Decide. Just Decide.

wingsI’ve been going back and forth on a decision for months. One minute, I move forward with it. And the next I step back.

I’ve gone within and asked my soul what I was meant to do. And I’ve also looked to others to help me gain clarity and grounding around this situation.

And still, nothing came to me. It all felt murky and unclear. Even now, as I’m writing this, I’m still not sure what I’m going to do. I’m still going back and forth. I still have half of my energy moving toward this decision and half of my energy moving away from it.

And that keeps me exactly where I am and where I have been: at a standstill. I am unable to move forward and unable to let it go completely.

I just pulled an angel card, and it said “Decide.”

To be honest, this wasn’t the sort of guidance that I was looking for. I wanted a firm “yes” or “no” with regard to this decision. Whether it came from inside my heart or outside from another, I wanted to know without a shadow of a doubt that this path was right for me. I wanted to have complete certainty that if I moved forward, it would be everything that I imagined it would be. I wanted to eliminate the unknown. I wanted to skip ahead and see the ending before the beginning had even begun.

And what I’m realizing is that life just doesn’t work this way. The universe isn’t set up this way. Part of the fun is going along for the ride. Part of the journey is taking one step forward without knowing exactly where you’ll land. 

I have to decide. Because being in this standstill is most likely causing more pain than either choosing to move forward with this decision or choosing to let it go would.

And isn’t that funny in a way? I’m trying to eliminate pain for myself, and I’ve ended up creating more in the process.

I’m seeing more and more as I go through this Earth journey that there are truly no right or wrong decisions. They will each lead us exactly where we need to go – sometimes we will learn valuable lessons, sometimes we will receive beautiful gifts, and sometimes both. But, whether we choose to take one route or another, we are making a decision and standing strong in that decision. That’s the key. We are taking action or non-action. But we are doing something.

Nothing ever, ever, ever will happen if we stay in this standstill. Nothing ever will change. We’ll never know how things may have ended up or whether they would have been amazing or hard or painful or gratifying if we don’t make a decision.

If we try to protect ourselves from making the wrong choice, we will only end up causing ourselves more pain.

That’s what I’m learning. It’s been months that I’ve been living with one foot in this decision and the other foot firmly planted outside of it.

So, what I’m going to do is decide – one way or another – to either move forward or completely let it go. No more indecision. No more wishy-washiness. No more sitting on the fence of my own life. It’s up to me to make a decision. And I’m the only one who can. 

Is there any decision that you’re sitting on? Any part of your life where you’re on the fence and just waiting for a clear sign to help you see which way to go? Would you be willing to choose one way and move forward – even if you don’t have a clear knowing about whether it’s “right” or not? Would you be willing to trust that even if it doesn’t go the way you hoped, it wasn’t a mistake – that you learned and grew along the way? And that not making a decision would prevent you from this growth? 

I hope we can all do this together. It comes down to trusting our hearts and deciding – even if we aren’t completely sure. It comes down to moving forward and clearing up space for new ideas and new opportunities to come in. It comes down to aligning with the universal flow again – rather than stopping it completely with our inability to decide.

I’m ready to decide. I’m ready to align all of my energetic circuits and move forward with this decision. Yes, I’m ready.

And I hope you are, too. We’ve got this. We really do.





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It’s Time to Step into the Arena

truthOkay, so here’s the thing: 

We can’t make everyone happy. No matter how hard we try.

We can’t make someone do something that they aren’t ready to do or believe something that they aren’t ready to believe. No matter how much we want them to and how much we believe it will help them.

We just can’t.

We can’t make anyone see the world through our eyes. We can’t make anyone feel how we feel. We can’t make anyone do anything or say anything or feel anything or want anything.

We just can’t. It’s just not possible.

But what we can do is live our truth and share our truth. What we can do is light the way and leave the door open just in case anyone wants to join us. What we can do is show up completely authentically in the world and live from our heart and speak from our soul. What we can do is take the time to get to know ourselves so that the person we share with the world is the person that we truly are – the person with the masks removed and the “should be this way persona” left behind.

Because when we do that – when we really are able to do that – we connect with our soul’s purpose and our heart’s desire. When we live this way and share our authentic voice with others, we act like a magnet and will attract to us those who are on a similar journey. We’ll inspire those who have been wanting to share their truth as well but haven’t felt brave enough to do so yet. We’ll model what it looks like to be on this Earth journey while staying grounded and loving and honest.

It’s not always easy to live from this space of truth. I know that.

We all have such a strong innate desire to be liked – to be loved – by everyone. We all want to receive that validation that we’re good enough. We all want to fit in and go with the grain rather than against it. I know this.

