May 8

Thank you for joining us for A Month of Meditation!

Welcome to Day 8!

(If you haven’t read what it’s all about, please click here first.)



I’m so proud of all of us for showing up for ourselves. For knowing that our soul craves this moment of stillness in our day, and for taking action to make that happen. So let’s all pat ourselves on the back for that!

Each day, we’ll click on that Day’s page, and we’ll leave a comment stating that we meditated on that day. That’s all!

If you would like to write more, that’s definitely welcome. It would be really great if we could share about our experiences, too: how we meditated, how long we meditated for, and what the experience was like for us.

Many of us will be using the Re-Awakening Guided Meditation Program, so we can share our experience with that as well.

I’m so excited to get started!

Being a part of a supportive community is half of the fun, so please be sure to check in daily.

Now…let’s go meditate!

P.S. – Please remember to post the artwork on your blogs and share it on FB and Twitter! You can find sample tweets here.


May 8 — 22 Comments

  1. I meditated outside in the sun today. It was a gift since we’ve had rain for the past 5 days.

    The fresh air filled my lungs as I released what is no longer serving me.

    Have a beautiful day everyone.

  2. I have started each day with meditation and that has been fabulous! The connections I am making and the personal power that is growing inside me and almost overwhelming! I see how much my ability to manifest is strengthening. I slept for the first time in ages for at least 10 hours and I awoke with boundless energy. I am aware of my body’s needs to move, ingest fuel etc. It has been years since I have had a healthy appetite. I could go days without eating and not realize it. I think this month is helping me to make friends with my body and my self again. I really love this feeling of being more comfortable with me, such that I am however I am.

  3. Hi Jodi,
    I’m loving these meditations. I’m a “listen to the radio loud in the car” kind of gal and yesterday I was on a drive over to my moms, about 45 minutes away. I just sat in silence the whole way there! I was so surprised. Totally unlike me. All I can think is that the meditation is calming my mind and I was ok with the silence. :)
    Kel recently posted..Mirror Mirror on the Wall-an interesting little exerciseMy Profile

  4. Today I did Cleansing Spirit, Healing Light, Intentions and Opening Chakras from the Reawakening series. They feel like they help me relax and reduce my anxiety while I’m actually doing them, but the anxiety seems to make it’s way back not too long after the sessions end. I’m sure it’s because the issues causing it are not resolved so they’re just sitting on my shoulders (or in my chest really, where I feel it most), so for now I’m just hoping the meditations at least alleviate somewhat it for now. Sometimes it’s hard to even get the motivation to meditate, but I’m committed for the month and hopefully afterward too!
    Will probably do another one before bed in a little while.
    Thanks again for this Jodi!

  5. Today I mixed things up a bit and did a mindfulness meditation while I was cooking dinner. Each time my thoughts started to veer off, I brought them back to what I was doing: chopping veggies, stirring the soup, washing my hands, etc. I noticed that I have a lot of songs constantly going through my head. 😉 It was really eye opening to me to watch how my thoughts would jump from one to the other. I am trying not to judge them and their frequency, but rather observe them. It brought a smile to my face even. They are so funny – jumping here and there. I think I’ll go back to an eyes closed meditation tomorrow, but this was a good exercise.
    Jodi – Soul Speak recently posted..What’s Your Story?My Profile

  6. Just did a 10 minute sitting with that Equanimity timer – that thing is cool.

    In this session what worked very well for me was tapping into my “core” of my body, instead of trying to watch thoughts. Also something I call “connecting to the field” where I sink into a deep inner knowingness, which is really “the field” of consciousness/reality that everything is arising from (so I believe).
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  7. done a couple of breathing meditations with patients in my work, usually I can do this and really feel relaxed, not today, mind is in overdrive, this troubled me a little, i had a think about it, more practice needed and gently bringing myself to the present, I have given myself reminders, when I put the kettle on, when i take a first sip of tea, sitting at traffic lights, when walking the dog. I used to have an app on my phone that gave me an hourly reminder, will download that again, but maybe not hourly that was a bit much and I started to ignore it!

    • I love the idea of having “triggers” that will help you remember to be mindful throughout the day. And you’re right – it doesn’t have to be every hour, but just a few times throughout the day to stop and bring yourself to the present is a great idea!
      Jodi – Soul Speak recently posted..What’s Your Story?My Profile

  8. Tuesday 8th May Meditation
    I try to do my meditation around the same time each day otherwise it will be very difficult to remember to do it at all.
    I meditated for 11 minutes today and felt a lovely sense of calm and peace settle over me. I was aware of the everyday sounds around me but they didn’t bother me at all.
    I came out of the meditation quite naturally.

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