Would you like to write for Soul Speak? 

If you would like to submit a guest post for consideration, please email it to me at:

Please put “guest post” in the subject line.

Here are the guidelines:

Please have the subject matter relate to the vibe of my blog:

  • spirituality
  • soulful living
  • gratitude
  • self exploration
  • motivation
  • inspirational
  • journaling
  • going within
  • personal growth
  • living well
  • self care
  • meditation

Please make sure your submission is well written. And personal. And heartfelt. And soul based. And authentic. And vulnerable. And your best work – something that you’re truly proud of.

I write from the deep places within my heart, and I would love to share your deep writing as well. Please know that I love the warm space that Soul Speak has become, and because of that I’m super picky about the guest posts that I share. That being said, I absolutely LOVE when I read an article that touches me at the soul level – that helps me see the world through a different lens. These are the kind of articles that I’m looking for.

Your submission must be your original work.

It’s okay if it’s appeared elsewhere online or in print.

Ideal submissions are between 800-1200 words.

Please send a jpg of yourself that I can post.

Please include a bio (2-3 sentences) with your website url.

Please note that the waiting list for Shared Wisdom posts is usually ~2 months out.

I’m so excited to share your wisdom here!



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