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Here are some great products that I adore, and I know you will too!

jodi copy

An ebook and guided meditation to help you connect with your inner voice. Contains 100 writing prompts!
soulful joy kit copy

This kit includes The Joy of Joy: 10 Activities to Fill Your Life with Happiness and Gratitude ebook and The Source of Joy Guided Meditation! The 28-page ebook contains 10 fun, easy activities that help you LIVE your joy, and the audio meditation leads you gently to the source of joy…within you!
dan eyes of love copy

An ebook and guided meditation to help you see yourself as the beautiful, good, loving, and lovable person you truly are!
susan mullen download copy

Receive my 'Secrets to Embody Beautiful' when you sign up to receive my monthly intuitive living newsletter! Discover powerful shifts in perspective that align you to lead your life in with love, grace and ease!
marva download copy

A wonderful ebook to help you find your own divinity and look within using a creative and energetic approach of dance steps that everyone can relate to. It's a gentle, nonthreatening way to reach into yourself and meet your highest divine self.
kathy white copy

Connect with the soul of your child. Receive a Child Soul Card worksheet with a hand selected card drawn for you to journal and meditate on. You can also choose to be entered into our free draw to win a Child Soul Card reading (expires Feb 2016).
karen palmer download copy

Awesome introduction and step-by-step training to help you learn how to use ancient secret teachings and modern science to achieve amazing results in all areas of your life.
lumi download copy

Wouldn't be wonderful if you could connect and co-create with the Archangels? This mini course will teach you how! After its completion, you will have a renewed feeling of hope and direction, more clarity in your life, decreased anxiety and depression, frequent opportunities and synchronicities, and a more joyful life!
laurie seymour download copy

Reliably make great decisions: connect with your Inner Wisdom. Build the pathway of inner knowing by learning to quiet your mind, deepen your awareness and develop your inner connection. Create a life that is aligned with what your deepest self knows is possible. Access to bonus webinar included with eBook!
Cindy Harpe Hively copy

Welcome Beautiful Sacred One. Do you live a life where you are full to overflowing with your heart's desires, your passions, and your sacredness of every breath you take? Learn to create living your life “IN YOUR FULLNESS” where happiness, joy, and abundance are uniquely your sacred signature.
thea2 download copy

Do you know that people who are happy create more magic in their lives than people who are not? Being happy with yourself is the key to success for so many areas of life. Watch this happy video & get your ebook with 365 mini-actions, to raise your happiness vibes.
thea power tips copy

Step forward just a little further every day, by listening to your 100 short, quick tips, ideas and thoughts, on this free 50 min. MP3 audio. You also get a free 179 Forward Steps PDF ebook to accompany the MP3. In fact, you get 50 free PDF ebooks! Download today!
priscilla copy

This practical playbook is designed to support you in manifesting your dreams so you start living them now, versus, “someday.” Clarity is key to understand what YOUR dreams are and how to create them in your life.
barbara royal copy

It is my pleasure to give you a free, one-time 15-minute soul card reading. Thank you for allowing me to facilitate guidance to your soul’s wisdom and lessons. Email barbaragroyal@gmail for your appointment.
RoseAnn Janzen copy

Make a bigger impact in the world right now by knowing who you really are and making easy spiritual adjustments that are practical and get results.  Includes bonus meditations.
debra copy
This ebook offers a spiritual oasis and encouragement for overcoming life's biggest challenges.
kathy perry copy

Kathy Perry leads this powerful Energy Vortex Guided Meditation of creating your own sacred space to overcome limiting beliefs and empowering you with unlimited possibilities. Recorded at a live event, this Energy Vortex Guided Meditation assists you in living a more energized, positive and vibrant life.
nicole levac copy

An ebook that is inspired by what we can learn about ourselves through the wisdom of  nature.
akasha copy

Lightworker Energy Healing: An empowerment manual for inspired and authentic living.
stacey hall copy

Enjoy a weekly tip personally written by me to assist you in transforming from being a searchlight into a powerfully brilliant Lighthouse attracting all you desire with velocity and ease. As a special bonus, you'll also receive my most-popular audio program, "The Block is Gone."
thea download copy

There are a wide range of meditation techniques. Some are simple, while others require a great deal of discipline and training. In the end, there’s really no wrong way to do it. Read this free meditation ebook titled “Making The Most Of Meditation” for a few tips on getting started.
sheelagh copy

