And Then The Walls Came Down

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I’ve been learning more and more how important showing up in the world from an open, loving space is.

And I’ve noticed that it’s not as common as one might think to find others who are bravely living this way.

I get it. I definitely didn’t used to be this trusting and this open and this heartbased and this warm and fuzzy.

I was when I was very young, and then – like many of us – I got hurt over and over again and quickly realized that being open and sharing my heart with the world didn’t always feel so good. Sometimes it felt like it was being trampled into a million pieces, actually. And sometimes, it felt like it was literally being broken in half from all of the pain. Definitely not fun feelings to feel, and so – like many of us – I decided to put walls around my heart to protect myself.

I even dressed the part. As someone who used to wear pink almost daily when I was young, I started wearing mostly black and even bought a pair of combat boots that I wore with almost everything. I stopped being approachable and started giving off the vibe that I was hardened to make sure a wall stayed between me and everyone else. I shut people out and became cynical and skeptical.

But dressing the part and acting the part doesn’t mean that I was the part or that I became the part. I was still me. I was still heart-centered and loving and sappy – I just no longer felt comfortable sharing this side of myself with others. It was too hard. I didn’t want to get hurt. I couldn’t go through another heartbreak. I didn’t want to be sad anymore.

And what I slowly started to realize is that by closing my heart off to almost everyone (including my connection to the universe), I was more heartbroken than if someone had trampled all over my heart. I felt completely lost, disconnected, and alone.

And that felt pretty terrible.

It’s true that by shutting out almost everyone, I kept myself protected in many ways. But in doing so, I ended up shutting myself off from the universal flow. By building a wall so high around my heart, I managed to just about seal off any connection with the divine for many, many years.

And that felt pretty terrible.

And I didn’t like feeling terrible. I wanted to feel good, amazing, joyful, trusting, and loving. I wanted to share my true self with the world – my pink-wearing, completely sappy, oozing love self. And I didn’t want to be afraid to of getting hurt. I didn’t want to be afraid of getting my heartbroken.

I began to believe (and really feel) that if I showed up as my true self, my connection with the universe would love me up enough to be brave enough to get through any heartache that happened here on Earth. I began to trust that no matter how hard things seemed here, I was never alone – I was always loved – and coming from a loving place always felt better than shutting myself off to love.

And so I began to bravely let the wall come down. Slowly – so very slowly. Baby steps. Just a little at a time. 

Until one day, I looked around and felt around and noticed that my heart was wide open. Completely open and completely connected. And that felt amazing. Truly amazing.

It felt a bit scary, too, to be perfectly honest. And I have been hurt since my heart has opened up this wide. I have been betrayed and had to learn how to handle hurt feelings from such an open state of being.

But I got through it. Because I know that my connection to my soul and my connection to the universe is stronger than any heartbreak I could ever, ever, ever, experience here on Earth. And I know that living from this heart-filled and love-filled space feels SO amazingly good. It’s who we all are at our core – when we dig down deep enough, we’ll only find love. That’s all.

And knowing this has changed how I look at myself, at others, at everything in this magical world. My heart is open, and my walls are down. And it feels wonderful.

If you have your walls up in order to protect yourself, I really do understand. But I wonder if you would be willing to bring them down just a little bit right now and let just a little bit of love in. And then maybe tomorrow you can let them down just a little bit more and trust that you’re already protected by the universe – you don’t need to add extra protection. We’re here to feel and to experience and to love. And letting your walls down is a great start into doing exactly that. 

I promise that while it’s not always easy and it doesn’t always feel amazing, it will change everything – absolutely everything – in the way you see the world. It will open everything up for you in such beautiful ways. And all it takes to experience this is to choose to bravely start opening your heart – just a little bit.

I love that so much.





Your Soul Essentials (Free Print Out)

soul-insideLately, I’ve been feeling a bit disconnected from my soul. I’ve been feeling like I’ve been pushing too hard and trying to do too much. I’ve been doing and doing and doing and was forgetting to simply be.

One of the many things that I love about our life is that we get a fresh chance to start again with each new moment.

I recently went away to a hotel for the night. It’s something that I used to do quite often when I wanted to create. I would go into a vortex and write books and ecourses and feel really inspired by the flow that I was in.

But what happened over time is I got tired. I started to dread going back because I felt pressure from myself about having to create something by the time I came home. And that no longer felt inspiring – it felt pretty yucky. So I stopped going.

Recently, though, I felt the need to go back. It had been many months, and I knew that my soul could use a night of pampering – a night to rest and recharge. So I made a pact with myself that there would be no creating at all – no working – no vortex to go into. It would just be me – just Jodi. Releasing that pressure and replacing it with tenderness was heavenly. I watched a movie, took a bath, napped, read, and spent the entire time relaxing. I realized how tired I was and how needed this downtime was.

