have finished writing the last letter, check in with yourself and write down how thankful you are feeling right now in this moment (on a scale of 1-10).

4. Finally, send the letters. Take some time to imagine your loved ones reading your sweet words. Imagine your kindness floating throughout their body and swirling through them. Imagine how appreciated they must feel in this exact moment. After you have spent a few minutes imagining how they are feeling, write down how thankful you are feeling right now in this moment (on a scale of 1-10).

I would imagine that your thankfulness levels have increased throughout this experiment. I believe that the more we tap into feeling grateful, the more it expands inside of us. And when you multiply that gratitude by 10, I have a feeling it will expand even more!

I would also imagine that your loving heart will continue to expand as you hear back from your loved ones – as they share what reading your words meant to them. And I would imagine that your loving letter will help expand their own hearts, and because of that, they will spread love to others. It’s such a beautiful rippling that goes on and on and on.

I love experiments like this because they show us how powerful love and gratitude are. They show us how connected we truly are. And they show us how easy it is to tap into this thankfulness any time we choose to.

I would love for you to give this experiment a try. See if you can expand your own level of thankfulness. Prove me right by upping your number with each letter that you send! And in the process, you’ll make 10 people’s hearts feel very full. You’ll make 10 people feel very loved.

And that’s always a good thing.

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Saying Yes to the Creative Flow

creativity copyFor the past couple of weeks, I’ve been completely immersed in a world that I hadn’t allowed myself to be a part of for quite some time: the world of creation.

It’s been a year since I was last here, actually. It’s been a year since I have felt the urge to step into this seemingly endless well of creativity – this vortex of imagination and possibility. It’s been a year since I have felt this magnetic pull and given myself fully to it.

And it’s been absolutely amazing. I haven’t wanted to leave my computer and stop the flow. I haven’t slept as much. I haven’t eaten as much. And to be completely honest, I haven’t kept up with my work responsibilities as much as I probably should. I hear my soul’s whispers, and I want to put into creation what they are asking me to. I want to honor this calling and bring it to life. I want to get it out of me and into the world.

And it’s happening – so wonderfully and so quickly. I had forgotten just how wonderful this feels. For so long, I had shied away from these creative urges – on this big of a scale. To be honest, I was afraid of them. I was afraid that they would overtake me. That I wouldn’t be able to contain them, and that they would completely take over my life.

And in a way, they have. So I guess you could say that my worst fears have been realized. But in a good way. Because what’s being born feels magical to me, and it feels like it’s exactly what needs to be born right now in this exact moment.

Yes. I could push the creative urges back. Yes. I could stuff them down. Yes. I could ask them to come back later. Yes. I could ask them to move onto someone else.

Yes. I could do all of these things. I might have done this in the past. I have done this in the past.

But what I’m realizing is that I no longer am okay with squashing my own lifeblood for the sake of everyone and everything else. I am a creator. That’s what I do. And all of the responsibilities and tasks that lie before me mean absolutely nothing if I’m not truly living – if I’m not saying yes to what matters the absolute most to me: listening to my soul’s whispers and sharing them with the world.

So yes, it’s true that I’m a bit more behind with my writing and my projects and my emails and my seemingly endless to-do list. And yes, it’s true that I am a bit manic and a bit sleep deprived and a bit underfed.

But I’m happy. I feel a different kind of nourishment that comes from deep within – that comes from knowing that I am listening to this wise voice inside of me, asking me to create. Saying that it’s time.

I’m taking this time and allowing this magical creation to be born. I’m giving myself the permission and the freedom to completely immerse myself in this vortex. And I’m so excited to share this creation soon. (You can sign up for the waiting list here if you would like to learn more about it when it’s available.)

I have a feeling that I’m not alone in frequently squashing my creative urges for fear that they will take up too much of my precious time – time that I could spend behaving more responsibly. And I bet you know exactly what I’m talking about when you finally allow yourself to give into this magnetic pull. When you feel that complete wholeness and oneness with the universe because you’ve said yes to your purpose. You feel completely at peace in yourself. Completely alive.

I would love for each of us to give ourselves this gift: the next time we feel the urge to create to let it flow out of us. To allow it to be born. To give ourselves permission to see it through. To make the time for it to come out. To know that it’s important. To trust that it wouldn’t be given to us if it wasn’t meant to be created.

I’m definitely going to continue allowing this creative vortex to pull me in, and it’s my heart’s desire that you will do the same.

It’s just too important for us not to. Seriously.

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What Makes You Different?

i-am-loveI love learning people’s quirks and idiosyncrasies: the things that make them unique, the things that you wouldn’t expect, the things that take them out of the box that you may have been putting them in without even realizing it. Those things.

I recently asked a friend what her favorite music was – we’ve been meeting every week online for almost a year and I was surprised that I didn’t know this about her. She said Heavy Metal, which I never would have guessed. I love that. She is soft spoken and spiritual, and the thought of seeing her drive down the freeway with this loud music playing made me so happy! I loved being surprised in this way, and it really got me thinking about these little preferences that each of us has that add up to create our whole – that add up to create who we are.

I started to wonder how much I really knew about my friends. How much did I assume and how much was true? How much did they fit into the mold that I had created for them without even realizing it, and how much did I fit into their subconscious mold of me?