But what I also know is that there will come a point in each of our lives where we will have had enough of the people pleasing and of not rocking the boat or ruffling any feathers or doing anything at all where someone could possibly be mad or misunderstand or feel disconnected from us. And at that point we will hear our soul’s calling so clearly. We will know, without a doubt, that our truth is much more important than keeping the peace. We will realize that showing up in the world authentically is everything. And that may mean that some boats will be rocked and some feathers will be ruffled and some will be angry.

And that’s okay.

Because there will come a point where silencing our truth will become unbearable. There will come a point where we feel that we’ve been tapped on the shoulder by the universe – where we know on a deep level that it’s our turn to step into the arena. And it’s in this moment where we get to decide if we’re going to show up or step away.

It reminds me of this amazing quote from Theodore Roosevelt:

It is not the critic who counts; not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles, or where the doer of deeds could have done them better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood; who strives valiantly; who errs, who comes short again and again, because there is no effort without error and shortcoming; but who does actually strive to do the deeds; who knows great enthusiasms, the great devotions; who spends himself in a worthy cause; who at the best knows in the end the triumph of high achievement, and who at the worst, if he fails, at least fails while daring greatly, so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who neither know victory nor defeat.

I’ve been here in the arena for years, and I will be the first to admit that it’s not always easy. Living my truth and showing up authentically in the world has caused quite a bit of friction throughout my life. I have lost many friends and severed contact with many family members because I was no longer willing to be placated – no longer willing to play the game.

And it’s been so painful at times. I know that life would be much easier in many ways if I simply swept my truth under the rug and closed my eyes to my own awakening and my own rebirth. It can be scary for others to hear me talk about the soul and living our purpose and talking to angels and the fact that we have so much control over our life. It can be terrifying for some to open their eyes and see the world in bright color and many dimensions rather than black and white. Change can be scary, and it makes perfect sense that not everyone will embrace it or even want to change to begin with.

And that’s okay.

I am learning to let go of anyone who isn’t wanting to be on this journey with me. And in doing so, I’ve made room for so many beautiful souls who are ready – who do want to be here.

Honestly, all we can do is keep showing up. That is our main purpose in life – to keep sharing our truth and our hearts with the world. To keep the masks off and to let our authentic selves out.

Because what I’m realizing is that after the dust settles, my heart is happy. After the friction dissipates, I am left with my truth. And that feels so, so good.

So I will keep showing up. I will stay in this arena. And I will share from my heart because that’s the only way I know anymore. 

I will continue to stay open and will continue to be vulnerable. Because I have complete faith that these words – these completely honest words – will touch those they are meant to touch. And I take this message that I share very seriously. I have enough faith in the universe to believe that I wouldn’t be given this platform if this message of love and truth and living soulfully and bravely weren’t important and weren’t needed.

And the same is true for you: Whatever your message is, please keep sharing it. Whatever your arena is, please step into it. Whatever you know to be your truth, please honor it. 

Please stay strong and grounded in it.

Those who are ready to hear it – who need to hear it – will gravitate toward you. Please invite them to stay.

And those who aren’t meant to be on the journey with you will fall away. Please allow them to go.

We have all been given such unique, powerful messages to share. But we can’t force anyone to receive our message. Have faith in the way of the world. Keep showing up as you, bravely step into the arena, and the universe will take care of the rest.






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Rewrite Your Story – Free Ecourse!

I’ve been SO excited to share this news with you, and I love that the day is finally here! My sweetie, Dan, has created an amazing ecourse: Rewrite Your Story: A Soulful Path to Becoming the Empowered Author of Your Own Life!

If you ever find yourself repeating the same old patterns in your relationships, career, family, or other areas of life, or if you’re ready to break away from unhealthy habits, take charge of your life, and REWRITE YOUR STORY – we know this course will be a helpful tool for you.

And… we’re giving it to you for FREE for the next week! (You can scroll to the end to learn more!)

But first, I wanted to share an article about rewriting our story that I wrote a couple of years ago:

I was watching Oprah’s Lifeclass the other night and author and speaker Iyanla Vanzant was talking about changing the stories that we tell ourselves.

Oftentimes these stories are true. They are parts of our life and parts of our past that happened. Yes, you have been hurt and mistreated and lied to and cheated on and stolen from and stepped on. Yes, your childhood was far from stellar and you weren’t treated as well as you should have been by your parents. Yes, you have had trouble speaking up for yourself and have been walked on by others because of that. Yes, your health isn’t great and you have battled one illness after the other. Yes, you lost a lot of money in the stock market when the economy tanked. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. These are all facts. No one is denying that.

