Loving Lessons from My Furry Friends (Plus an Invitation)

jodi and biddleIt’s no secret that I’m an animal lover. For almost 40 years, I’ve always had a furry pet friend in my life. And when I haven’t, I’ve felt like a piece of me was missing.

As a child, I used to dress up my cats (which I’m sure they loved) and push them around in a baby buggy. As a teenager, I would hold my cats and cry into their fur over one heartbreak or another. As a young adult, I received countless hours of joy from my ferrets – laughing at their silly antics. And as an adult, my furry friends have continued to help me get through life’s ups and downs. They are so wise and soulful and connected to the universe, and I have learned so much from them.

While I know that I’ll continue learning from my furry friends, here’s a bit of what they’ve taught me so far:

  • Life happens in the present moment. I’ve been a worrier for most of my life, and I’m constantly thinking about what’s going to happen in the future. Animals, however, generally don’t think about the past or the future. They are simply in this exact moment. They don’t hang onto hurt and regret, and they don’t feel anxious about what’s about to happen. Hanging out with them over the years has helped me be better able to embrace the present and really stay in it, which I’m so grateful for.
  • Having fun is what it’s all about. There is something truly heart-opening when you see animals enjoying themselves (which is often). Watching a dog run at full speed through the yard or a cat jump up to play with a toy or ferrets jump around on the bed and wrestle with each other brings such joy to my heart. I tend to be on the serious side, and seeing this unbridled joy really helps me be able to embrace my own joy and give myself permission to let loose and have fun.
  • It’s okay to trust. We’ve all been hurt before, and it’s perfectly natural to close our hearts a bit when this happens. I’ve had many animals in my life who came from homes where they were abused or neglected, and they still had open hearts and the ability to trust. I’m so inspired by this openness, and it’s helped me be able to keep my own heart open as well.
  • Self care is crucial. I have a tendency to put my own self care at the bottom of my priority list. Being around cats has helped me see that it’s okay to practice self care. They tend not to worry about anyone else. If they are hungry and someone else is eating from their bowl, they will chase them away. They don’t worry that the other cat’s feelings will be hurt or that they won’t like them or they will be mad at them. They simply act in a way that takes care of themselves. While I do think there is a happy medium where we can take care of ourselves while not hurting others, just seeing this example has been so enlightening.
  • Love is everywhere, and it’s unconditional. I have felt such unconditional love from all of the furry friends that I’ve been blessed to know throughout my life. They never judged me or wanted me to change in any way – they simply loved me for me. And that deep kind of love helped me see that it was possible to find it in my relationships with people, too.

I currently share my life with three wonderful cats: Biddle, Buncom, and Elsie. Biddle and Buncom are six-year-old brothers who were feral and born in the snow. A kind man found them and brought them in, warmed them up, and saved their lives. Biddle is our comic relief – he’s always making us laugh. Buncom is part thug/part baby. He definitely keeps us on our toes, and I love him fiercely. We found Elsie four years ago outside our home and are so glad she came into our life. She’s such a sweetheart.

Here they are:

biddle on table

monkey and toy


I have had to say goodbye to so many beautiful furry souls throughout my life. And what I know for sure is that love never dies – it just takes a different form. Each animal that I have ever loved holds a piece of my heart. I feel them always, and I know that we will forever be connected. I also know that they are watching over me and are helping to guide me along this Earth journey. And at some point (hopefully many, many years from now), we’ll all get to have a big reunion and celebration together.

Our furry friends add so much to our life, and I am so, so grateful that I get to wake up each day to my sweet babies. It’s a true blessing.

If you’re also an animal lover, I would love to invite you to this free challenge that my friend, Andrea Bryant, has created! It’s called the “Pet Love-Fest Challenge: 10 Days of Pet Love, Connection, and Celebration,” and it begins on April 8th! I’ve just joined, and I look forward to being part of it!

Pet Love Fest Banner 600x225

Andrea & BellaAndrea and I met through Soul Shakers (the online group that I co-facilitate with my husband), and I’ve gotten to know her really well over the past year.

