Love, Trust, Live + A New Journal!

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I’ve been feeling extra close to my soul lately. I can hear its whispers louder than ever before, and I am listening.

I love mantras: easy-to-remember phrases that help ground us in our truth. As I sat down to create this morning, the words “Love. Trust. Live.” came through from my soul. Immediately, I felt at ease and filled with an inner knowing that this was coming from something deep within me – something that was connected with all that is. And the more I sat with it, the more it resonated. The more I took it into my heart, the more it felt like a part of myself that I had come home to.

Each of the words on their own are powerful. And when put together, they build on each other and have the ability to create pure magic. 

I’ve been focusing on Love for many years now. Meeting my husband 13.5 years ago helped me open my heart to a deep, soulful love that paved the way to loving expansion and heart-centered openness. This love began to flow past us and into the world – helping me see others through this lens as well. And now, I’m even taking steps to see myself through this loving lens – to set aside the critic and shower myself with unconditional love and support. So I’m feeling really good about this part of the mantra and feel it already as part of my daily experience.

And now I see that my soul is asking me to bring the other two words into my world as well: Trust and Live.

Like many of us, I haven’t always had an easy time trusting others. For years, I have been the kind of person who just assumed that I was the only one I could count on and so it was up to me to make things happen. Living in this walled-up world wasn’t a lot of fun though, and it’s been my heart’s desire to let the walls down and let others in. And so, slowly, over the years I’ve been consciously doing exactly that. I’ve been sharing my heart with others and allowing myself to be vulnerable. And, for the most part, it’s been really wonderful to feel the love pouring in. Not every experience has been positive, though, and I have been hurt along the way. But still, there’s a big part inside of me that knows that this is the way forward – trusting others, trusting myself, and trusting the universe. Surrendering. Letting go. Easing up. And so I’m taking my soul’s advice to heart and will allow myself to trust more and more.

The final piece of the mantra is Live, which if I’m being completely honest, is something that I am feeling the most detached from in this moment. To me, living equals joy – unbridled bliss. Happiness. Elation. Life-affirming moments that have you smiling from ear to ear. I have experienced this, and I do know how amazing it feels to live this way. But I want to set the intention to extend these moments and also find happiness in all of the moments – not just the ones where joy comes easily. I want to stop putting conditions on when I’ll start truly living or when I’ll be ready to experience joy and simply live. My soul knows this, and this was the loving nudge that I needed to bring this into my awareness and be able to fully embody it.

I’ll be taking these words into my heart more and more over the coming days. There is a lightness to them and a loving energy to them and a strength to them – all things that I am ready to say yes to and bring more of into my life.

A New Journal!

I was feeling so inspired by this mantra and the insight and emotions that it brought up within me that I decided to create art around it and put it on a journal cover. I repeated the words to show how it’s not something that we do once and then complete. This mantra is a way of being – something that we get to consciously continue forever. And I made them subtle because they came to me as whispers – not a “beat you over the head” demand but more a loving suggestion.

It’s my hope that this drawing and journal will also inspire you to go within and take this mantra into your own heart as well.

love trust live journal

click to enlarge

This cute journal measures 4.25″x5.5″) and contains 50 inside pages (made with 100% recycled paper).

I’m offering an introductory special, too! You can order in quantities or 1, 3, or 5 – the more you buy, the more you save! 

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This special offer ends on May 15th.

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Whether you order the journal or not, it’s my heart’s desire that you take the spirit of the drawing into your soul and let it sit there for a long while. Love. Trust. Live. Love. Trust. Live. Love. Trust. Live. And repeat, and repeat, and repeat.

It truly is a recipe for a wonderful life. It’s what I’m focusing on, and I hope you’ll focus on it as well.



P.S. – If you have any questions about ordering, please email me here:

I’ll Be Happy When…

happiness with background

We’ve all said it. We’ve all thought it. We’ve all felt it. And we’ve all believed it. 

The “I’ll be happy when…” illusion/trap. 

“I’ll be happy when I meet my soulmate.”

“I’ll be happy when my finances all come together.”

“I’ll be happy when I quit my job and leap into my soul’s calling.”

“I’ll be happy when my body feels healthier.”

“I’ll be happy when I get to wherever it is that I want to get to. Then, everything will come together. Then, the stars will align. Then, life will be pure bliss, and I will be in absolute heaven. Until then, though, I guess I’ll just wait for happiness – postpone it since I know it’s just around the corner.” 

Does any of this sound familiar to you? It certainly does to me.

