Let’s Stop Rallying

body-and-soulOver the last few months, I’ve been realizing more and more how I’m human.

My soul knows this. My body knows this. And yet, a huge part of me hadn’t yet caught up to this fact – the part that thought I could do it all and continue to push myself harder and harder. The part of me that both naively and arrogantly assumed I would always have the reserves and the energy without ever needing to take time to recharge. The part that thought I was immune to the things that humans needed: balance, self care, nurturing. You know – that part.

Yikes. I am currently in the midst of a huge reality check/wake-up call that has forced me to admit that I am, in fact, human. And, to be honest, it hasn’t been a lot of fun to have to come back down to Earth.

My adrenals have decided that they are tired – really tired. And they have made it clear that if I wasn’t going to slow down, they were going to force me to. I felt the warnings, and I saw the signs that asked me to slow down, take care of myself, just be. But I ignored them and assumed that my body would rally once again – that it would support me and swoop in and help me keep going.

I mean, this was the routine throughout my life. I pushed myself beyond what was human, expected more from myself than was oftentimes possible, and when I felt tired or worn out or overwhelmed, I pushed even harder. And for years my body supported me in this lifestyle. For years, my adrenals kicked in and got me through the late nights and the working around the clock and the daily stress that became such a normal part of my routine that I didn’t even see it as stress. And I just assumed that I would always be able to live this way.

And then eight months ago, my dog-ter, Xena, died. And because of the way she died (having a violent seizure in the middle of the night), I wasn’t able to sleep without reliving it for months. And I haven’t slept through the night since. Through this intense grief, my body helped me remember the grief that it felt for the kids that I would never have. Because in my head I knew that this was right for me, but my hormones weren’t as sure. And this all spiraled me into a grieving, non-sleeping cycle that piled on top of years of caretaking and overworking and overstressing. And all of that landed me here – to a crash unlike any other that I’d been through before.

Much to my surprise (and anger), the rallying didn’t kick in this time. My adrenals were tired. They were on vacation, and it felt like the only choice I had was to join them (after much kicking and screaming and pleading, to be quite honest).

This is my wake-up call. This is that moment when I come back down to Earth and embrace my humanness. This is that moment where I share my truth and my vulnerability and let it be known that I am doing the best that I can.

Because here’s where I am right now: I am oftentimes so tired that I can hardly get out of bed each morning. I am so tired that taking a shower oftentimes feels overwhelming. I am so tired that the thought of brushing my hair and putting on clothes other than pajamas can send me straight back to bed. I am so tired that every. single. thing. feels. completely. exhausting.

I have been feeling this way and getting progressively worse for months now. And I’ve been letting go and prioritizing each part of my life. I knew this was bigger than what I could handle on my own, and so I started asking for help. I knew I needed to change how I lived. I knew I needed to love myself enough to know that it would be okay if I stepped back and relaxed and stopped trying to control every single thing and be there for every single person all of the time. I knew that what I needed more than anything else was sleep and rest and quiet and calm.

And that’s where I am right now.

I recently went to the doctor and found out through my bloodwork that my adrenals are in serious trouble. I like knowing the facts. I like knowing where I’m starting from, so I can feel good about any progress that I’m making along the way.

I feel hopeful that with some serious lifestyle changes (including hormone/vitamin supplements, diet changes, meditation, stopping work earlier, not taking on more than I can handle, delegating, and giving myself permission to rest), I’ll come through this and will be back to my vibrant self soon.

Part of these changes means that I’m admitting I’m human, which is something that you already know but still feels vulnerable for me to write. It means that I’m asking for your love and support while I learn to take extra care of myself and turn some of the love that I’ve been putting out back toward myself. It means that I may take longer to respond or may not be able to respond sometimes at all. It means that I am doing the best I can to be a whole person who can receive just as much as I give.

I know that I’m not the only one feeling this way right now. I know that so many of us have pushed ourselves to the limit and are currently facing levels of fatigue and overwhelm that we didn’t know were possible.

My purpose in writing this and in sharing where I currently am is to hopefully give us all permission to stop rallying – to let us know that it’s possible to stop pushing ourselves and start easing up on ourselves – to know that we can get through this in a loving, supportive way that honors ourselves and also each other. 

I am such a huge believer in sharing our truth. Because I believe that when we do so, we set ourselves and others free. We give everyone permission to share their truth, and it has such a beautiful ripple effect.