And trust me, none of us are putting our friends into boxes consciously. I would guess that we’re not thinking about it at all – it’s a mix of our brains wanting to sort of “figure people out” and place them into the right places and society letting us know that if someone is “this” way, then they must also be “that” way.

But I’m learning that, if we are really sharing our true selves, we will never completely fit into the box that society or anyone else has created for us. We will always have some part of us (if we allow it to come to the surface) that is unique and that perhaps goes against the norm.

And I would love for all of us to feel safe in sharing these parts of ourselves. The parts that we normally wouldn’t share because we feel silly or embarrassed or uncomfortable or vulnerable. Those parts.

Much of who we are does fit in with what others would expect, and so I think – because of our innate need to be liked – we give these parts more airtime and share them more with others. But, that sort of casts a shadow on the parts that maybe don’t fit in as easily, and my concern is that – without our even knowing it – we feel a sense of shame surrounding these parts of ourselves (even though there is absolutely nothing wrong with them).

So here’s what I suggest: I would love for all of us to leave a comment sharing how we may differ from what others would expect. How we don’t fit into the box. How we’re unique. We can share something about ourselves that might surprise others to learn.

Because in doing so, we’ll allow ourselves to be the entire soul and the entire human and the entire amazing person that we are. We’ll allow all of our parts to blend together, and we’ll feel proud and stand a little taller sharing the bits that we normally would have left in the shadows.

I’ve found that when we start shedding light on the parts of ourselves that we’ve kept in the dark, the less power they hold over us. The more we’re apt to bravely share our entire self with the world. The more we’ll see that it’s completely okay. 

I will start by sharing my own list, and I hope that you’ll join me by writing yours, too. (Since I’m pretty much an open book, it’s going to be a challenge for me to come up with things that I haven’t already shared!) :)

Things about me that might surprise you:

1. I swear. A lot. Not in a mean way, but more in an excited way. In a “This F*^$*%$ Rocks!” way. I do keep swearing out of my writing, for the most part. And you’ll rarely hear me swear in a group session. I mainly just swear at home – around Dan and my closest friends. But it’s a part of me that most people don’t know about.

2. This isn’t anything scandalous, but it’s something that not a lot of people in the online world know about me. Unless I am chatting with someone over Skype or filming a video, I never wear makeup or do my hair or wear anything other than comfy clothes. I am not one to dress up – I wear jeans or pajama pants – preferably with my fluffy robe or a cozy, over-sized sweater. I never wear heals or dresses, unless I’m going to a wedding. And even though I used to own a jewelry company, I never wear it – except my wedding ring (which I never wear in the house).

3. I’m extremely afraid of spiders. It doesn’t make any sense because I’m not afraid of other similar crawling bugs. I dream about them often – pretty much the only nightmares that I’ve ever had involved spiders. Huge ones.

4. While much of what I watch on TV most likely fits in with what you would expect (eg., Super Soul Sunday, Lifeclass, and Long Island Medium), I watch some shows that you may not expect: Keeping up with the Kardashians, Drop Dead Diva, and any singing competition show. I love unwinding at the end of a long day, and these shows help me do exactly that. They are my guilty pleasures.

5. I rarely leave the house and rarely drive. I love my cocoon that I have created, and there has to be a good reason for me to want to leave it. That’s not to say that it’s not fun when I go out and shop or go on a date with Dan, but there’s something so wonderful about coming home again.

6. I don’t use a cell phone. While I do have one in the car for emergencies, I never am in the car so I never need to use it. Because I’m always home, I just don’t see the point. When I do go out, it’s really nice to disconnect and not be available to anyone. There’s something really decadent about it, actually.

7. I’m known in my family as “The Chihuahua.” While I may be petite and appear soft spoken at times, I have a primal side that comes out when someone in my family or inner circle is being mistreated or threatened in some way. I’m very loyal and very protective, and a yappy, “in your face” side shows up in these situations. Thankfully, I haven’t had to use this side very often, but I’m glad that she’s there – ready to protect myself and my loved ones when needed.

8. I eat foods that most people wouldn’t want to eat. My diet is a bit extreme. It didn’t start out that way, but it’s definitely evolved into a quirk. It’s been gradual – from becoming vegetarian to vegan to bringing eggs back in to taking out almost everything that was processed or that contained wheat or sugar or chemicals of any kind. I started eating based on how I felt afterwards, and I found that my body wanted whole foods that were natural and fresh. It definitely takes more time to prepare food in this way, but feeling great is worth it. (A huge thank you to Dan for all that he does to help both of us stay healthy.)

9. I’m pretty funny. (At least I think so.) :) Seriously though, while I do spend a lot of my time thinking and feeling and helping others, I am a great laugher. I love people who can make me laugh. I love watching animals do silly things. I love comedies. I love to laugh. It’s such a great release.

10. I had no idea that my life would turn into what it has. I’m someone who spent so many years shying away from the spotlight and from being seen, and so I still pinch myself when I look at how “out there” I am – how many beautiful souls I get to connect with – how awesomely expansive my life has become. I’ve previously shared how I used to be a skeptic, but I think it’s worth repeating. Just three short years ago, I wasn’t open spiritually. At all. I was in the dark. And just by being willing to trust the universe and be led in the direction my soul was asking me to go in, everything changed. I spend time each day thanking my lucky stars (and my angels, and my spirit guides, and God) for this miracle.

I’m sure there’s a ton more, but this is enough for now! :)

I can’t wait to learn more about you!

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