I’ve been using the “I’ll be happy when…” phrase (both consciously and also subconsciously) for most of my life. In fact, I found myself using it just the other day when I was talking to my sweetie, Dan.

My dream is to move to the beach and to live a completely peaceful life there. And I know that this move is somewhere in my future, and I know that the ocean and I will be best friends when the time is right. And I know that I’ll be happy there.

But what about now? This moment? My present reality?

Why am I putting off happiness simply because I’m not exactly where I want to be?

I’ve been focusing on all of my dreams that are in the future and all of my lack of dreams that are in the present. But that’s not really fair – because when I stop and think about it, I have so many potential happiness inducers all around me. I’ve been so busy putting parameters around my own happiness that I just about missed embracing my currently available happiness.

It’s true that right here in this moment, my life doesn’t feel like a particularly good incubator for growing happiness. I’m currently sick with a chest cold; we still are taking care of a dog that we found who takes a lot of time and energy; I don’t currently live at the beach; my book is taking longer to write than I originally thought; I’m in my eighth month on the couch from adrenal fatigue….and, just as I was writing this, my cat puked all over our bed. Blah, blah, blah…

Yes, all of this is true. And yes, I could make a great case for why this isn’t the perfect time to feel happy.

But that really would make me miserable, wouldn’t it? And I actually don’t want to feel miserable. I want to feel happy.

So instead, I’m going to do my best to eliminate the “I’ll be happy when…” phrase from my vocabulary completely. I’m going to do my best to fully embrace all of the good in my life rather than focus on what’s not quite how I want it to be or focusing on how I hope my future will be.

And it’s really not hard to do once I make the decision to shift my focus:

  • I am so happy that I have an amazing husband who loves me so beautifully.
  • I am so happy that I have three sweet cats who make me laugh everyday.
  • I am so happy that I have such a nurturing relationship with my mom.
  • I am so happy that I have dear friends who love me for me.
  • I am so happy that I get to spend all of this time on the couch – healing and resting and nurturing my soul.
  • I am so happy that I live in such a beautiful place where I look out my back door and see a beautiful field and green mountains.
  • I am so happy that I get to spend each day writing and creating – two things that feed my soul.
  • I am so happy that I get to connect with others from all over the world – that we really truly see each other at the soul level.
  • I am so happy that I am alive in this day and age – with all of the advances in technology that make all of this connection possible.
  • I am so happy that I get to choose what I will focus on and what I will embrace.
  • I am so happy that I am so happy. It feels good, and I love that I can do this any time I want to.
  • I am so happy that I don’t have to wait for happiness. That I don’t have to wait for everything to line up perfectly and exactly how I planned for it to in order to feel at peace. I am so happy that I can be happy right here in this exact moment simply by choosing to be.

This is what I wish for all of us – to remember that happiness is a moment-by-moment choice. I forget that sometimes, and I’m so happy that my soul always, always, always bring me right back.

If you also have a tendency to get stuck in the “I’ll be happy when…” mindset, I would love to invite you to join me in removing this from your vocabulary, too. Let’s focus on being happy NOW!



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You’re Allowed to Change

teeny-changeI’ve been seeing something a lot lately in several of the online groups that I’m part of. There’s sort of this notion that if we start something, we have to see it through. That if something was once our dream, then it must always stay our dream. That if we take the leap to pursue our soul’s purpose – if we drop everything else in our life and move mountains to make this happen and to see it through – then we have to stick with it forever. Because it’s our purpose, right? It’s our dream. And it’s just what we’re meant to do.

And I agree with this, in the sense that it was exactly what we were meant to do. When we first heard that whisper and first took that leap, it was our dream. And when we made the plans to see it through, it was our purpose. And at first it felt amazing and heart-centered and perfectly aligned with who we were.

But sometimes (oftentimes) we grow out of our dream. And sometimes (oftentimes) our purpose expands and shifts and grows as we expand and shift and grow. And part of our job here on Earth is to give ourselves permission to say goodbye to one dream to make room for another – to thank it for helping us reach this next level of consciousness – to appreciate it for allowing us to gain insight and awareness. And then to bravely allow ourselves to walk away from it and walk toward the new whispers that we’re feeling called to – our new soul’s purpose – whatever it is that we currently, in this exact moment, feel aligned with.

It’s not always easy to walk away from something that we’ve been so passionate about and that we’ve put so many hours into and that we’ve potentially built from the ground up and poured our blood, sweat, tears, and happiness into. We know this dream. We’re comfortable with this dream. We may not currently be fulfilled or happy with it, but it’s ours. It’s a part of us – a piece of us – that we’re leaving behind. And that can feel scary to say goodbye to.

