June 1

Thank you for joining us for A Month of Gratitude!

We’re committing to creating a daily gratitude practice!

Welcome to Day 1!

(If you haven’t read what it’s all about, please click here first.)


We’re committing to doing at least one thing per day to show our gratitude.

It can be writing in a gratitude journal, telling someone how much we appreciate them, taking a moment to pat ourselves on the back for a job well done, etc. Anything that helps us express our appreciation!

We will also commit to coming back here and checking in.

Each day, we’ll click on that Day’s page, and we’ll leave a comment sharing what we did to show our gratitude. We can also write about what we’re grateful for!

Many of us will be reading The Magic and following the 28-Day Program within it, so we can share our experience with that as well.

I’m so excited to get started!

Being a part of a supportive community is half of the fun, so please be sure to check in daily.

Now…let’s share our gratitude!


P.S. – Please remember to post the artwork on your blogs and share it on FB and Twitter! You can find sample tweets here.


June 1 — 31 Comments

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  2. Good morning everyone! =D

    Early, early start to the day…I thought I would make my first comment be about what things I’m grateful for. Here are just a few things that come to mind right now:

    – I’m grateful for my two boys…they are the biggest blessings in my life. I’m grateful for them because they showed me what’s really important in life, really brought the “grown-up” out in me (which I know saved me from where my life would’ve headed), and are constantly (every minute of the day) teaching me new things, including how to embrace & enjoy the child in myself again.
    – I’m grateful for my mother, who has taught me so much & has always been there for me. She showed me the immense strength that is possible in women, especially single mothers.
    – I’m also grateful for the extreme depression that I went through (and have since recovered from). Going through that experience allowed me to relearn how to be grateful for all the positive things in my life (even the smallest ones). It allowed me to prove to myself the amazing strength I possess. The biggest thing that it did for me was lead me to where I am – meeting all the amazing people I’ve been blessed to now know in the blogging world, led me to really wanting to find myself so that I can spend the rest of my life only doing things I’m passionate about, & helped me in finding all the things that I now know my spirit/soul had been waiting for me to find. This one (huge) challenge ultimately led me to all the great things that are happening in my life now…and to here.
    – I’m also thankful for the break in the intense heat that has been hanging around! Now I can really enjoy the day without sweating like crazy! (lol)

    I’m most likely going to be making multiple posts throughout these gratitude days (hope you all don’t mind! lol)… I hope that all of you have an amazing day, and have many, many things to be grateful for within your lives!

    Namaste everyone!

    – Cassandra

    • I have so many things to be grateful for that I don’t know what to pick so I’ll just mention the first thing that comes to mind..
      I am so thankful that I have gone back to school in my 40’s to earn my dream degree. I graduate in November and love the things I am learning,yay!

  3. I would love to read the book Magic. I don’t have it to start with but it’s on my list.
    I learned the benefits of havinga gratitude PRACTICE a long time ago. So much so that I share anywhere from 1-5 daily gratitudes on my Facebook page for my blog each morning called Good Morning Gratitude.
    It’s good to be grateful, it changes your point of view on things. To make it your practice is the life changing part I think.
    So happy to share this with my readers.
    Kel recently posted..The Story of Birdie’s BoundariesMy Profile

  4. — I’m grateful for my wonderful boyfriend who challenges me to “just be me” and has, unknowingly, been the instrument of change I needed to help me see myself.
    — I’m grateful for a job with some flexibility that pays really well.
    — I’m grateful for children who love and appreciate me.
    — I’m grateful for a community of women, who are new to me, who have openly embraced me and are providing guidance and encouragement for the book I knew I needed to write.

    I know I am grateful for much much more, but seldom verbalize it and I think “that” is the key and it’s a habit I’m going to put into practice.
    Debi @MysticPassage recently posted..When the Temperature RisesMy Profile

  5. I am grateful today just to be, here on a beautiful blue planet with all the beautiful you’s! lots of love

  6. Today, I’m truly grateful for last night’s dinner gathering with 9 other beautiful people from my spiritual learning center. It was the finale to a 30-week program which was a deep dive into really knowing ourselves. Prior to this program, the same group has been in a bunch of other classes going back to the fall of 2010. We really grew deeper into our spiritual knowing together, and it’s very, very special to me.

