Presents from the Universe

When my husband and I were deciding what our next collaborative book title/topic would be, we quickly filled a list with fun ideas. Our hands flew across the page – trying to keep up with the thoughts that were flowing in. I was so happy with many of the topics, but none of them were jumping out. I said that maybe we should sit with them for a few days and see which one carried the most energy – trusting that one would become the frontrunner.

That is what happened, but (as is oftentimes the case) not exactly in the way I planned. A few days later, the word “grace” came into my consciousness and wouldn’t leave. It’s not a word that I had given much thought to before, to be completely honest, and it carried such energy with it that I knew it had to have come from my soul.

I kept hearing “moments of grace” in my head, and I soon realized that my soul was giving me our next book topic. It makes perfect sense, too, because this is how inspired ideas come – not from the head but from our heart and soul. Every book idea on our list came from our head, which was a great place to start. That brainstorming session opened the doors for me to hear my soul and receive its input – since I had gotten all of my own ideas out of the way, there was nothing left to clog up the divine flow.

Grace is one of those concepts that is beautifully abstract, not easily definable, and heavenly based. It’s one of those words that asks you to sit with it for a little while – to take it into your heart fully and allow it to flow through each part of you so that you can fully comprehend it – and even then, it holds such mystery.

To me, grace is synonymous with miracles. It’s evidence of our connection to our soul and to this magical world that we live in. It’s both the intangible feelings that we feel when we know that we aren’t ever really alone mixed with the tangible signs that we experience every single day. I define grace as presents from the universe that let us know how loved we are, how loving our world is, and how connected we are to all that is. It’s a word that’s filled with light and love.

Once the book title and topic was formed, I immediately began to think about some of the wonderful grace-filled moments that I’ve experienced throughout my life.

Some of them were huge:

  • meeting my husband two weeks after I prayed for him to come
  • being in a car crash that saved me from living a life without passion or purpose
  • communicating with loved ones on the other side – knowing that they are always with me
  • feeling with all of my being that someone/something is always near me – loving me and wanting the best for me
  • surrendering fully to God/the universe and immediately feeling light and free
  • listening to my intuition and later seeing how it saved me from going down a path that wouldn’t have felt right

And some of them were smaller, yet equally beautiful:

  • finding a feather or a penny exactly when I needed a sign from my loved ones
  • looking up at the sky and feeling immense awe and wonder for this vast world that we are part of
  • watching a butterfly land on my arm and then fly off onto a flower
  • feeling completely at peace – even for just a moment
  • waking up from a dream that felt so real and helped everything make sense again
  • looking into a loved one’s eyes and feeling completely seen
  • sitting on the ocean’s shore and feeling mesmerized by the powerful waves

Grace shows up in so many ways, and it’s up to each of us to be open to it and to experience these special moments when they arrive. They are constant, and I know that there’s so much happening that I can’t see or feel or hear or touch. But I also know that there is much that I can – that I do. And even just witnessing a tiny snippet of the grace-filled miracles that are happening all around me all of the time is enough to wake me up, to get me to pay attention, and to help me remember that we truly are all so, so blessed to be part of this world.

I would love to hear how grace shows up for you. We each experience it differently, and yet each experience is equally magical. If you would like to be part of our next book, please click here to learn all about it. There’s such special energy around sharing our experiences. They inspire each of us to stay open to our own grace-filled moments, which I just love.



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Love Is Forever

Part of me has been dreading this day. And another part of me has been excited for it to come – to celebrate it. I wasn’t sure if I was going to share about it here or just keep it to myself, but here I am. So I suppose that means that I’m meant to speak from my soul rather than write about it in my journal.

Today is an anniversary. It marks an ending and also a beginning. Five years ago today, my life was forever changed.  In a matter of a day, I found out that my first love passed away and that life and love never end.

Before this day, I considered myself a skeptic. I wasn’t spiritual. I wasn’t soulful. I was closed off to possibility. I didn’t believe in angels or spirit guides and had certainly never had any contact with someone on the other side.