But by staying in these stories, you’re staying in the past. By staying in these stories, you’re making it next to impossible to move on and create a new story. By staying in these stories, you’re deciding to remain a victim. I know that these are harsh words, but they are true. Believe me, I know. I stayed in my own disempowering stories for years.

But what I’m realizing is that if we continue to blame the circumstances of our past, we never have to take responsibility for our present and future. Our life will always be more of the same. If you have always been that way, then you are giving yourself a way out – you’ll never have to step up and change, right? But I know that I want to change, and I suspect that you do as well. Staying stuck in these stories is keeping us from moving forward into our dream lives – the lives that we feel we were born to live.

One thing that I find particularly fascinating about our stories is that we’ve carried them around for so long that we just assume they are our own. And yet, oftentimes they aren’t ours at all. They have been handed down in our family or given to us by society or projected onto us from someone who didn’t realize what they were doing – didn’t realize how impressionable we were and how powerful words can be.

If we dissected each story that we tell ourselves and others, we could begin to see where it came from.

Oftentimes these stories are passed down from generation to generation:

  • “In our family, we don’t go to college. We are hard workers, but we aren’t book smart.”
  • “In our family, we are prone to depression. It’s just in our genes.”

Sometimes we have unspoken stories in our family that are just beneath the surface:

  • “It’s not okay to show emotions. If we are upset, it’s better to stuff it down and deny feeling this way.”
  • “Money doesn’t come easily. We have to struggle to have it, and even then it slips through our fingers.”

Other times, someone told you a story when you were a child, and you accepted it as your own:

  • “You’re not very smart. Learning is hard for you. You probably won’t get very far in life.”
  • “You’re very frail and sickly. You’re going to have a hard life just trying to stay healthy.”

Sometimes, our stories come from society:

  • “The world is a violent place – no one can be trusted.”
  • “The recession is making it hard for anyone to get by and prosper.”
  • “The chances of making a living from your business are slim to none. It’s better to play it safe and go get a ‘real’ job.”

And sometimes, our stories come from a small part of ourselves that is afraid of change – afraid to fly toward our dreams:

  • “Change is hard. It’s better to just stay in this comfortable place – even if I am not completely happy because who  knows what will happen if I leave the known.”
  • “I am not really worthy of much – why do I even bother trying?”
  • “I am too shy to take the stage – even if I have a message to share, it’s just too much of a stretch. And who would want to hear me talk anyway?”

Sometimes our stories are events that happened to us:

  • We were abused.
  • We were fired.
  • We have/had a serious illness.

Sometimes our stories are made up from our behaviors:

  • We are afraid of commitment.
  • We are super emotional.
  • We are scatterbrained.

But what every single story has in common is the fact that we can let go of it if we choose to. We don’t have to carry these stories around any longer. We can decide to create new stories that we tell ourselves and share with the world. And we can decide that right now.

I have decided to change my story.

These are some of the stories that I have repeated throughout my life:

I am shy. I have extreme stage fright. I don’t push through fears. I say no when I am given the opportunity to shine. My body is fragile. I am not able to physically do what most people can do. I have to treat myself with kid gloves a lot of the time. Money doesn’t come easily to me. I feel strange accepting money for sharing my gifts. You have to work hard and struggle to achieve in life.

Over the past few years, I have been consciously forming my new story, and the change that I see in myself and also my life are absolutely amazing:

I am grateful to be a part of this beautiful world. Everything flows easily to me and from me, including love, money, health, and happiness. I embrace every way that I can share my message with others, and I know that I am always supported by the universe each and every time I step into the public arena. I am strong – body, mind, and spirit. And I am always loved.

 Now it’s your turn.

Write down the story that you’ve been telling yourself and others.

And then write down your new story. Your empowering, positive, uplifting story. The one that you will feel proud to share. And then come back and share it with us.

We’re all waiting to hear it.

Please help spread the love and share this post on Facebook and Twitter (buttons below). Thank you!



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Choose Wisely – Free Printable Poster!

I started and stopped writing three different posts just now. Usually, when I sit down to write, the words flow out. Usually, when I ask my soul what it wants to share, it has no problem jumping in and telling me exactly what it thinks. :)

Today though, it wanted to express itself visually. And so rather than continue trying to get it to write, I listened and let it create this piece of printable art for each of you:

printable art

This was such a good lesson for me today. Each post that I had started was coming from a space that wasn’t in line with my highest good. Each post was coming from a lower vibration – a place that I definitely didn’t want to stay in (much less share with you). And so this poster helped me shift that. It reminded me that what I focus on becomes my reality. And if I continued to give energy to the low vibration, I would only create more of that in my life.