And now I can’t wait to go back. I realized that I am enough. Just me. I finally got on a deep level that I don’t have to do anything or accomplish anything or have anything to show for my time away. It’s okay to simply BE. So that’s what I did, and it was amazing.

Because I didn’t want to get back into the habit of busyness and work and achievements as soon as I returned home, I set myself up for success by writing down what I needed to give myself on a regular basis from now on in order to feel connected to my soul. I created a print out with my 5 Soul Essentials and put it in a place where I would see it often.

It was such a healing exercise for me that I thought you might benefit from it as well. So I’m sharing mine with you and also sharing a blank one that you can print out and fill in yourself.

Here’s Mine:

(You can click on it to enlarge it.)

soul essentials my answers small

Here’s yours to print out:

(You can click on it to enlarge it and print it out – it’s saved at high resolution.)

soul essentials copy small

I love that if we veer off course and lose our connection with our soul, we can choose to start again – to connect again in the next moment. We can choose to listen to our soul and honor it and pay attention to it and spend time with it. We can choose to do this with our next breath and then the next and then the next.

And if we forget in the breath after the next after the next after the next, we can choose to connect again. And again. And again.

I just love that.

We’re never so disconnected from our soul that we can’t reconnect. Never.

What a relief that is, right?

When I’m living soulfully, I’m so much happier. I feel fully connected to the universe and to everyone and everything in it. I love knowing that if I go back to my old habits – they are habits that can be changed. And I love knowing that I am powerful and conscious enough to make these changes. We all are.

There’s something really inspiring and special about setting such a strong intention and letting our souls know how important they are to us – letting ourselves know that we will keep coming back over and over again because we know how essential it is to do so.

There’s something truly special about loving ourselves enough to consciously connect with our soul. 

I wish that for each of us. And I hope this print out helps you do exactly that.

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I See Only Love (Free Printable Poster)

heart1I believe that everyone has a loving core. I really do.

And, for the most part, I see this loving core all of the time in those I interact with most often. I’m pretty protective of who I let into my love bubble, and so I usually see only love from those around me.

However, we’re all human. And we all have our own “stuff” that we’re working through (or not working through). And every once in awhile, I find myself in a situation where someone’s loving core isn’t readily apparent. Maybe they are acting in a way that doesn’t feel loving. Or maybe they are doing something that doesn’t seem loving.

While I avoid the news as much as possible, I sometimes see headlines that don’t seem loving at all. Or I hear about a crime someone committed that certainly didn’t seem loving. Or I get hurt by something someone said to me or something someone did to me that didn’t appear to be loving.

And it’s in these moments that even though I believe that everyone has a loving core, it’s sometimes hard to see it – to feel it.

I’m sure there are people who have said the same thing about me at times. I’m certainly not perfect. And while I’m doing the best that I can, there are moments when I haven’t come from love. Maybe I was hurt and lashed out or got defensive or let my ego call the shots. I am love, but I haven’t always acted with love.

And that helps me so much to see only love with others. Knowing what I know about myself – that I truly am made from love and still have moments where this isn’t apparent – helps me see that this is true in everyone else as well.

So when I come across someone who doesn’t appear to be coming from this love-filled center, I can remember that it’s still there. I can choose to see only love. Yes, I can set boundaries and remove myself from their energy if it doesn’t feel good, but I can still see that they are loving at their core.

This really helps me so much. We’re all figuring out how to live here on Earth. We all have lessons to learn and ways to expand into our highest vibration. And sometimes we flounder a bit, which is okay. It doesn’t mean that we aren’t loving and pure and filled with light. It just means that we’re human.

Reminding myself of this has been so helpful, and I created a poster to help each of us remember to see only love – throughout our days and throughout our nights! To remember that we’re all love at our core – no matter what’s happening on the outside.

You can click on it below to print it out. It measures 8×10 and is saved at high resolution.

see only love small

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Spiraling My Way Back to Me


I went away this past weekend to give myself time to go within, clear my head, talk to my soul, and just BE.

To be completely honest, my intention with this mini retreat was to do all of the above-mentioned things, but also to make some headway on the upcoming Soulful Life Sanctuary, which is opening on July 1st. I wanted to get clear about what it was that I was creating and get grounded in it so that it would have a solid foundation before I began sharing it with the world.

But something strange happened while I was in the hotel room: all I wanted to do was draw spirals. 

Let me back up a little bit: A few weeks ago, I had this strange urge to find a spiral making kit. You may remember these from when you were younger – they have grids and circles that go around the grids, and you can make all sorts of fun spiral designs with them. (Here’s an example of one to give you an idea.) I was having an extra sad day (still grieving over my sweet dog-ter, Xena, who passed away in December), and my soul was urging me to go get one of these kits. So my sweetie, Dan, and I headed out to the bookstore where we found the perfect one.