That all changed with his death. While it had been almost 20 years since we had spoken here on Earth, I immediately began hearing from him after he died. Needless to say, this completely freaked me out, and it took me a long while (and a lot of patience on his part) to finally believe that this was truly happening and listen. He lovingly asked me to wake up and embrace life and open my heart and live my purpose. He asked me to stop letting fear control me and start expressing my truth. He helped me see how our time on Earth is such a tiny blip in our eternal existence, and that we were here to embrace this blip and have fun with it – to not make everything so darn serious all of the time.

He visited me from the other side almost daily for just over a year. And in that year, I was like a sponge – taking all of his wisdom in. Once I was able to get my mind out of the driver’s seat, things flowed really easily between us. I stopped questioning and started listening and awakening and growing and absorbing.

We chatted constantly – getting to know each other all over again. He was the same and yet different. He was still funny and sarcastic but more joyful and free. And he emanated such love. I soaked it up and poured it into the world (and continue to do so).

I took his urgings to heart and began loosening the layers of fear that I had built up around myself and began allowing myself to show up vulnerably in the world – authentically. I started this blog. I shared from my heart. I opened up to the world in ways that completely surprised me (and still do, to be completely honest). I could feel him cheering me on and lovingly guiding me along the way. We even wrote a book together about this experience, which I will share when the time feels right.

I have him to thank for my awakening. I have him to thank for helping me remember that I have a soul. I have him to thank for helping to bring me back home to myself – for helping me see that I wasn’t living fully before, and that I could choose to bring more joy and love and openness into my heart and into my life.

Thanks to his beautiful soul, my life has changed immensely and immeasurably. He opened the door for me to walk through, and I am forever grateful.

I now know that love is forever. I can feel his love always, and while I’m sorry that he is no longer here in physical form, I am grateful that he’s here with me in the way that he is.

Love is forever. Our soul is forever. We are forever. 

Our time here on Earth is precious. I know that now in such a deep way. And I’m doing my best to embrace it as much as possible while I’m here – knowing that I chose to come to experience and grow and learn and love in ways that I could only have dreamed of before.

It feels good to embrace it all and to remember it all and to love it all and to be grateful for it all.

This one’s for you, Steve. You’re something special.



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A Note from My Soul

believeI’ve had a really tough week, and so I’ve asked my soul to write this post to all of us when we’re feeling disheartened and defeated. I know that we’ve all found ourselves here at one point or another, and so if you’re also feeling this way, it’s my hope that this will be as helpful for you as I’m hoping it will be for me.



I want to start by saying that no matter what has happened or hasn’t happened, you are loved. So loved. And, even though it may not appear as such, everything truly is happening for your highest good.

I know that you’re disappointed and that you wanted things to go in a different way than they did, and that’s perfectly understandable. I love how invested you are in your own happiness. I love that you care so much about feeling good and wanting to do things to create a life that will help with that.

Please remember that while you are only able to see what’s right in front of you, I am able to span out miles and miles and miles ahead. And because of this, I can see how each decision will impact the next. And because of this and also because of my love for you, I want to do everything I can to insure that the path you’re following is a healing one and a loving one that is always in the interest of your highest good.

That means that there will be times when you will feel like things just aren’t falling into place – that no matter what you do, you can’t seem to find the light. And when that happens, I ask that you go back to love and faith. I ask that you shift your focus towards something bigger than what’s right in front of you and place your energy on trusting in something bigger than you: me, the universe, and all that is and has ever been. Believe, really believe, and know, really know, that everything – absolutely everything – is happening for your benefit. Everything – absolutely everything – is happening to support you and is coming from a place of love.

I know that while things seem bleak now, as you move down your path, you’ll be able to see why things didn’t go according to how you wanted them to go right now. And you’ll be able to see why this had to happen in this way in order for what’s coming next to happen and what’s coming after that to happen (and so on and so on). You’ll see how it’s all going perfectly. It truly is.