So that’s what I’m doing. And it’s my hope that if you’re in the midst of rallying, you’ll ease up on yourself. It’s my hope that you’ll listen to your body and give it what it needs. It’s my hope that you’ll give yourself permission to rest. You’re so deserving of that. We all are.

That’s what I’ll be doing, and I would love to know that you’re doing it right alongside me.



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Your Soul Essentials (Free Print Out)

soul-insideLately, I’ve been feeling a bit disconnected from my soul. I’ve been feeling like I’ve been pushing too hard and trying to do too much. I’ve been doing and doing and doing and was forgetting to simply be.

One of the many things that I love about our life is that we get a fresh chance to start again with each new moment.

I recently went away to a hotel for the night. It’s something that I used to do quite often when I wanted to create. I would go into a vortex and write books and ecourses and feel really inspired by the flow that I was in.

But what happened over time is I got tired. I started to dread going back because I felt pressure from myself about having to create something by the time I came home. And that no longer felt inspiring – it felt pretty yucky. So I stopped going.

Recently, though, I felt the need to go back. It had been many months, and I knew that my soul could use a night of pampering – a night to rest and recharge. So I made a pact with myself that there would be no creating at all – no working – no vortex to go into. It would just be me – just Jodi. Releasing that pressure and replacing it with tenderness was heavenly. I watched a movie, took a bath, napped, read, and spent the entire time relaxing. I realized how tired I was and how needed this downtime was.

And now I can’t wait to go back. I realized that I am enough. Just me. I finally got on a deep level that I don’t have to do anything or accomplish anything or have anything to show for my time away. It’s okay to simply BE. So that’s what I did, and it was amazing.

Because I didn’t want to get back into the habit of busyness and work and achievements as soon as I returned home, I set myself up for success by writing down what I needed to give myself on a regular basis from now on in order to feel connected to my soul. I created a print out with my 5 Soul Essentials and put it in a place where I would see it often.

It was such a healing exercise for me that I thought you might benefit from it as well. So I’m sharing mine with you and also sharing a blank one that you can print out and fill in yourself.

Here’s Mine:

(You can click on it to enlarge it.)

soul essentials my answers small

Here’s yours to print out:

(You can click on it to enlarge it and print it out – it’s saved at high resolution.)

soul essentials copy small

I love that if we veer off course and lose our connection with our soul, we can choose to start again – to connect again in the next moment. We can choose to listen to our soul and honor it and pay attention to it and spend time with it. We can choose to do this with our next breath and then the next and then the next.

And if we forget in the breath after the next after the next after the next, we can choose to connect again. And again. And again.

I just love that.

We’re never so disconnected from our soul that we can’t reconnect. Never.

What a relief that is, right?

When I’m living soulfully, I’m so much happier. I feel fully connected to the universe and to everyone and everything in it. I love knowing that if I go back to my old habits – they are habits that can be changed. And I love knowing that I am powerful and conscious enough to make these changes. We all are.

There’s something really inspiring and special about setting such a strong intention and letting our souls know how important they are to us – letting ourselves know that we will keep coming back over and over again because we know how essential it is to do so.

There’s something truly special about loving ourselves enough to consciously connect with our soul. 

I wish that for each of us. And I hope this print out helps you do exactly that.

Please feel free to share this on Facebook and Twitter!



Strength in Our Dreams

biddle on table

Our sweet Biddle.

Do you pay much attention to your dreams? Dan and I have a routine where each morning we sit with our cat, Biddle, and watch him eat. (This is one of those silly things that started when he was a kitten and continues five years later.)

Anyway – while we sit together, we take some time to check in, see how we slept, and inevitably our conversation always goes to the dreams we had the night before.

While neither of us are expert dream interpreters, we do know enough about ourselves and what’s happening deep within our souls to know which dreams are just silly collages of the previous day’s events and which ones are powerful messages that are meant to be paid attention to.

So we talk about them. And analyze them. And share how we feel about them. It gives us a chance to reflect on what’s happening within our subconscious and also open up to what our angels and spirit guides would like us to know.

The other night, I had one of these message dreams that felt so powerful and so real that it took me a few moments after waking up to remember that it didn’t actually happen. I woke up with a jolt and a pounding heart.