The Block Buster Mp3 is for Practioners with a Purpose.  Do you struggle to identify and attract Soul level clients that appreciate you?  Does your business struggle to attract abundance effortlessly?  Would you like to learn to communicate to your business and find out what's blocking your growth? This Mp3 will align you with your ability to connect and inspire you to feel passionate about your offerings once again.
lynn smith copy

Women entrepreneurs have specific self-sabotages that keep them from earning their worth and being seen. This challenge uses EFT to address four self-sabotages.
cindie chavez copy

Cindie guides you in a meditation designed to lower your stress levels and raise your level of calm useful energy. This gorgeous guided meditation features beautiful music composed by Christopher Lloyd Clarke. It's a 7-minute vacation for your soul!
kim steadman copy

Having a healthy life is about more than diet and exercise. Having a happy life is more than a smile on your face! These 5 crazy life hacks are easy and beneficial to your life. You can start them today!
akasha1 copy

Ask ourselves: "Who do I feel like when I feel like love?" and find our Divine Blueprint for an inspired and soulful life.
vicki copy

Power packed, content rich! Follow the 3 part formula to uncover and act on your highest joy, to create an amazing life experience. Revealing how to apply many tools, ideas and concepts, to embrace and embody your Core Essence, guided by Your True North. Move forward! Float the River of Your Soul.
akasha3 copy

Listen to a meditation for awakening our Divine Mother Kundalini Shakti Soul Essence from the book "Awaken the Flame."
nikki copy

E-Guide with steps to meditating.
ashton copy

Download Month 1 of the most advanced Brainwave Entrainment Meditation Program on the market to date, The Missing Link, for free! This download includes two premium brainwave entrainment meditation audios, 3 training videos, and never-before-shared mystical techniques for achieving transcendental states of consciousness both in and out of meditation practice.
fiona1 copy

Reiki Distance Toxins Clearing to energetically detox body and mind for self-healing and soul connection.
fiona copy

A simple 3-minute guided video meditation to calm the mind, de-stress the body and connect with your soul.
fiona2 copy

Kick back and relax with this inspirational quote and photo e-book to connect with your soul through the powerful force of mother nature.
gia copy

A practical 7 Day Course to create Balance, Healing & Vitality in your everyday life! Daily Small Simple Steps that will have a huge impact on your Life forever.
jane copy

If you are grieving a loss of any kind, then simple, easy statements may be all you can cope with. Read these 14 sentences altogether as a healing treatment, or take one for each day, as an inspiration and guide, helping you release pain, feel less alone, and more loved.
lisa h copy

In this overwhelming world, it is easy to disconnect from your own inner spirit and that of the Divine. This free 15 page E-book gives you 10 unique ways to reconnect and get that peace and happiness you deserve.
rozlyn copy

Fill yourself with Light & Love with this powerful practice given by my guides.
Receive 2 MP3 versions; one includes Binaural music that takes you deeper than traditional meditation, guiding you into a state of deep relaxation. The other does not contain music; you choose which works best for you.
sharon rosen copy

This beautiful audio meditation will lead you through a practice that will nourish your heart and help you to remember what you know - that you are always connected, and that the source of your knowing is never apart from you.
holly copy

A brief guided visualization designed to help you create your ideal day and set you up to take inspired action in your life.
jerri copy

Just imagine what it would be like if your life was in balance? Think about how much more productive and relaxed you could be, and how much more your relationships will improve.
allanah copy

Discover how to put your separation or divorce behind you, heal your pain, and rebuild your life.
rachel k copy

Be a morning health goddess! How you start your day makes all the difference. This wonderful guide will introduce you to 7 easy and delicious energizing breakfasts and 7 empowering morning rituals that will infuse your day with purpose, vitality and radiance.
dortha copy

Reignite Your Joy Journal Promptings are designed to support you in working through your grief – gentle, guided questions and prompts – for whatever form your grief takes- and finding and reigniting your joy.
maura copy

This assessment determines your overall fulfillment level. The main benefits of taking it are: 1. Find out generally where you’re stuck in life, 2. See how close you really are to living the fulfilling life you want, and 3. Once you see the big picture, you can decide if you want to change course by taking action.
star copy

Your soul has been whispering to you, calling you to see the potential that is waiting for you. After working hard to create results, I found myself with bills piling up. I felt overworked, overwhelmed, and undervalued. That’s when I decided to focus on receiving. These videos will help you do that, too.
qatana copy

Curious about making friends with your Chakra Guides?  In this Make Friends with Your Chakra Guides e-book, you’ll find lots more information to help you connect with your soul through your Chakras.  Create more peace, joy, and love in your life with the gifts of wisdom your Chakra Guides provide.
melissa s copy