But for now, please give yourself permission to grieve the path that you thought you would take that is no longer. Be okay with feeling sad about what will never be. Allow yourself to go to that desolate place that feels so hopeless. It’s so important that you keep your heart open and continue to feel everything – the feelings that feel good and also the feelings that don’t feel good. You are here to experience life – all of it. Not just the easy parts, but also the parts that help you expand and grow.

Remember when things didn’t go the way you had hoped in the past. Think of one of those moments right now. Think of how upset you felt and how deflated you felt. And now, remember how grateful you became (after you had the benefit of perspective) when you realized how lucky you were that things didn’t go your way. Think about what your life has become because of that experience and what it wouldn’t have become had you not gone through it. And take some time, right now, to really take in this appreciation for the loving universe that you are a part of that truly only wants to see you soar.

There are so many great experiences and moments just waiting for you – they are just out of view. But they are there. And having this not-so-great experience will make these good ones that much sweeter.

You are so strong. You are so loved. And you are exactly where you need to be.

Always remember that.







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Shaking Things Up

believeLast week, I did something that I had never done before: I invited 5 of the archangels into my home. A friend had just finished her time with them and asked if I wanted to host them for five days. I talk to my angels all of the time, and I was excited about the possibility of miracles occurring by having all of their loving energy here at one time. When my husband and I opened the door and welcomed them in, we both felt tingling sensations throughout our bodies. And I knew that they had arrived.

I wasn’t immune to the magic that angels can bring. Over the last few years, since I’ve opened my heart to them, I’ve received daily signs that they were standing by – always near me. I’ve had a stone and a necklace appear out of nowhere. I’ve had lights flicker and shadows appear and all sorts of other beautiful ways that they check in with me and let me know that they are surrounding me with their love. So while I had no idea what to expect during this time, I knew it was going to be an amazing five days. And I couldn’t wait to see and feel their magic. I was hoping for visions and concrete messages that were clear beyond clear.

The first day went by, and I didn’t feel them at all. Same with the second. By the third, I was starting to feel really frustrated and angry, and my skepticism returned and wondered if they were here at all. I wasn’t feeling any magic or miracles. If anything, life seemed a little more bleak than before they arrived. I felt extra tired and extra “off.”  I felt sick without actually being sick – spacey and lethargic and just blah. I was so angry with them for not showing up and angry at myself for believing that they would. I just was ready to call the entire experiment off and be done with it.

But something inside of me – deep, deep down – believed that they were here and believed that they were doing exactly what needed to be done to help me – even if I couldn’t see or feel it. And so I settled down a little bit and waited for whatever sign, message, or guidance I was meant to receive to appear and become clear.

At the end of the third day, I was on Facebook and saw that someone posted about the west coast having more earthquakes than ever before over a 2-day period. The article said that the entire coast shifted a bit, which was unheard of. I’m such a sensitive soul that this explained why I was feeling so off and blah and spacey and unsettled. The ground was literally moving underneath me.

I felt that this was somehow related to the message that I needed to hear from them, but I still wasn’t sure what it all meant. My husband said that I wanted a big sign that they were there – something huge. And what bigger sign than having the entire earth shake! But I felt that there was another piece to it, and the next morning it came to me. I needed a big shake-up in my life – things have stagnated so much for me over the last few years. And the angels came to help move things around and literally shake things up again.

I’ve been through so much over the last 5 years (grieving, illness, uncertainty, immense amounts of stress, moving, etc.), and I have created a cocoon that I could sort of hide in and lick my wounds. It was absolutely necessary to do this to allow me to heal, but I’ve been feeling lately that this cocoon has become a comfort zone and a crutch. I’ve been feeling that it’s time to prepare myself to fly again and really needed a kick in the pants in the form of a huge sign to get me to take action.