In the dream, I was in my home (not one that I had ever lived in before) sitting at the kitchen counter working on my computer. It was a townhouse that shared a wall with the neighbors – our kitchens were connected by double doors. I could hear extra loud laughing and roughhousing going on on the other side of the door, and I was having a hard time concentrating. I stopped what I was doing, looked up, and screamed, “Shut up!” I wondered why they were so much louder than usual, so I walked over to the door and saw that it was partially open – I could look inside their home and see that they were all sitting around the counter watching a football game. I then panicked because I realized that if I could see them, they could also see me. And as an extremely private person who relishes my cocoon-like home, this was both unnerving and upsetting.

Dan came into the room, and I told him about the door. By now, it had opened even more – where they could easily look into our home. I ran to the basement to try to hide from them and collided with a woman on the staircase. I was shocked that one of the neighbors had come into our home without my even realizing it.

I grabbed her by the shoulders and yelled at her to leave, but she was belligerent and said she wasn’t going anywhere. She said that she had just as much right to be there as I did. I warned her that while I may be physically small, I have all of the strength of the world inside of me. And that if she didn’t leave, I was going to physically make her do so. But she didn’t believe me, and she wasn’t budging. So I did something that I’ve only done once before in a dream, I physically hurt her. I squeezed her so hard with so much anger and force that she withered away in my hands. I had gotten rid of her.

And then I woke up.

I rarely have dreams that are this violent – especially dreams where I’m causing someone else physical pain. And so I knew that it was something to pay attention to.

After taking a moment to be in this half dream/half awake space, I felt such power within me – such strength. While I have always had this fierceness inside of me when it came to protecting others (Dan, my mom, my furry babies, people who were being mistreated in any way, etc.), I have rarely channeled it to protect myself.

Over the last few months, I’ve been on a journey where I’ve been tapping into this inner well of strength and consciously welcoming it back into my heart. I have let go of so many friendships where I felt that they weren’t there because they loved me but rather because they wanted something from me. I have put up strong boundaries and made it clear how I deserve to be treated. And I’ve said no to anything and everything that no longer fed my soul.

xena snarling

Xena – my protector

Throughout this journey, I’ve had a helper on the other side: my sweet dog-ter, Xena, who passed away last December. She was my protector here on Earth. She was a perfect model for strength – she was completely docile and loving and kind the majority of the time. But she also had an inner fire that came forward when she protected herself or us.

Since she’s been on the other side, I’ve felt her strength running through my veins. I’ve felt this endless well that I can tap into at any time. And I’ve felt worthy of my own protection. I’ve remembered that this strength doesn’t have to be used for others only – I can use it for myself, too.

So this dream was a perfect metaphor for this inner change that I’ve been experiencing. It showed me how serious I am taking it. It was evidence that I’m not going to allow anyone to invade my home (literal or figurative). It showed me that I love myself enough to set boundaries and honor my own needs with a deep fierceness and fire.

And knowing this feels really good. It feels strong and powerful and loving.

All of this from a dream. :)

We truly can learn so much from dreams, and it all starts with being open and paying attention. I’ve found that I don’t have to do anything special to remember them either. The ones that have the messages attached will usually stay with me vividly throughout the day. I have found that it helps to share them with someone else – that way we’re vocalizing them and bringing them from the sleeping world to the waking world. I feel that there’s something powerful about doing this. And then just giving ourselves permission to sit with these dreams, journal about them, and take in whatever messages we’re feeling around them is a great gift to give ourselves.

We have so many great tools that help us connect with our soul, and paying attention to our dreams is one of my favorites. 

Have you had any dreams recently that came with messages? I would love to read about them in the comments below. We just started a Dream Interpretation discussion inside the Soulful Life Sanctuary, too! So if you’re already a member, be sure to check it out. If you aren’t, you can join us here.



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soul clarity cards deck1

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Soul Clarity Cards

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Each card contains a guided action for you to consider – something to help you live soulfully and mindfully.

I believe that the answers are always within us, but sometimes our light gets covered up by life – all of the to-dos and the shoulds and work and errands and hurt and anger and all sorts of gunk. And it can be hard to sift through all of that and find our way home – back to our soul. These cards are a tool to help you on your journey back home.

Each card contains words that your soul needs you to hear. And whichever card you choose will be exactly the one you need in that exact moment. That’s just how it works!

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Big hug to each of you.

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Honoring Our Sensitivity

sensitivity copyI shared something on Facebook yesterday that seems to be striking a chord with many.

It was a post that I was nervous to share – because even though I know that what I’m doing is right for me, I still have that piece that runs very deep within that feels that somehow I should feel bad or guilty for honoring my sensitivity and taking care of my own needs.