The Archetype of the Sacred Woman is seeking you! She is longing to connect with you and to serve you in your understanding of your core essence. She is your radiance, your magnetic power, and your receptor of love. Are you Ready? Will you welcome her into your life?
alannah1 copy

Powerful Affirmations to help you become your most confident self. Set to soothing music and read by Allanah Hunt.
kate w copy

If you feel like you have forgotten what your passions are in life and how to reconnect with your inner Goddess, then this guide is perfect for you! In four easy steps, you will learn how to focus your mind, body, and spirit and Fall in Love with Life!
mimi copy

30 days of insights, meditation, and  prosperity teachings for deeper connection and activation of your soul with Mimi Quick - Prosperity Muse.
shelley copy

Use these journaling prompts and this healing light meditation to begin your journey of self-discovery. Learn to face your fears, breakthrough your blocks, and find a new sense of self-love and acceptance as you begin to create  a peaceful, harmonious life that acknowledges body, mind, and spirit.
marianne copy

Sacred Spirit Writing is a way of capturing those otherwise elusive messages from animals, spirit guides, and your higher self.  In this e-book, you’ll get insights from Marianne’s spirit guide, tips for preparing, and some of the benefits and uses of Sacred Spirit Writing.
christine c copy

Are you living on autopilot? Know that you CAN love life, and it’s easier than you may think. In 5 Keys to Loving Life, you’ll find simple tools you can use to start embracing life today. You’ll also find inspiring photos, quotes and writing prompts to help reignite your spark.
james copy

10 insights bring awareness to the choice you have in every moment to be fearful or free. Journey from believing the choices you make in the world cause you to be happy or sad to remembering that only your decision to reconnect with your soul leads to true happiness.
heather b copy

This condensed ebook is a blend of spiritual and business principles, creating a unique path for achieving success every time you apply the wisdom within. This is a tool you can use in any area of your life, and your business to catapult your results to the next level. Enjoy!
ayesha copy

Adults around the world are embracing the childhood past-time of coloring. Coloring mandalas can reconnect you with your soul as well as your inner creativity through mindfulness and relaxation. Author and artist, Ayesha Hilton has created designs specifically for readers of 365 Ways to Connect with Your Soul.
skywalker copy

This worksheet is an introduction to a five-week path to clarity, strength, and vitality. After receiving the worksheet, you will receive a weekly e-mail to guide you along the path for five weeks.
hue copy

Are you ready to attract the financial freedom you are looking for? This guided audio listened to for 21 days will shift your consciousness.
natasha copy

Natasha created this meditation to gently remind us to come into the present moment and just be.
sharyn copy

If it's clarity you seek, you must let go of everything that doesn't serve you. This is a lesson from Sharyn's Creative Fire workshop focusing on letting go, surrendering, and learning the lessons. If you love journaling, this is a beautifully designed mini ebook just for you.
cindia copy

The 10-Day Wealth Infusion: A collection of powerful wealth activation statements for soulful entrepreneurs who are ready to align their energy for total life abundance. These recorded high frequency statements create the connection between spirit and strategy, clearing energetic pathways and flipping the switch from resistance to the flow!
solara copy

In this intuitively written guide to True Reality Creation, Solara explains the exact process for bringing our manifestations into physical form and how to effectively utilize the Law of Attraction, Lucid Visualization, EFT Tapping, and other powerful manifestation tools to unlock our inner magic and actualize our desires in each area of life.
catherine w copy

Discover how to speak lovingly to your soul. Learn words to avoid or eliminate and allow your soul to illuminate the words that make your heart and soul sing and dance ecstatically.
pam copy

As a Hibiscus Moon Certified Crystal Healer, I use crystals to align and open energy flow of your seven main chakras during my Crystal Soul Alignments. I'm excited to share information that you can use to keep your chakra energy flowing between your sessions!
radavie copy

Listen to the audio and experience the fulfillment of connecting with your displaced Inner Child. Feel the wholeness within your heart when your Inner Child no longer feels alone. Begin gaining wisdom from your Child along your life’s journey!
barbara s copy

Are you ready to refresh your life?  Align with your soul's path by pushing your life's reset button and let your future call you forth. Through this fun ecourse - with guided meditations, practical explorations and magnetic actions - you might even fulfill some items on your bucket list  Enjoy!
tae copy