So it makes sense that even if we feel that the dream no longer fits us and even if we know deep in our heart that we’re no longer aligned with it, we stay. And we hope and pray that things will eventually feel good again. We hope and pray that eventually we’ll feel passionate about it again. We hope and pray that it will all make sense again.

Except it won’t. It can’t. Because we have grown, and we can’t go back. We can’t take back all of our expansion and growth simply because we want to feel comfortable again or not have to start over again. We just can’t. No matter how much we want to. But maybe, just maybe, if we step back and get some perspective around it – we will realize that we wouldn’t want to even if we could. We will realize that we are who we are right now is because this past dream and this past purpose has led us here. We have received all of the gifts that it had to offer. And so we’ll never completely leave the dream behind – it will forever be part of us. And we’ll be who we’ll be by saying yes to our current soul’s whispers and leaping into the next dream and purpose. And it goes on and on and on if we allow ourselves to embrace this change and growth throughout our entire life.

It’s up to each of us. Truly it is.

I’ve experienced this in the past when I knew it was time to say goodbye to my gift business. And I’m experiencing it now when I know that so much of my soul’s purpose is changing, and I’m feeling called to serve in different ways then before. And I have been dragging my feet because I am afraid. I have been kicking and screaming and coming up with every excuse to not have to move forward because I have been living my dream life for many years, and a huge part of me wishes that it was still my dream. But it’s not. I’ve grown. I’ve changed. And so it’s time for me to see this as a gift rather than a curse. It’s a good thing. I’ll be saying yes more and more to my current purpose – the one that feels right for me now. And I’ll be leaving behind any part of my past dream that no longer aligns with that and sending it off with love and gratitude for all of the gifts and growth that it has given to me.

It’s my hope that if you’re also feeling this tug toward change, that you give yourself permission to do so. That you allow yourself to move forward. That’s why we’re here. And there’s so much loving grace in that.



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Free Soul Clarity Message + New Ecourse!

*** Thank you to everyone who participated in the readings! I’ll be back again next month for more! ***

Happy April! It’s that time again where I’ll pull one Soul Clarity Card for each person who leaves a comment below!

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It’s a 4-week ecourse/party, and it includes workbooks, videos, meditations, and bonus articles. Dan’s done such a beautiful job putting this together, and I hope you’ll come join the fun! :)

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I believe that the answers are always within us, but sometimes our light gets covered up by life – all of the to-dos and the shoulds and work and errands and hurt and anger and all sorts of gunk. And it can be hard to sift through all of that and find our way home – back to our soul. These cards are a tool to help you on your journey back home.

Each card contains words that your soul needs you to hear. And whichever card you choose will be exactly the one you need in that exact moment. That’s just how it works!

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Here’s how it works: I’ll pull one card for anyone who leaves a comment at the end of the post by 11:59 pm pst today (4/1/15)! If your comment is posted before then, I promise I will pull a card for you. Each month when I open this up, I receive hundreds of requests, so please be patient with me. (If you happen to miss this deadline, please know that I’ll do it again on 5/1.)

All you have to write is “Yes, please!” or something similar. Please don’t feel that you need to share what you are looking to heal or what you would like guidance for. You are more than welcome to, but it’s not necessary. I know that this can be very personal, and your soul and the universe already know what you need. (If you are reading this via a reader or email, please click here to be taken to the post.)

A technical tip for you: To be able to find your comment and not receive a barrage of emails by subscribing to comments, you can go to the comments page and do a search for your name. (On a PC, you press the “control” button + the “f” button.) This makes it super easy to scroll to your name and your reading. :)

Big hug to each of you.

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Loving Lessons from My Furry Friends (Plus an Invitation)

jodi and biddleIt’s no secret that I’m an animal lover. For almost 40 years, I’ve always had a furry pet friend in my life. And when I haven’t, I’ve felt like a piece of me was missing.

As a child, I used to dress up my cats (which I’m sure they loved) and push them around in a baby buggy. As a teenager, I would hold my cats and cry into their fur over one heartbreak or another. As a young adult, I received countless hours of joy from my ferrets – laughing at their silly antics. And as an adult, my furry friends have continued to help me get through life’s ups and downs. They are so wise and soulful and connected to the universe, and I have learned so much from them.

