June 10

Thank you for joining us for A Month of Gratitude!

We’re committing to creating a daily gratitude practice!

Welcome to Day 10!

(If you haven’t read what it’s all about, please click here first.)


We’re committing to doing at least one thing per day to show our gratitude.

It can be writing in a gratitude journal, telling someone how much we appreciate them, taking a moment to pat ourselves on the back for a job well done, etc. Anything that helps us express our appreciation!

We will also commit to coming back here and checking in.

Each day, we’ll click on that Day’s page, and we’ll leave a comment sharing what we did to show our gratitude. We can also write about what we’re grateful for!

Many of us will be reading The Magic and following the 28-Day Program within it, so we can share our experience with that as well.

I’m so excited to get started!

Being a part of a supportive community is half of the fun, so please be sure to check in daily.

Now…let’s share our gratitude!


P.S. – Please remember to post the artwork on your blogs and share it on FB and Twitter! You can find sample tweets here.


June 10 — 7 Comments

  1. I am so grateful today for the wonderful workshop I led yesterday. It’s an ongoing workshop – the same people show up for six sessions over the course of nine months. Yesterday was our fifth session.

    l am grateful to the participants and their openness and the beautiful Inner Wisdom work that they do. I am so grateful for the imagery work itself, which has transformed my life and the lives of so many of my clients. I am also grateful for the privilege of being loving witness to the beauty that unfolds as people do this wonderful work.

    I am also grateful to Jodi for her openness in sharing her meltdown after the completion of the draft of her new book. It takes enormous courage to put out there those moments of doubt and fear. It’s so much easier to portray an image of confidence and success.

    But being willing to be seen both in moments of strength and moments of distress is such a gift. It’s a gift to all of us. It’s so easy to compare my inside with everyone else’s outside and assume that everything goes smoothly and easily for them. When someone does what Jodi did, it provides the perspective that we all share the same challenges.

    I believe it’s a gift for her, as well. Allowing oneself to be truly seen expresses a deep trust that you will be accepted, even if you’re not ‘perfect.’

  2. I am grateful to have found this gratitude challenge and the self-love one I have embarked upon this month too. SO many beautiful things are opening up for me, I have a brilliant idea divinely given to me! I have a new prayer partner! I am honoring my word and becoming more impeccable with my word. I give thanks that Spirit has taken such an interest in me..and I am taking such an interest in me and the universe is supplying me every resource and wisdom to keep the interests sparked and flowing! I am grateful!

  3. Qatana – wow. Thank you so much. I feel so blessed that we have connected, and I am really touched by your words and support. Thank you! You’re absolutely right that when we allow ourselves to be completely authentic and vulnerable, we inspire others to do the same. None of us are perfect – no one has it all figured out. And when we can drop the pretense, it makes room for realness and connections based on honesty. I love that. We’re all just doing the best we can – and I love when we can celebrate our successes with each other and also support each other when we’re not having our best moments.

    Bravo to you for leading such a loving workshop!

    Today, I was grateful that I began editing my book. I printed out all 234 pages, and it’s pretty amazing to hold it in my hands.

    I was also grateful for my sweet dog, Xena. She wanted extra love and was giving me the sweetest puppy eyes ever. She’s 12.5 now, and I told her today that her only job in life is to live forever. Not too much to ask, right? :)
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