And my time in the hotel was the first chance that I gave myself to really dive in and see what designs came out. So I drew. And I drew. And I drew some more. At first, I couldn’t draw them fast enough – I was so happy to be creating something, and I wanted to create more and more and more.

And then, I settled into it. Round and round and round the circles went around the grids. Round and round and round the pens drew beautiful designs. And while I loved seeing what was created, I was finding that the process itself was so calming.

As you may have read throughout this blog over the years, I have struggled with meditation. I feel called to do it, but it’s honestly like pulling teeth to get me to sit down and actually do it. However, drawing these spirals gave my mind something repetitive to do while my soul could just BE. It gave me something to focus on (similar to the breath in sitting meditation), so that I could get in touch with the present moment. And it was amazing.

circle5Without even realizing it at the time, I now see that I was spiraling my way back to me. With each spiral that I drew, I uncovered a layer that was between me and my soul.
And in taking the time to create these spirals, I was giving myself the gift of stillness and the gift of presence. The only thing that I was thinking about was the pen going round and round. Or what color to use next. Or what grid to try out.

That was all.

Everything that I thought I would be focusing on during my time in the hotel seemed completely secondary next to this time in the present moment – this time of complete focus. This time with my soul.

I was telling my mom about these spirals yesterday, and she said that I used to love drawing these as a child. That I used to spend hours in my room creating spiral after spiral. And while I don’t remember that at all, it’s somehow comforting to know that I’m getting back to me. That I listened to my soul, and it led me to me in a fun, creative way.

Meditating can take so many different forms. Soul work can show up in so many different ways. This is how it’s showing up for me. And I’m sure it will show up for you in its own unique way. And it’s up to us to listen to our soul’s whispers and take action.

If you’re being asked to spend time in nature, go. If you’re being asked to sit still, sit. If you’re being asked to create something, create. If you’re being asked to dance, dance. If you’re being asked to laugh, laugh.

Whatever your soul is asking of you, please pay attention. It’s so important. Because these whispers will lead you back to you. And that’s a pretty amazing space to be in. I truly wish that for each of us.

And after all of these spirals were drawn, I did spend some time creating the Soulful Life Sanctuary. So it all worked out – just not quite in the way I thought it would. In an even better way. :)

Here are a few of the spirals that I drew. (You can click on them to enlarge them.):

circle-1  circle4

circle6 circle

I would love to hear how you’re coming home to yourself, too! Please feel free to share in the comments below. 






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Love Brings You Home

jodi and dan

Here we are 12 years ago. :)

Dan and I are celebrating our 12th anniversary of being a couple tomorrow, and so I’ve been thinking about love even more than usual.

I feel like I have had two lives: before Dan and with Dan.

The person that I was before Dan was hopeful but cynical – yearning but jaded – a dreamer but not a believer. 

While I always wanted to believe in love, I somehow always seemed to feel let down by it. The love that I had built up in my dreams never seemed to come to be in my waking life. The relationships that I had before Dan were a mix of okay to not-so-good to downright horrible.

My heart had been broken. I had broken hearts. And the common thread throughout each relationship was that they never felt completely right. I was always left wanting more. I always had one foot out the door – waiting for something (someone) better.

I was waiting for Dan. My soul knew it. And I just needed to catch up to that knowing. I’ve spent every single day for the past 12 years living in complete gratitude for this beautiful man’s presence in my life.

While I knew that I loved him 12 years ago, I now see that it was just a tiny blip of the deep, soulful that we have built together through the years.

We have spent the past 12 years growing together, honoring and cherishing each other, and loving, loving, loving one another. We are rarely apart. He is my soul’s other half.

What I have come to realize is that our love brought me home. It led me straight to my soul – to the person I had always been but had forgotten. Our love gave me a foundation, a truth, and a knowing that I never even knew existed.

Each “I love you,” each hug, each compliment, each token of appreciation, each look into each other’s eyes, each kind gesture, each loving word through the years has built our house of love.

Because of this deep, soulful love that Dan and I share, love has overflowed from my heart and seeped into every part of my life. Our loving foundation continues to give me the courage to extend this love to each of you. My heart is wide open now. I am now wide awake. I have come home. 

Because of love.


And I now see and know deep within my soul that love has the power to bring all of us home.

I know that this can sound cheesy. I know that to a jaded heart, this sounds like complete nonsense. Remember that I was cynical once, too. So I get it.

But I know, know, know that this is real and that this is true and that this deep, soulful love exists if you allow yourself to open up to it.

And it doesn’t have to be with a partner. It could be with a dear friend or a close family member. Or even a sweet pet.

Dan was my saving grace. His love not only brought me home, but it also led me to each of you. 

And I will spend the rest of my life living in complete gratitude for his pure, sappy, utterly everything love.

Please allow yourself to be opened up and swept away with love. Allow love to bring you home.

Your soul is waiting. Your heart is waiting. We are all waiting.