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Are you tired of being alone—or feeling alone (even if you’re in a relationship)?

Are you ready for spine-tingling, heart-throbbing, soul-shaking love…that lasts a lifetime?

Whether you’re looking for a new love or want to deepen the connection you already share with your partner, this course will guide the way to your ideal relationship!



Through engaging written lessons and exercises, heartfelt videos, and audio meditations, this 4-week ecourse will help you discover how to:

  • Boost your self-esteem, so that you know you deserve the best!
  • Clarify your vision of exactly what—and who—you want in a relationship.
  • Heal from past relationship “mistakes”—and turn them into your greatest teachers.
  • Communicate effectively with your partner—so that you can hear and be heard.
  • Recognize relationship red flags…and the yellow and green ones, too!
  • Enjoy “Connection Boosters” that will bring you closer instantly!
  • Explore the top relationship myths that might be sabotaging your happiness.
  • Build a loving foundation and create the ideal relationship you so richly deserve!


This 4-week course provides the following to help you manifest your ideal relationship: 

Over 100 Workbook Pages Containing
Writing Prompts and Exercises

They will help you reflect on your journey thus far and get you ready for manifesting your ideal relationship!

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Three Audio Meditations

Helping you love yourself and open your heart to love.

soulful love cd

Six Heartfelt Videos

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Weekly Topics:

♥ Week 1: Relationship Essentials

Be Deeply in Love, and Be on the Same Team

We’ll begin by exploring what’s absolutely essential for soulful love…and what isn’t!

We’ll also address some of the most important aspects of love and relationships, including:

  • What is “Soulful Love” and an “Ideal Relationship”?
  • Be deeply in love, and be on the same team
  • Reflect on why you’re taking this course
  • Examine your beliefs about love and relationships
  • Connection Boosters

♥ Week 2: Self Love

The Foundation of a Soulful Relationship

We’ll explain why we believe that taking care of yourself, loving yourself, and honoring yourself are absolutely essential ingredients for every soulful relationship.

A few key points that we share this week are:

  • Expressing self love in many ways
  • How self love BENEFITS soulful relationships
  • Be the person you want to find
  • Outer self care
  • Inner self care
  • Me Time
  • Practice, Practice, Practice

♥ Week 3: The Road to Love

Learning from Past Relationships, Cutting Unhealthy Emotional Ties, and Freeing Yourself to Move Forward

This week, we’ll be:

  • Looking back in order to learn, grow, and release—NOT to stew over old hurts or get stuck in the past.
  • Revisiting your past relationships—looking for patterns, realizations, or any lessons they might provide from your current perspective (with the benefit of hindsight).
  • Looking back in gratitude—even if you’re more likely to look back in anger when you think of certain exes and experiences, see what happens if you find even one thing to be grateful for about each past relationship. (Ease into this—starting with the ones that carry the least negative charge.)
  • Reframing your relationship history—telling it from a perspective of what you’ve learned, how you’re grateful, and where your experiences have led you (and might be leading you in the future—remember: your story isn’t over yet!).
  • Letting go of old baggage—releasing the “hooks” from your past that might be keeping you from opening to soulful love. The #1 way to let go is through forgiveness. (Remember that this doesn’t mean condoning hurtful acts; it simply means that you don’t want to carry that painful energy around with you any more!)
  • Preparing to move forward—after giving yourself a week to focus on the past, you’ll be ready to shift back to the present and start creating a more loving future.

♥ Week 4: Manifest Your Ideal Relationship

Bringing Soulful Love into Your Life

  • Manifestation 101 
  • The Magic Formula 
  • Manifestation Reminders 


dan and jodiMy husband, Dan Teck, and I have been happily married and deeply in love for almost 12 years. We feel so blessed every day that we get to share life with our soulmate—pursuing our dreams as individuals while deepening our loving connection as a couple.

We know that true love can and does exist—because we live it every day!

But we’ve also seen the other side. We’ve been with Mr./Ms. Wrong—and Mr./Ms. Good…but not Good Enough! We’ve known the heartbreak of rejection, betrayal, and divorce. We’ve felt alone, hurt, and hopeless—despairing that we could ever find our true soulmate.

We know what it’s like to be in this lonely place. But we also know that there’s a way out. There is hope. True love does exist…and we would love for you to experience it!

We would love to walk with you on your journey of love and happiness—to help you open your heart to the possibility of deep connection, passionate romance, soulful sharing, and a loving relationship that lasts a lifetime.

We would love for you to join us on this journey!

Soulful Love Ecourse
Soulful Love Ecourse
Come and join us for this 4-week journey to help you manifest your ideal relationship!
Price: $77.00


You’ll receive one lesson a week for the next 4 weeks.

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I’m so happy that you’ll be taking concrete steps to manifest your ideal relationship!

Be sure to keep in touch and let me know how it’s going!



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