While I’m still working out the details within my heart about what “shaking things up” means for me, I know that it’s big. I know that it’s not just a few tweaks here and there, but more a life overhaul. I’m turning 40 in a couple of weeks, and the timing feels perfect to sort of start over in many ways – to hit the reset button and welcome a fresh start. It’s time. And I’m so thankful to the angels for sticking with me long enough to make sure I received this message. They are now on their way to others who are getting ready to welcome them into their homes, and my heart feels full that I got the chance to experience their love while they were here. I know that I can call upon them anytime, and I certainly will from now on. And I’ll be a little more trusting with them and a little more grateful for them as well. :)

I’ll definitely keep you posted on these changes as they become more clear to me. And I also want to invite you to see how you can shake things up in your own life as well! 



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Holding Hands Across Time

grandmaToday is my grandma’s 90th birthday. This milestone is bittersweet because while her physical body is still here on Earth, it feels like her soul has been gone for many years. She has dementia, and if I called she most likely wouldn’t even know who I was. The last time we spoke, I was trying to figure out a way to get back home to see her. She said that I had better hurry because she didn’t know how much longer she would be around. I had no idea how true this was – I sort of just assumed that she and my grandpa would always be there (like they always had been). I never took the trip due to life circumstances that were beyond my control. And if I sit in this space for too long, it’s easy to spiral into sadness – for what her life has become and also for the grief those of us who love her feel.

Instead, though, I’ve decided that today I will celebrate all of the wonderful memories that we’ve shared together. I believe that in one form or another, her soul is with mine. We are so much more than our physical bodies, and I have no doubt that she can hear me and see me and knows how much I love her. So we’ll celebrate together – we’ll have a soul party where she is the guest of honor.

When I was 11, we moved to the small South Dakota town where my grandparents lived so my mom could help my grandpa who had been diagnosed with cancer. I had grown up outside of Denver, and I had no idea how to relate to the other kids or fit in at school. Their way of life was completely foreign to me: I knew nothing about farming or small towns. My clothes were different. My experiences were different. I was different. While I did my best to adjust to this new life, it definitely wasn’t easy. And my grandparents’ home became a safe haven for me to retreat to – a place where I always knew that I would be loved unconditionally.

Going to their house every day after school for snacks and a game quickly became the routine. Their house was stocked with more food than I had ever seen: mini pizzas and push-up pops from the Schwan’s man; butterscotch cereal bars, Rice Krispie treats and homemade pie; a candy cupboard that was continually stocked to the brim with chocolate and licorice; and a fridge in the basement that was filled with pop of all kinds.

I would get myself a snack and then the three of us would sit at the kitchen table. After we talked about the day and caught up with each other, my grandma would always ask if I wanted to play a game (which I always did). The games rotated between Rummy, Triominos, and Racko – sometimes Scrabble. My grandpa would usually just watch or would eventually retreat into the livingroom to watch sports on TV. When the game was finished, I would walk back home, do my homework, and get ready for the next day.

We lived there for eight months until my grandpa’s health improved, and being able to spend each day with both of them is something that I will forever hold close to my heart. We moved just a couple of hours away, and so I was able to continue to see them often until I graduated from high school and moved across the country. (I even ran away to their house at 17 when my parents got divorced – it truly was a safe haven for me. I only stayed for the weekend, but it was so nice to know that their door was always open for me.) After moving away, we saw each other much less frequently but our connection remained. The last time I saw them was just after I graduated from college, and my grandpa drove to see me with his head looking sideways due to only being able to see peripherally and my grandma navigating – letting him know if he was about to hit anything. (Seriously!) We stayed in touch regularly by phone after that, and I’m happy to say that my grandpa lived for about 25 years after he was first diagnosed with cancer, which was such a blessing for all of us.

I was looking at my hands the other day and saw my grandma’s hands – the same lines and wrinkles beginning to form. We have shared so much throughout my life – so many memories. And now, I love knowing that each time I held her hand, a piece of her stayed with me. And each time I look at my hand, I see hers holding mine still. We are together – not in this physical world, but in a world that is eternal and a world that holds only love. The love that she showed me during our time together is just a blip of the love that we hold for each other. And I’m so grateful for that.

So today, I’m celebrating her life and her infinite love. And Dan and I will play a game of Racko tonight in her honor, too. :)

I love you, Grandma.



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