Free Soul-Connecting Tools

Free Soul-Connecting Tools

I’m excited to offer you my Soul-Connecting Tools for free!

You’ll receive my Reconnecting with Your Soul guided meditation & my Journaling from the Soul Ebook!

It’s my hope that these tools help you tap into your divine wisdom and embrace your soul. ♥



You can download these free soul-connection tools by entering your email here:

Gift #1: Reconnecting with Your Soul Guided Meditation!

In this guided meditation, I share a technique that I use to connect with my soul and hear my inner voice.

It’s something that you can do anytime you want to tap into your divine wisdom and go to that deep space within yourself that has all of the answers. 

I believe that all of this wisdom is sitting right inside of you. And the process to get to these answers is powerful, enlightening, and also fun! I hope that this meditation will help you tap into your soul’s divine wisdom!

Loving Words for this meditation:

1888559_10153848995930644_1610694436_nJodi’s guided meditation is just beautiful. It allowed me to receive deep wisdom from my soul, and I’m so grateful for that. I highly recommend you experience it – her meditation will not only help you connect with your soul, it will leave you feeling calm, centered and filled with love.Christine Callahan-Oke




Jodi, I just love your Reconnecting with Your Soul meditation – thank you. You teach me to remember my own generosity. You are like a blue heron, iridescent waters sparkling beneath you, the sun gleaming off your feathers; a reminder of the beauty of the soul in us all. – Astra Spider




It was very different than other meditations I’ve done. I like that you couldn’t look at what you’re typing, keeping you out of your own head so that you are less likely to just type whatever you think you should be typing. It was very relaxing and rejuvenating at the same time. I’m sure I will do this meditation again. – Renee Leverington



RHODA-150x225I LOVED the Reconnecting with Your Soul meditation. What a truly sublime and deeply transformative journey. I feel refreshed, joyful, and more connected to my soul’s true purpose. I will be going back to the meditation again and again. Thank you so much, Jodi, for this beautiful experience! – Rhoda Jordan




Gift #2 – Journaling from the Soul Ebook!

This soulful ebook contains 100 prompts to help you reflect and get in touch with your inner voice!



Here are a few examples of the writing prompts:

♥ Would you say that you’re a dreamer, a seeker, a believer – or a bit of all three? How so?

 Do you practice self care at work? What are some things you do to create a space that nurtures you?

 What is something concrete that you can do today to fully embrace life?

 What one life experience most shaped you into who you are today?

 What makes your soul sing?

 Describe your ideal day.

 If you had to describe yourself to someone, what words would you use?

Remember, the answers have always been inside of you. And the process to get to those answers is powerful, enlightening, and also fun!

You can download these free soul-connection tools by entering your email here:

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I’m so happy that you’ll be reconnecting with your soul in this way!

Big hugs,


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