While I know that I’ll continue learning from my furry friends, here’s a bit of what they’ve taught me so far:

  • Life happens in the present moment. I’ve been a worrier for most of my life, and I’m constantly thinking about what’s going to happen in the future. Animals, however, generally don’t think about the past or the future. They are simply in this exact moment. They don’t hang onto hurt and regret, and they don’t feel anxious about what’s about to happen. Hanging out with them over the years has helped me be better able to embrace the present and really stay in it, which I’m so grateful for.
  • Having fun is what it’s all about. There is something truly heart-opening when you see animals enjoying themselves (which is often). Watching a dog run at full speed through the yard or a cat jump up to play with a toy or ferrets jump around on the bed and wrestle with each other brings such joy to my heart. I tend to be on the serious side, and seeing this unbridled joy really helps me be able to embrace my own joy and give myself permission to let loose and have fun.
  • It’s okay to trust. We’ve all been hurt before, and it’s perfectly natural to close our hearts a bit when this happens. I’ve had many animals in my life who came from homes where they were abused or neglected, and they still had open hearts and the ability to trust. I’m so inspired by this openness, and it’s helped me be able to keep my own heart open as well.
  • Self care is crucial. I have a tendency to put my own self care at the bottom of my priority list. Being around cats has helped me see that it’s okay to practice self care. They tend not to worry about anyone else. If they are hungry and someone else is eating from their bowl, they will chase them away. They don’t worry that the other cat’s feelings will be hurt or that they won’t like them or they will be mad at them. They simply act in a way that takes care of themselves. While I do think there is a happy medium where we can take care of ourselves while not hurting others, just seeing this example has been so enlightening.
  • Love is everywhere, and it’s unconditional. I have felt such unconditional love from all of the furry friends that I’ve been blessed to know throughout my life. They never judged me or wanted me to change in any way – they simply loved me for me. And that deep kind of love helped me see that it was possible to find it in my relationships with people, too.

I currently share my life with three wonderful cats: Biddle, Buncom, and Elsie. Biddle and Buncom are six-year-old brothers who were feral and born in the snow. A kind man found them and brought them in, warmed them up, and saved their lives. Biddle is our comic relief – he’s always making us laugh. Buncom is part thug/part baby. He definitely keeps us on our toes, and I love him fiercely. We found Elsie four years ago outside our home and are so glad she came into our life. She’s such a sweetheart.

Here they are:

biddle on table

monkey and toy


I have had to say goodbye to so many beautiful furry souls throughout my life. And what I know for sure is that love never dies – it just takes a different form. Each animal that I have ever loved holds a piece of my heart. I feel them always, and I know that we will forever be connected. I also know that they are watching over me and are helping to guide me along this Earth journey. And at some point (hopefully many, many years from now), we’ll all get to have a big reunion and celebration together.

Our furry friends add so much to our life, and I am so, so grateful that I get to wake up each day to my sweet babies. It’s a true blessing.

If you’re also an animal lover, I would love to invite you to this free challenge that my friend, Andrea Bryant, has created! It’s called the “Pet Love-Fest Challenge: 10 Days of Pet Love, Connection, and Celebration,” and it begins on April 8th! I’ve just joined, and I look forward to being part of it!

Pet Love Fest Banner 600x225

Andrea & BellaAndrea and I met through Soul Shakers (the online group that I co-facilitate with my husband), and I’ve gotten to know her really well over the past year.

We immediately bonded on how much we love our animals, and I just love her pure, open heart.

She has the cutest bunnies, Mr. Fergus and Phoebe, and I love how she is living her soul’s purpose by helping others connect with animals and through that be able to embrace their lives.

Here’s a bit of what’s included in this free challenge:

  • Daily emails with helpful suggestions to connect with your pet
  • A private Facebook group to connect with other animal lovers
  • Journaling exercises
  • A video tutorial especially for pet parents
  • PDF worksheets
  • A pet meditation

I love how each day during this challenge has a theme. Here are the details:

  • Day 1: Gratitude
  • Day 2: Bonding Fun
  • Day 3: Meditation Journey
  • Day 4: How it Began
  • Day 5: Flying Your Pet-Loving Flag
  • Day 6: Childhood Memories
  • Day 7: Celebration Time
  • Day 8: Love, Love, Love
  • Day 9: Photo Fun
  • Day 10: Lessons Learned

Andrea has put so much love and care into creating this challenge, and I hope you’ll join in the celebration! I know it will be fun, soulful, and heart expanding for you and also for your furry friends.

Click here to sign up for this free challenge!

I look forward to learning more about your pets (and you!) during this time together.