Something happened to me earlier today that sent me into a space of yuck and hurt. And while I think it’s super important to let these feelings out and give myself space to process them, I am so grateful that my soul reminded me that I get to choose moving forward how I will direct my energy.

And I certainly am choosing love. I certainly am choosing gratitude. I certainly am choosing to continue surrounding myself with beautiful lights and loving souls who lift me up and support me and embrace me (like each of you).

I hope this poster helps you do the same. There’s a beautiful energy attached to it – a gift from my soul to yours. 

(You can click on it to print it out. It’s saved at high resolution and measures 8″x10″.)

Let’s choose to focus our energy in a positive, loving, uplifting, grateful way. We get to decide. And that’s such a beautiful gift.



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Feeling Right at Home

I just took some pictures of our living room to send to my Mom, and I started looking at them through fresh eyes. We have lived in our home for almost four years, and I’m just now beginning to feel settled in.

My husband and I moved to Oregon on a dream. We had just learned about the law of attraction, and we absolutely had both feet in and were ready to consciously apply it to our lives. So we moved into a luxurious 5,000 square foot home that we definitely couldn’t afford, but we were convinced that we would manifest whatever we needed to make it work.

home comparison copy

The house itself was absolutely gorgeous – plenty of land in the middle of the mountains, more bathrooms than we possibly needed – one of them larger than our current master bedroom, 2 jacuzzi tubs, 2 stoves, an industrial-sized refrigerator, a marble fireplace, 10 sets of French doors, and so much more. It was amazing.

Except, I couldn’t enjoy it. Either I was completely stressed about trying to pay for it (the heating bill for one month was $600, which was about six times what we were used to), or I felt like I was playing house – like I couldn’t possibly believe that we could live in a house this grand.

home comparison1

I see now that we leaped into something so quickly, and we were in way over our heads. We didn’t change our mindset or our beliefs about ourselves and what we felt we deserved, and so it didn’t feel real and it wasn’t plausible for us.

I won’t go into all of the details here, but thankfully we were able to leave this house after just one year – bruised and battered, but more than ready to lick our wounds and start over.

home comparison3

We moved into a much more realistic home – about 1/3 the size. A home that felt more like us – like where we were at this point in our lives. A home that felt comforting. A home that didn’t break the bank and cause us to go into a panic attack when we got the electric bill each month.

Still, that year of stress took its toll on us, and we have spent the last few years digging ourselves out of the hole we got ourselves into during that time – both financially and emotionally. And during this time, I’ve really had a lot of space to get clear on what I want and what I don’t want – who I am and who I am not – what is important to me and what isn’t – what brings me joy and what doesn’t.

It’s been a beautiful cocooning time, and I feel like I am just now emerging stronger, but also emotionally softer, than before.

I used to be ashamed that affording this grand home didn’t come easily for me at the time – that this somehow made me a failure. I used to hang my head when I thought about all of the pain and stress that I experienced during my time there, and I wondered how long I would be licking my wounds.

But seeing these pictures made me realize something: I’m doing okay. I love my current home. I am proud that I live here – that I can afford to live here. I love that it’s nice and cozy and comfy and ME.

I am not a showy person. I don’t have a grand personality. I am not luxurious and extravagant. I am homey and comfortable and authentic – just like my current home.

This home feels so much more like the true me than the spacious mansion ever did. And seeing these pictures warmed my heart because they helped me see what a blessing these last few years have been for me. If I had stayed in that huge house, I wouldn’t have had the freedom to experiment with my creativity and see where my soul wanted to take me. While I will never know, I have a pretty strong feeling that I wouldn’t be here now with you had I stayed there.

And so I’m extra grateful for the shifts that allowed me to move and come to my current home. The home that fits me so well. The home that has helped me embrace my truth, my voice, my authenticity, my heart. The home that has become a part of me.

While I know that it isn’t my forever home, I’m so happy that it’s my current home. It’s just right, and I am so grateful that I am now able to embrace it for all that it has given and continues to give to me.

So many of us have experienced painful situations in our lives – moments that we wish we never had to go through. And I wonder if we can each try to step away from our hurt or anger – just for a moment – and see the blessings that came because of this experience. It’s my hope that we’ll each be able to find many. That’s what looking at these pictures has helped me see, and I hope this perspective helps you as well.

I would love for you to help spread the love by sharing this on Facebook and Twitter!



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