Many Different Roads


I’ve been here, on this Earth, for long enough to have discovered that there is more than one way to do something, more than one way to get to wherever it is that we want to go, and more than one road to take.

Some of us will take the straight road – one that is easy and free of struggle – one that feels light and joy-filled. Some of us will take the road that twists and turns so much that we feel completely disoriented after being on it. Some of us will take the road that seems to have more dead ends than through streets. And some of us will take the road that is so steep and tumultuous that we fear we’ll never reach our destination.

Some of our roads will be freshly paved and smooth, and we’ll feel like we’re on top of the world when we’re traveling on them – effortlessly gliding across them with great ease.

And some of our roads will be filled with potholes and objects to watch out for, and we may feel like we’ve made a mistake – that there must be something wrong with us to have chosen such a horrible road.

But here’s the thing: there is always so much we can learn from any of the roads that we’re on. And being on a “hard road” doesn’t mean that we’ve made a mistake. It simply means that we’re gathering information that is helping to expand our soul and our experience here on Earth. It means that we have the opportunity to discover new parts of ourselves while in the face of difficult terrain. And it means that when we reach our destination, we’ll be able to keep all of these discoveries in our hearts and continue to learn more about ourselves and about this world that we live in.

Would it be easier if we always chose the smooth road that simply took us from A to B? Of course! But if we only took the smooth road, we wouldn’t get to experience everything else that’s available to us. And if we didn’t have the experience of these other, more difficult roads, we wouldn’t be able to appreciate the smooth road nearly as much.

I’ve been on some really rough roads throughout my life. And I’ve also been on some really smooth roads. Sometimes (like now), I’m on several roads at once – each of which has a different terrain. For example, the road with my husband has been blissfully smooth for almost 14 years. I never knew that such a road existed before I met him, and I’m so appreciative. However, the road that I’ve been on surrounding my health has been really bumpy, difficult, and filled with twists and turns, dead ends, potholes, and obstacles. But being on this road is teaching me so much about myself and about life, and I know that when I’ve learned what it is I need to know, the road will become smooth again.

This is all part of the journey. And it’s a journey that we’re all on together.

If you’re currently on a smooth road, be sure to embrace it and enjoy it! And if you’re currently on a bumpy road, see if you can find the goodness that it brings as well – see if you can thank it for helping you grow. Because that’s exactly what it’s there for.

I’m sending love to all of us – no matter where we are on the journey and no matter what the ride currently feels like. It’s all good; it’s all valuable; and it’s all exactly right.




Just A Little Bit of Gratitude

gratitude copy

We’ve all experienced the ultimate crappy mood. If you’re reading this post, it means that you are human. And because you’re human, you will undeniably have access to (and utilize) the entire spectrum of emotions while you are here on Earth.

And while we will all have many beautiful moods that we wish we could capture in a bottle to be able to access any time, the reality is that we will have an equal amount of access to the darker moods – the ones that don’t always feels so good but ultimately have the ability to help us grow and expand.

So, back to the crappy mood. I’ve definitely had some of these lately. They are the kind where it feels like nothing will ever feel right again – the kind where you just know that you’ll never feel joy again – the kind where you can’t imagine ever feeling light and free. Yep, those kinds of moods.

And, what I’ve noticed is that when I accept these moods as a part of being human, they tend to not carry as much weight. When I am able to step away from them (just a tiny bit, even), I can feel how they will eventually pass. I am even getting to the place where I can embrace and feel a little bit of gratitude for the mood while it’s there because I know that it’s helping me learn more about myself and recognize how I’m feeling.

This awareness hasn’t come overnight. And it’s still something I’m working through, to be completely honest.

But  it is happening.

And the most powerful part of this is to know that if I am able to find gratitude (even the littlest bit) in such an emotionally rocky moment – and if I can feel and fully experience how that little bit of gratitude is helping me to embrace the mood, then I can find gratitude in any moment of my life. 

And knowing that has really helped me a lot lately. It’s helped me see that I truly do have access to gratitude in every single situation in my life – not just the happy, rose-colored, everything-is-absolutely-perfect experiences, but in the messy, dark, bleak experiences as well.