    Separate note: I’m on Day 24 of the Magic, and fully plan on continuing some of the gratitude practices indefinitely. I highly, highly recommend this book. It’s amazing!
    Alice Chan recently posted..Returning to MeMy Profile

  7. Today I am grateful that I woke up!!! LOL It’s so easy to overlook the ‘little things’ like breathing and having another morning in front of you!

    Also, the sun is shining brilliantly on the beautiful forest that is my back yard.

    One of my constant prayers of gratitude are for the health and happiness of my children, now in their 30’s. I feel so very blessed for this.

    I’m grateful that the pain level of my rare and painful health condition is lower today. I’m also grateful for this condition because it woke me up to how I was sleep walking through life! I’m so grateful to have finally woken up and to have found a place like ‘Soul Speak’ where exercises like this are SO very helpful!

    Thank you to everyone who wrote on the subject of gratitude today; you have inspired even more so!

    Wishing you heaven in your heart, starlight in your soul, and miracles in your life in these miraculous times!

    In appreciation,

  8. Today I am grateful for my health and how it allows me to run a half marathon this Sunday.

    I’m also grateful to have wonderful in-laws who help out almost on a daily basis to take care of our 3 sons in one way or another.

    I’m especially grateful for all the love I am able to give to and receive from my beautiful children.

    And Jodi, I am grateful that you have offered this space for me to join with others and reflect on these things.

    Thank you!
    Heather recently posted..Barriers to LoveMy Profile

  9. I am grateful for my children who never cease to amaze me (the good, the bad, and the ugly!) I am grateful for all the strong women who are, have been or will be in my life. I am grateful for my entire family. I am grateful that we never stop learning, growing, and having those ah-ha! moments.

  10. It is wonderful to read the gratitude comments and feel the overflowing current:)

    Today I am grateful for Universal Flow–I hosted a giveaway on my site for a peer, and the recipient was so *happy*…and directly after *I* received a scholarship to a meditation class. Wonderful!

    I had the opportunity to drive through farm country–the smell of the air, the beautiful scenery, the peace of the area infused my entire being all day…

    And, my two children are precious…we are training kittens so this week is a blur of kittens and laundry and focusing on their delightful selves instead of their “accidents”…and my children expressed their appreciation for my “job”…

    And..from such a space of gratitude, I emailed two people who have touched me with their encouragement and support to simply say thank you:)

  11. I am grateful for being able to post how grateful I am for all the things that have brought me to this particular time and space to be able to post this with nothing but pure love and gratitude I am expressing in this post. Thank you to all who have supported me through the hardest times in my life to remind me of who I am and what I plan to do to spread Love and Light.

  12. This is a cut and paste of my facebook status from earlier: “I am grateful for Melody Fletcher – Deliberate Receiving for reminding me and urging us to do another Gratitude exercise (one month of Gratitude). I am grateful for having clean, running, hot water. I am looking very much forward to my shower in a few minutes! I am grateful for tomorrow’s charity event for disadvantaged youth. I am glad there are people in the world who take time to help others. Plus the live music, food, games, and booze are a cool bonus!”

  13. First of all – thank you so much to everyone who posted today! It’s such a wonderful, warm fuzzy feeling to read what you’re grateful for. I can feel the love pouring out from the screen! What a great first day!

    I’m following The Magic, and Day 1 says to write 10 things that I’m grateful for and then say why.