Take a digital detox and hang out with your inner child! Adult coloring books are all the rage and have therapeutic benefits. Studies have proven that coloring has meditative properties and can help reduce anxiety, stress, and tension, while boosting creativity. Afterward, create a kindness plan for yourself and others.
ramona copy

Tired of asking the Universe for help and not seeing anything show up? Get my free video series today to learn how to put three simple, but extremely powerful, spiritual tools to use and create the life you deserve.
helen r copy

These exclusive Journey to your SoulHome resources include a beautiful audio visualisation to help you access your highest self and connect with your soul, as well as a free mini ebook containing nuggets of wisdom to inspire and nourish you to live from your heart.
alicia copy

Download these two powerful gifts for more energy, peace, clarity or joy!  Follow 3 simple steps in the SOUL CONNECTION KIT to help you heal a health, money or relationship story. Or listen to the ABUNDANCE ACTIVATION whenever you desire more ENERGY, RESOURCES, EASE or WELL-BEING!
nukhet copy

Your life goes where your attention goes.  Why not start each week intentionally with a divine message to create a magical life that sparkles?  Get Your Free “Little Big Book of Magic” to focus your intention and attention to create your sparkling magical life, one week at a time!
helen jane copy

Wake Up: Spiritual Enlightenment Uncloaked is an unusual book in that it is Source/ The Higher Power talking directly to you. The author was just the transcriber acting as a go-between to assist you in coming home to the true you and your soul purpose for being here.
cathleen copy

Use your dreaming mind to purposefully connect with your soul and watch miracles of love and grace unfold with the gift of a guided meditation. Work with the Law of Attraction and set powerful intentions to manifest your most cherished desires.
tandy copy

The minute you open this FREE quick-start guide, you’ll begin to implement strategies that will help you conquer overwhelm and stress less. In it, you’ll learn: 25 “go to” affirmations, one of the best self-confidence exercises around, two simple and proven sayings for inner peace…guaranteed, and simple gratitude practices for a more joy-filled life.
lacey copy

You will learn techniques that will shift your energy to open up your manifesting abilities. Sometimes we need to encourage and wake up our inner abilities so we can actually bring in the manifestations we desire. This is a fast-paced class that will surely shift you into action to receive what you wish for. You can manifest your abundance, and it’s easier than you thought. Lacey brings to life what she has done many times.
vanessa copy

Your intuitive power is always there. Learning to access it is the key. Ignite your intuition. Get your free MP3 and ebook, and discover your intuitive style & receive 11 tips to set your intuition free!
heather bestel copy

A wonderful meditation and ebook to support women as they put themselves first by reclaiming their soulful lives.
laura clark copy

This powerful Video Series will help you tame your inner chatter and soothe your emotions. It offers empowering tools and guidance for centering and balancing. Take your obstacles and turn them into opportunities by using your intuition as your compass! Align yourself for abundance and discover great joy.
katja copy

A step-by-step guide that highlights practical ways to improve your intuition and use it as a powerful decision-making tool.
aliza copy

Does Your Mind Ever Spin? Do you ever just wish you could get the thoughts in your mind to quiet down and be still?  If so, you will LOVE this short (12) minute Guided Meditation, leading you through a mind spin and into the place of peace accessible always.
jan copy

This gift is for a series of 11 audios plus an ebook and a bonus gift. Each audio reveals an empowering technique to add to your self-emergence tool kit. Audios are delivered to your inbox every 3 days for 30 days.
andrea copy

10 insightful questions to help you discover your life purpose. These questions will provide wonderful clues to bring more meaning and purpose to your animal-loving life!
peggy copy

It's nearly impossible to have a positive life with a negative mindset or the weight of the world bearing down on you. 30 Ways to Boost Your Positivity will help you shift your mindset so that you can live a happier and healthier life.
tanya penny copy

“Taste” the Therapeutic Meditation Process™ with an audio lesson, guided T.M.P. practice, and live virtual class. This gift will support you to:  connect & accept all parts of you, cultivate self-worth, release fear & self-limiting beliefs, heal illness & trauma, and create the abundant life you desire and deserve.
sallie copy

Learn the single most important thing you can do RIGHT NOW to consistently and successfully attract and manifest more abundance into your life with this free eBook. It's filled with ideas and special offers to help you discover your purpose and your unique path to abundance.
karen p1 copy

Learn to to increase your confidence, clarity, and courage by learning Ancient Wisdom with modern science. Enjoy life-transforming results in just minutes a day.
puja copy

Use this 5-minute pick-me-up meditation to get centered, energized, and super productive right away!


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