That feels SO good to realize! It’s absolutely wonderful and empowering and freeing and light.

Because of this awareness, I no longer fear or resist or run from my darker moods. I am able to allow them, reflect upon them, and feel grateful for them. 

Now, this doesn’t mean that I’m welcoming them with open arms or inviting them to stay for as long as they want or seeking them out and looking for ways to feel them more often. :) It just means that if and when they show up, I might as well make the best of it and make them feel welcome rather than resist them or stuff them or do everything in my power to avoid them. I know that doing this always makes me feel worse, which oftentimes will prolong the bad mood.

Also, I’m not saying that when I’m in a bad mood, I instantly embrace it and feel grateful for it and go from a 1 to a 10 (where 1 is the crappiest mood of all and 10 is the best mood of all) in a few seconds (or even minutes). I’m just saying that if I look for even the tiniest speck or ounce or teeny piece of goodness in that bad mood – if I shine the smallest bit of gratitude on it – then I feel a bit of relief. And that relief turns into a little bit more. And a little bit more. And I have stopped the downward spiral from continuing. I have stopped the momentum.

That feels really amazing to know that I have the ability to do this. To know that we all have this ability.

It’s a choice that we get to make in each and every mood that we’re experiencing. We get to decide if we want to feel open or constricted. We get to decide if we want to feel unhappy or grateful. We get to decide if we’re going to accept or resist.

I’m finding that gratitude is the way toward complete acceptance and complete relief, which is a beautiful way to feel (bad mood or not). 

I wish that for each of us – to find some relief in each part of our life. Adding in even just the smallest bit of gratitude will help us do that. I promise. 









Letting Go and Saying No

ep514-own-sss-john-mackey-1-949x534I was watching Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday a month or so ago, which is one of my favorite TV shows. In it, she was interviewing John Mackey, the CEO of Whole Foods. While I take away little nuggets of truth each time I watch an episode, I had no idea that this particular interview would profoundly change my life.

While the entire interview was wonderful, one particular part stuck with me. He shared that while he was in college, he was taking a class where one of the assignments was to read a very long, boring book. He decided that he didn’t want to read it, so he didn’t. He then decided that he didn’t want to take the class at all, so he dropped out. He then took this one step further and decided that he wasn’t going to do anything that he didn’t want to do. So he took classes that fed his soul, received hundreds of hours in credits, and left college without a degree (since he didn’t take the classes needed to receive one). He’s stayed aware of this life motto throughout his life and still embodies it today.

I walked away from the interview feeling inspired. I knew that while I was so grateful for many aspects of my life, there were still quite a few things I was doing that didn’t feed my soul. I was still (for one reason or another) doing things that I didn’t want to do. And I set out to see if there was anything that I could let go of and say no to.

I began to look at how I felt while going through my days – who I interacted with, how I spent my time, and what was coming up on the horizon. I started to notice how my gut felt when I participated in each activity or when I thought about doing a particular task. This awareness gave me a barometer – I could tell that when I was doing something simply because I thought I had to do it, I was tight and resentful and tired. And the contrast was that when I was doing something that I truly wanted to do, I felt open and energetic and excited.

I took a look at my calendar and my tasks and my day-to-day activities and began to go through them one by one with a discerning eye. I asked myself these questions:

“Why am I doing this? (Is it coming from my head – because I think I should or because I don’t want to upset or hurt someone or because I’m afraid to let it go? Or is it coming from my heart – because I truly want to do it – because it feeds my soul?”

“How would I feel if I were no longer doing it – if it were no longer a part of my life? Relieved? Sad? Happy?”

“What would I be able to bring into my life if I let go of this particular task/activity/person?”

One by one, I began to take a clear look at my life and put each task through this filter. And this practice has been so liberating and life changing! I started to find so many things that I could say no to and let go of – from doing radio interviews and telesummits that didn’t feel quite right (but I was considering saying yes to because I thought I should or because I didn’t want to hurt anyone) to promoting things for others that didn’t sit well in my soul (that I normally would have considered simply because I didn’t want to hurt anyone or have them mad at me) to not going on a trip where the timing would create extra stress (that I was going to go on because I didn’t want to disappoint anyone) to putting off having difficult conversations (that I didn’t want to have because I was afraid of what they might think of me) to letting go of anything work-wise that kept me from the Soulful Life Sanctuary and connecting with others (which is where I want to devote all of my attention).

