May 9

Thank you for joining us for A Month of Meditation!

Welcome to Day 9!

(If you haven’t read what it’s all about, please click here first.)



I’m so proud of all of us for showing up for ourselves. For knowing that our soul craves this moment of stillness in our day, and for taking action to make that happen. So let’s all pat ourselves on the back for that!

Each day, we’ll click on that Day’s page, and we’ll leave a comment stating that we meditated on that day. That’s all!

If you would like to write more, that’s definitely welcome. It would be really great if we could share about our experiences, too: how we meditated, how long we meditated for, and what the experience was like for us.

Many of us will be using the Re-Awakening Guided Meditation Program, so we can share our experience with that as well.

I’m so excited to get started!

Being a part of a supportive community is half of the fun, so please be sure to check in daily.

Now…let’s go meditate!

P.S. – Please remember to post the artwork on your blogs and share it on FB and Twitter! You can find sample tweets here.


May 9 — 19 Comments

  1. Reflexion that came out of today meditation: I am NOT who I think I am. I am I, and who I think I am is a though I have. So you can say to anybody without mistake: You are NOT who you think you are, whatever you think you are.

  2. Well today was definitely lower key, and there were a few upsetting issues going on, but I know this is spiritual knowledge that change is happening for the better. Releasing what does not serve my highest good is not easy and not always immediate, but it is cleansing. Today I am honoring my feelings and allowing the subdued mood. I know in my heart that this too shall pass, but my goals, my clarity remains. The morning was sunny, but I was up all night and I still want to get some sleep in before the day is over. I am sure that the flow of the day is happening for a good reason.

  3. Just finished my meditation for the day. I had a time focusing at first or should I say not focusing? Anyway, I cleared my mind of all the raw sewerage and allowed the clear waters to flow. In the end I felt light and happy and I even received a little message from myself to myself saying, “I may not be perfect but I am authentic, and that’s all I need to be.”
    Day 9 has been really good;)
    Leah recently posted..Out Of Whack!My Profile

  4. Hi all,

    Today I did a guided meditation from Jack Kornfield’s recent book, A Lamp in the Darkness. The book comes with a CD that has about 7 different meditations. I chose the “Compassion” one today. It was wonderful. The word “allow” came up many times for me in the meditation.

    Wishing everyone a great day tomorrow.

  5. Going to do a couple of Reawakening guided meditations right now, as many as I can stay awake for…I’m thinking I’ll get through 1 because I’m exhausted. Jodi, thank you for your sweet words in response to my post yesterday. Your support is so much appreciated. Glad you’re enjoying the daily meditation and I love the community you’ve created here. Good night all! xxoo

  6. I found out tonight that our neighbor from our time spent in CA recently died. She was an amazing woman – in her 90s – and full of life and spunk. I got such a kick out of her, and she will always hold a place in my heart.
    So for tonight’s meditation, I lit a candle and sent her love. I thanked her for her presence here on Earth. I thanked her for touching the lives of so many – especially mine.
    Jodi – Soul Speak recently posted..What’s Your Story?My Profile

  7. Wednesday 9th May Meditation
    A shorter meditation today of around nine minutes.
    There seemed to be a lot of ‘stuff’ flitting in and out of mind but so quickly that I couldn’t grab it and keep hold and see what it was.
    I think if I had been able to carry on with the meditation it may have ‘quietened down’ and I would have been able to think more clearly.
    Tomorrow is another day.

    • Good job for sticking with it, Sally! Some days the thoughts seem to be moving faster and more frantic, right? You’re absolutely right that we get to start a new day tomorrow. I’m looking forward to seeing how it goes for you. :)
      Jodi – Soul Speak recently posted..What’s Your Story?My Profile

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