Here is the post that I wrote: 

Jodi Chapman

July 26, 2014

As an introvert, I need a lot of time to recharge after being “on” (around people). While I love connecting with others and it feeds my soul in many ways, I realized that it needed to be balanced with quiet, alone time. So a couple of years ago, I decided that I wasn’t going to talk to anyone (besides Dan) during the weekends to create a cocoon for myself. At first, it felt really decadent – like I was getting away with something. But I loved it so much – it felt so healing. A year ago I added on the first week of each month. And again, that felt amazingly decadent, and at first I wondered if it was too much. But it felt so nourishing that I couldn’t imagine not doing it. And now, I’m so happy that I’m continuing to honor my own needs by adding on another week. So I’ll have 2 weeks “on” each month and 2 weeks “off.” It’s such a beautiful balance that feels really good in my soul. I’m extremely sensitive to energy, and this is a way to honor my own needs while still be able to connect with others. I’m feeling so good about this change – it feels so loving and empowering. Our bodies are always talking to us, and listening to mine and doing what it asks without judgment has changed my life in such beautiful ways.

In writing this, I felt both exposed and free. I felt like I came closer to sharing my truest self – the self that I have shied away from sharing for most of my life for fear that I would be seen as antisocial or different or “bitchy” or uncaring or aloof.

I have always been a combination of introverted and sensitive, and I have always loved being alone and immersing myself in quiet and stillness. There is no better feeling for me than turning off the phone, pulling the shades, closing the door, and knowing that my time is my own. It’s in these moments that I feel like I can exhale – like I am home.

As a child, I spent hours and hours alone in my bedroom. I was so sensitive to energy and wanted so much to be alone that closing my bedroom door wasn’t always enough. I loved going into the closet and closing that door as well. I would bring in a blanket, some candy, a book, and my journal and spend hours at a time in my cocoon. It was pure heaven.

As I got older though, I started to feel that this need for solitude wasn’t normal. I started to sense that this wasn’t something that I should share with others if I wanted to fit in. I didn’t want to appear to be antisocial. So I kept this secret of needing to recharge to myself, and I subconsciously came up with “appropriate” ways to find time to be alone – by getting sick. No one questions that. When you’re sick, you get plenty of time to rest and recharge. So that’s pretty much how I spent my 20s. When I got to my 30s, however, I no longer wanted to use this excuse. I wanted to honor my introversion and my sensitivity. I wanted to claim them as the gifts that they are.

So I began to take steps to consciously and unapologetically share my true self with others. I made a decision that I would no longer hide who I was from the world. I knew that this need to be alone wasn’t something to feel ashamed of. It didn’t mean that anything was wrong with me. It just meant that I needed extra time to connect with my soul in order to recharge. That’s all.

Not everyone has understood this need for quiet – especially as the amount of time that I need grows. But my true friends have learned that it’s who I am –  they honor this part of me and want me to be happy. They know that if they want to have a relationship with me, this is part of the deal.

For so long, I carried so much guilt for moving away from others in order to honor this need for silence and stillness. I now see that it’s not so much that I’m moving away from them – it’s more than I’m moving toward myself. I’m moving toward my connection with my soul, with the divine, and with all that is.

I’m realizing that the more I support others and give to others and offer love to others, the more I need to support myself and give to myself and love myself. I spend so much of my time connecting on a deep level with beautiful souls, and I’m much better able to support them if I’m all recharged and ready to go! And while I’m setting these boundaries for myself, it does help to know that others will benefit as well. It somehow makes it easier to do and to stick with.

I’ve also found that as I raise my vibration, my sensitivity heightens. As I move into the world of the soul, my awareness increases and my spirit vibrates on a higher frequency. It’s amazing and magical to experience, but I also am learning that in order to ground myself in my human body, I need to make space for much more alone time than I previously may have needed.

It’s all part of the journey. And, based on the feedback that I’ve already received to my Facebook post, I see that I’m not alone in this. So many of us are sensitive and introverted and are consciously raising our vibration. I love knowing that we can relate to each other and can support each other as we honor our bodies and our souls and give ourselves what we need in order to function at our highest, most loving level.

Our sensitivity is a gift that is meant to be nurtured and cherished. And giving ourselves time alone to honor our needs is such a beautiful way to walk through life.  

If you aren’t already giving yourself this gift, please do. Your body and soul will thank you in such loving ways. We’re all so deserving and so worthy of this conscious kind of self love and self acceptance.

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