The list went on and on.  So once I got clear about the things that I was doing that I didn’t want to do, I started to take action. I postponed the trip. I said no to the promotions and the interviews. I had the difficult conversations. I let go of extra work commitments.

And I started to notice something: an inner strength began to emerge. While my worry was that I was going to feel horrible for saying no and for letting go, the opposite happened. I felt empowered and liberated. I felt free.

I realized that all of the things that I had been saying yes to (but didn’t really want to say yes to) were draining my energy. They were taking quality time from my connection to my soul and my connection with others. And so giving myself permission to let them go freed up circuits for things that I could say yes to (that I wanted to say yes to).

truth copy

Now, this doesn’t mean that it’s been easy to let go and to say no. There have been times in doing it where I’ve questioned everything, to be honest. I never want to hurt anyone, and throughout my life I have gone out of my way to keep the peace. But, I realized that doing this has been hurting me, which is something I’m no longer okay with. I also found that when saying no is offered with love and honesty, it usually ends up being okay. There hasn’t been as much friction as I thought there would be. And in some cases, my saying no has brought me closer to the person I was saying no to because it gave us a chance to have a deep, meaningful conversation.

But even if this weren’t the case, I would still stay on this path of arranging my life so that I don’t do anything that I don’t want to do. And while this is still in process, it’s very freeing to be making steps towards a life where I get to spend all of my time doing exactly what I want.

I do believe that it’s possible. I really do.

And not just for me, but for all of us.

We are the conscious creators of our lives, and we are such powerful beings. If something isn’t working, we can change it. If we don’t like something, we can do something about it.

We really can. We’re that powerful.

I would love for all of us to remember this. And to follow in John Mackey’s lead by taking a good look at our lives and start to say no to anything that doesn’t feed our soul. 

It’s such an empowering exercise!



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The Spreading Love Project: 50 Love Notes in 50 Weeks

thank youI have been feeling really loved. Extra loved by each of you. And I’m so very grateful to feel this way. It’s so nice to go through my day knowing that your love is surrounding me – both grounding me and lifting me at the same time. I am so, so grateful to be filled with this beautiful energy. It’s the best gift of all.

I’ve been feeling a stirring from deep within that there’s something extra special to this love. I’ve been feeling that I wanted to sort of capture it and put it into a jar that could be opened whenever I needed an extra “dose of love.” I’ve been feeling that I wanted to find a way to spread it across the world and share it with each of you.

And then I remembered that change starts close to our hearts. Change starts close to home. Change starts by touching one person at a time. Just one. And then the ripple effect of that impact begins to expand into the entire world. 

So while it may not be possible for me to actually bottle up all of this love, I have thought of a way to begin sharing it with one person at a time, with the hopes that it will expand in their hearts and reach one more and one more and eventually will reach us all.

Do you remember the article I wrote a couple of months ago about writing thank you notes and sharing your gratitude for others in that meaningful way? Well, I would like to expand on that article and spread thankfulness and love and gratitude and joy on a regular basis. I would like to make this spreading of love a part of my regular spiritual practice. I would like to “ritualize” it and integrate it into my normal routine.

And I invite you to do the same.

The Spreading Love Project

Each Sunday for the next 50 weeks, let’s choose one person to send a love note to. (Not an email or an ecard but a physical card that we mail.) This love note could also include a small gift, but it isn’t necessary. What matters most is that the recipient knows how much their love has impacted us. We’re thanking them for their love and kindness and whatever goodness they have brought into our life.

It could be someone that we know really well. It could also be someone that we don’t know personally at all – a writer or someone in the public eye who unknowingly has inspired us in some deep way.

Mark a heart on your calendar for each Sunday throughout the rest of the year so you’ll remember to make space for this spiritual practice. And then think about who you would like to spread your love to, and write to them and send it. 

