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Here are some great products that I adore, and I know you will too!

jodi copy

An ebook and guided meditation to help you connect with your inner voice. Contains 100 writing prompts!
soulful joy kit copy

This kit includes The Joy of Joy: 10 Activities to Fill Your Life with Happiness and Gratitude ebook and The Source of Joy Guided Meditation! The 28-page ebook contains 10 fun, easy activities that help you LIVE your joy, and the audio meditation leads you gently to the source of joy…within you!
dan eyes of love copy

An ebook and guided meditation to help you see yourself as the beautiful, good, loving, and lovable person you truly are!
susan mullen download copy

Receive my 'Secrets to Embody Beautiful' when you sign up to receive my monthly intuitive living newsletter! Discover powerful shifts in perspective that align you to lead your life in with love, grace and ease!
marva download copy

A wonderful ebook to help you find your own divinity and look within using a creative and energetic approach of dance steps that everyone can relate to. It's a gentle, nonthreatening way to reach into yourself and meet your highest divine self.
kathy white copy

Connect with the soul of your child. Receive a Child Soul Card worksheet with a hand selected card drawn for you to journal and meditate on. You can also choose to be entered into our free draw to win a Child Soul Card reading (expires Feb 2016).
karen palmer download copy

Awesome introduction and step-by-step training to help you learn how to use ancient secret teachings and modern science to achieve amazing results in all areas of your life.
lumi download copy

Wouldn't be wonderful if you could connect and co-create with the Archangels? This mini course will teach you how! After its completion, you will have a renewed feeling of hope and direction, more clarity in your life, decreased anxiety and depression, frequent opportunities and synchronicities, and a more joyful life!
laurie seymour download copy

Reliably make great decisions: connect with your Inner Wisdom. Build the pathway of inner knowing by learning to quiet your mind, deepen your awareness and develop your inner connection. Create a life that is aligned with what your deepest self knows is possible. Access to bonus webinar included with eBook!
Cindy Harpe Hively copy

Welcome Beautiful Sacred One. Do you live a life where you are full to overflowing with your heart's desires, your passions, and your sacredness of every breath you take? Learn to create living your life “IN YOUR FULLNESS” where happiness, joy, and abundance are uniquely your sacred signature.
thea2 download copy

Do you know that people who are happy create more magic in their lives than people who are not? Being happy with yourself is the key to success for so many areas of life. Watch this happy video & get your ebook with 365 mini-actions, to raise your happiness vibes.
thea power tips copy

Step forward just a little further every day, by listening to your 100 short, quick tips, ideas and thoughts, on this free 50 min. MP3 audio. You also get a free 179 Forward Steps PDF ebook to accompany the MP3. In fact, you get 50 free PDF ebooks! Download today!
priscilla copy

This practical playbook is designed to support you in manifesting your dreams so you start living them now, versus, “someday.” Clarity is key to understand what YOUR dreams are and how to create them in your life.
barbara royal copy

Our soul can be our teacher when we have a way to access its information. It is my honor to give you a free, one-time, 15 minute soul card reading. Thank you for allowing me to facilitate guidance to your soul’s wisdom and lessons. Email barbaragroyal@gmail for your appointment.
RoseAnn Janzen copy

Make a bigger impact in the world right now by knowing who you really are and making easy spiritual adjustments that are practical and get results.  Includes bonus meditations.
debra copy
This ebook offers a spiritual oasis and encouragement for overcoming life's biggest challenges.
kathy perry copy

Kathy Perry leads this powerful Energy Vortex Guided Meditation of creating your own sacred space to overcome limiting beliefs and empowering you with unlimited possibilities. Recorded at a live event, this Energy Vortex Guided Meditation assists you in living a more energized, positive and vibrant life.
nicole levac copy

An ebook that is inspired by what we can learn about ourselves through the wisdom of  nature.
akasha copy

Lightworker Energy Healing: An empowerment manual for inspired and authentic living.
stacey hall copy

Enjoy a weekly tip personally written by me to assist you in transforming from being a searchlight into a powerfully brilliant Lighthouse attracting all you desire with velocity and ease. As a special bonus, you'll also receive my most-popular audio program, "The Block is Gone."
thea download copy

There are a wide range of meditation techniques. Some are simple, while others require a great deal of discipline and training. In the end, there’s really no wrong way to do it. Read this free meditation ebook titled “Making The Most Of Meditation” for a few tips on getting started.


I am an affiliate, and I do get a percentage of the sale if you order from them. I only recommend and associate myself with people and companies that I can wholeheartedly stand behind and support.

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