    Here is my list:
    1. Dan
    2. My fuzzy kids
    3. My friends/family
    4. My connection with my soul
    5. Oregon
    6. The Soul Speak community
    7. That I get to choose how I will live each day.
    8. For this amazing universe where magical things occur daily.
    9. Self-care days
    10. Love

    I’ll share one “why” here:
    I’m grateful for the Soul Speak Community because you each help me stay on course. You help me see that what I’m doing matters – makes a difference. Your loving feedback and continued support means the world to me. I have made dear friendships because of this blog, and I have connected deeply to so many of you. You are brave enough to share what is in your hearts, and that inspires me to keep doing the same. You allow your authentic self to show up, and I admire that so much. I am grateful for each and every one of you. Without you, this month wouldn’t have the same feel – the same energy. So from the bottom of my heart: thank you. ♥
    Jodi – Soul Speak recently posted..A Month of Gratitude Starts Today!My Profile

  14. Here are some other offerings of gratitude from today:

    Nikki: Today I am grateful for the big turn in my life that made me connect with people more and finally have friends who love me the way I love them.

    Vidya: Today I am grateful for my family, my life and my home. I am running a viral fever and I have love to help me recover, kind words that make me laugh and cry at the same time and lots of laughter that keep my spirits up.

    Elizabeth: I am grateful to be playing!!! I am grateful for my friends and family, mentors, and my amazing pup Sterling who brings me such love and joy! He reminds me to play and to love each and every day! I am so grateful for his presence in my life!
    PS I read the book the Magic while on vacation a few weeks back and loved it.

    David: I am always grateful Jodi, in fact I just wrote a ‘thankyou note’ on my FB page before calling in here.

    Amanda: I’m thankful for the rain and the soft breeze blowing through the air today. I was so delighted to spend a luxurious morning in bed. I love my kitten.

    Marcia: Today I am in gratitude that I have the opportunity to share a beautiful sunny day here in San Diego, relaxing with my mom! Gonna get her into the pool for some therapy and many laughs…
    Love, Light, and in Gratitude…

    Jane: Today Friday 1st June I am grateful for my two sons.

    Patrick: I am grateful for the one who posted above me in understanding and being grateful for the true things in life that keep us here. It is rare to find souls that know what the true essence of life is all about. I am blessed to be here right now.

    Sherri: Today is the first day of the Month of Gratitude and I am thankful for beautiful and amazing little family! I love you so much, Amanda, Joshua and Jenna! You all make my life worth living!!

    Thank you SO much for sharing your gratitude! :)
    Jodi – Soul Speak recently posted..A Month of Gratitude Starts Today!My Profile

  15. I am grateful–today and every day–for Jodi, who speaks and shares and shines her beautiful soul always. I am so blessed to share such a pure love with such a pure heart, a wonderful soul, and a beautiful person on every level.

    I’m also so grateful to be starting this month of gratitude, to have a supportive community, and to be ingraining this habit & “attitude of gratitude.” (It worked so well with the month of meditation, so I know feeling, expressing, and focusing on gratitude will be second-nature by the end of the month.) Thank you to all of you for participating and adding your positive energy and gratitude to this endeavor. I’ve already loved reading your comments & gotten such a boost from your positivity!

    I just started reading “The Magic” and doing the exercises, so I’ll continue that throughout the month & share pieces of it here. Glad to be starting this leg of the ongoing journey…
    Dan Teck recently posted..The Ultimate RiddleMy Profile

  16. Today I am grateful for all the incredible and wonderful people I’ve encountered throughout my life. Each one has touched me in a very special way and I can only hope I’ve been able to add a small bit of joy and love to their lives as well.

  17. I am grateful that I had the opportunity to meet Marcia, a colleague who died early yesterday. She was a blessing.

  18. As I sit outside this morning and give thanks for the day, I am grateful for the sweet smell of spring flowers and the sound of the frisky birds as they build their nests.

  19. Today, I am showing my gratitude for the courage it took to attend my first seminar in years, by sharing some of the positive things I learned with my sister.

  20. Today, I am showing my gratitude for having been able to attend my first Seminar in years by sharing some of the positive things I learned with my sister! :)

  21. Today I am grateful for a state-wide business meeting that went incredibly well. Felt anxious going in and left feeling so grateful for the connection to so many wonderful people. It is so interesting what scares us in life…feeling grateful brings peace. Lois

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