That’s all. 

Easy peasy and so, so meaningful. 

Life changing, actually. 

Imagine the joy that will be received when someone goes to their mailbox and pulls out your card. Imagine how in that moment they will know that they matter, that their love was received, that they are connected to you and to all other loving beings in the universe. Imagine how full they will feel – filled with lightness, loving-kindness, and possibility. Imagine what they will do with that love after they fully accept it into their heart? Just imagine how lives will be changed simply because you said, “You are loved. And I thank you.”

I get goosebumps just thinking about it.

You can get as creative as you would like with your love notes. You can buy them or you can make them yourself. You can use markers and decorate them. You can use fun stickers and glitter. Whatever feels right for you is exactly right. They are a direct expression of your soul.

If you aren’t sure who to choose each week, ask your soul to help guide you. Maybe someone supported you years ago, and you would like to let them know how much it meant. Maybe someone was extra kind to your child when they needed a friend. Let them know. Maybe someone on Facebook reached out and sent love when you were feeling extra down. Send a card to them and share how they made you feel.

If you don’t have their address, it’s okay. You can ask for it. You don’t have to tell them why. And if they ask, you can just say that you have a little something that you would like to send to them.

This is about love. Spreading love to those who have impacted us in loving ways – to those who have sent it to us (either directly or indirectly). 

It feels so good to love. And to be loved.

It’s the best, really.

And I can’t wait to imagine our love flowing all around the world in the form of sweet love notes in so many mailboxes. 

It lights me up just thinking about it.

Tomorrow is Sunday. I will be writing my first note then and will mail it next week. I hope you’ll join me in doing the same. 

Please spread the love and share about this project on Facebook and Twitter! 





A Celebration of Love & A Free Gift!

6000 likesI am so excited to share that Soul Speak’s Facebook page has just passed 6,000 fans! This is truly wonderful, and I wanted to think of a special way to celebrate all of us coming together to connect with our souls and also each other.

I thought of two ways that I would like to celebrate.

First, to share my gratitude, I created a free gift for you: 5 affirmation cards that can be printed out and put up around your home – loving reminders for all of us to embrace our life. 

I’ll share them all here, and you can click on them to print them out. They each measure 5″x5″ and are saved at high resolution. You can print them on cardstock and put them up where you’ll see them often – on your mirror, on your vision board, on your fridge – anywhere you look often! Let these loving words seep into your consciousness. :) (Here is a link to print them all out at once.)

Card 1:

affirmation gift card1

Card 2:

affirmation gift card5

Card 3:

affirmation gift card4

Card 4:

affirmation gift card3

Card 5:affirmation gift card2

A Celebration of Love

Second, I would love to have us all come together to spread some love and let it flow into the world. A few months ago, many of us came together on Facebook and all set the intention for one minute to focus all of our energy on visualizing love pouring out of our hearts and landing where it was most needed. I get chills now just thinking about how powerful it was. I could feel my body vibrating faster and my heart felt so absolutely filled with love.

I think this celebration is a perfect time to do that again! Because we’re all in different time zones and spread out throughout the world, I’ll choose four times through the day on December 16th for us to come together and spread some love around the world.

Here’s how it will work:

On Monday, December 16th, let’s come together at these times to focus our energy on spreading love: 

  • 11 am pst
  • 3 pm pst
  • 7 pm pst
  • 11 pm pst

Please choose whichever times you can make and stop by Soul Speak’s Facebook page and comment on the thread saying that you’re there. At the top of the hour, we’ll all close our eyes and meditate for 5 minutes – visualizing love pouring out of our hearts and flowing into the world. And we’ll visualize it coming back into our hearts, flowing through our bodies, and flowing out again into the world.

And then, after the meditation is over, we can come back and share how the experience was for us.

I believe that our love has the power to change the world. And it starts with moments like these – consciously choosing to focus on love, to expand our love, and to share our love. 

This is something that we can do – that we can give. And I can’t think of a better way to celebrate our loving, growing community than to open our hearts and share our love with the world!

I hope you’ll join us!

Please help spread the love by sharing this post on Facebook and Twitter!



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