June 2

Thank you for joining us for A Month of Gratitude!

We’re committing to creating a daily gratitude practice!

Welcome to Day 2!

(If you haven’t read what it’s all about, please click here first.)


We’re committing to doing at least one thing per day to show our gratitude.

It can be writing in a gratitude journal, telling someone how much we appreciate them, taking a moment to pat ourselves on the back for a job well done, etc. Anything that helps us express our appreciation!

We will also commit to coming back here and checking in.

Each day, we’ll click on that Day’s page, and we’ll leave a comment sharing what we did to show our gratitude. We can also write about what we’re grateful for!

Many of us will be reading The Magic and following the 28-Day Program within it, so we can share our experience with that as well.

I’m so excited to get started!

Being a part of a supportive community is half of the fun, so please be sure to check in daily.

Now…let’s share our gratitude!


P.S. – Please remember to post the artwork on your blogs and share it on FB and Twitter! You can find sample tweets here.


June 2 — 11 Comments

  1. I am grateful for this gratitude practice–encouraging me to focus on 10 things each day to be grateful for. (I know there’s plenty more where that came from, and that focusing on even one is powerful enough to change your life!) I’m also grateful for Vidya Sury’s post about a “To Don’t” List (on Going A-Musing)–reminding me how important it is to clear out what I don’t want in order to make more room for what I DO want to do/be/experience. And grateful for everyone here in this community, sharing the good vibes! :)
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  2. Hello everyone!

    I hope the day has been very wonderful for all of you!

    Today, I am grateful for:

    The wonderful comments I received on my blog from Lois Hughes (co-author of “A Little Book About Something Much Bigger”) today. Her comments put a huge smile on my face each & every time I thought about them today.

    My body, that allows me the gift to do all the things I love to do every day.

    Having a nice house to live in, food to eat, and a soft, welcoming bed to sleep in every night.

    My feline companions, who are always there to help relax me, welcome me each day, and share their constant friendship with me.

    The chance to purchase Angela Artemis & Steven Aitchison’s Re-Awakening Guided Meditation program…I am really looking forward to experiencing it for myself!

    My family, who has been there for me through everything and I know always will be.

    To have another day to live my life in this always-changing, surprising world…each day brings more opportunities and blessings to me.

    I also started keeping a gratitude journal, which I am going to write in every day from now on.

    Namaste everyone,


      • Hi Jodi,

        My website is: http://www.learningthroughlife.org
        It’s been a little while since I’ve had the chance to post anything because of handling my college courses and being a single mama, but I do have a new one in the works. =) I’m also in the process of revamping & improving the site itself, too. I hope anyone that does visit it enjoys being there!
        I’m so grateful that I met Lori…she’s so sweet! I’m going to buy her book as soon as I’m able to…from all the wonderful things I’ve heard about it, I’m sure I’ll really enjoy it!

        I actually started using the Re-Awakening last night, and I’m already loving it, too! =) Being so new to meditation, the guided meditation I listened to last night actually helped me for the first time to really concentrate & focus. I’m really excited to move further into the program and read even more of the eBooks! It’s definitely a program worth having for anyone who does or wants to do meditation…

        Thanks so much for your reply, Jodi! I’m LOVING the gratitude journey & the community!
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  3. This day unfolded in ways that were definitely “unplanned” yet felt right when I was in them..I feel gratitude for my ability to remain open and to allow Source to grow what I have. I spent hours coding on my site, definitely unplanned, and when I felt frustrated because I “didn’t know something” I breathed into it and figured it out. An awesome feeling when I was done…to stick with it, breathe into it, and learn.

    And, I invited family friends to our home this evening, they unexpectedly stayed for dinner and there was absolutely enough to eat (with leftovers)…and the laughter was awesome. I thought I had minimal, but when I opened to sharing, it was abundant. Wonderful :)

  4. What great comments, everyone! I love seeing how many beautiful things everyone has to be grateful for. Thank you for sharing them here, so we can all take in that happy energy.

    Today – I was grateful for finally being able to exhale. I’ve been holding my breath for a few days wondering how a situation was going to work out – remembering to have faith and trust the universe and let it go – and today it was resolved. I allowed myself to exhale fully and be so grateful to the universe for always taking care of me.

    I’m grateful that I am spending Monday and Tuesday with my book and have set the intention to finish a rough draft. I feel that it is the perfect time to immerse myself in it.

    I’m grateful for being able to spend each day with such a loving husband who takes such wonderful care of me. He is amazing.

    I’m grateful for checking off a couple of big checks tonight for work – and now they are out of my brain and into the world.

    And I’m grateful for all of you who continue to show up for yourself and choose to live in a state of gratitude each day. Thank you.
    Jodi – Soul Speak recently posted..A Month of Gratitude Starts Today!My Profile

  5. Some more gratefulness:

    From Snowhite: Thank you for my family members, friends and relatives who really support me when I needed them most..my life and health become better and better day by day especially of less responsibility, less stress & more acceptance now! I am so grateful to discover the real meaning of my existence today…
    Jodi – Soul Speak recently posted..A Month of Gratitude Starts Today!My Profile

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