We immediately bonded on how much we love our animals, and I just love her pure, open heart.

She has the cutest bunnies, Mr. Fergus and Phoebe, and I love how she is living her soul’s purpose by helping others connect with animals and through that be able to embrace their lives.

Here’s a bit of what’s included in this free challenge:

  • Daily emails with helpful suggestions to connect with your pet
  • A private Facebook group to connect with other animal lovers
  • Journaling exercises
  • A video tutorial especially for pet parents
  • PDF worksheets
  • A pet meditation

I love how each day during this challenge has a theme. Here are the details:

  • Day 1: Gratitude
  • Day 2: Bonding Fun
  • Day 3: Meditation Journey
  • Day 4: How it Began
  • Day 5: Flying Your Pet-Loving Flag
  • Day 6: Childhood Memories
  • Day 7: Celebration Time
  • Day 8: Love, Love, Love
  • Day 9: Photo Fun
  • Day 10: Lessons Learned

Andrea has put so much love and care into creating this challenge, and I hope you’ll join in the celebration! I know it will be fun, soulful, and heart expanding for you and also for your furry friends.

Click here to sign up for this free challenge!

I look forward to learning more about your pets (and you!) during this time together.



Discover Your Soul’s Purpose (A Gift for You!)


I believe that we are all born with a purpose that is the same and also unique. I think that we are all here to love, to expand, to shine our light, to enjoy our life to the fullest, and to align with our highest self. What’s really neat about our journey here on Earth is that there are so many ways to do these things – so many ways to be happy and feel at peace within our soul.

We are all completely unique, and so it makes perfect sense that how we go about living our soul’s purpose would be unique, too.

I never gave much thought to any of this for most of my life. I never thought about why I was here (if there was a reason) or what I was meant to share with the world (if anything). I was very skeptical about everything spiritual, and if I couldn’t prove it, I didn’t want to know about it. Everything changed when my first love died in 2010 and began communicating with me from the other side. What I realized (after about a year of asking for proof, proof, and more proof) is that there’s so much more to our existence than what we can see, touch, and experience here in the physical world. So much more. He shared with me that we all create a contract before we are born where we state what sort of things we would like to experience and how we would like to grow. It’s an outline, and we have complete free will to fill it in however we would like to.

Many of us don’t remember that we have this soul contract. And many of us (including me) live for years and years feeling like something is missing – like we want to have a purpose and like we know on a deep level that there is more to it all than what we’re experiencing, and yet we aren’t sure how to uncover the missing pieces.

That’s when it gets extra important to begin consciously opening up to the universe and to willingly start communicating with our soul to see what it is that we’re meant to know/remember. There are so many wonderful ways to do this. One way that I find absolutely fascinating is connecting with the Akashic Records, which are a sacred compilation that carry information about your soul. Everything that you’ve ever thought and every experience that you’ve ever had is stored within these records. And they are available to you at any moment.

I’ve had some beautiful experiences and really healing insights come up while connecting with my own records. I’ve learned that I am a teacher, and that one of my biggest strengths is to shine light on others so that they can see how amazing they truly are. I’ve learned that by shining my own light I give others permission to shine their own. And I’ve learned that the more of my authentic self I share with others, the more at peace we all feel. I’ve also learned that part of my journey includes knowing that I deserve my own care and my own love, which is something that I’ve been honoring extra over this past year.

I love finding tools that can support us along our journey. They are all around us, and sometimes it’s just a matter of us being guided along the way and introduced to new techniques.

If you’re just now learning about the Akashic Records and would like to learn more, I highly recommend connecting with my friend Jennifer Longmore from Soul Journeys®. She’s a beautiful soul who has helped over 20,000 people tap into their Akashic Records and discover why they’re here. Wow, right? We met a couple of years ago online and immediately hit it off. She’s a sweetheart, and if you’re looking to learn more about why you’re here and find out how to align with your soul, she’s a great place to start!

She has two generous offers for the Soul Speak community – one is completely free and the other is hugely discounted!  

free gift

jennifer freebie copyJennifer is offering you her free audio teaching that will help you learn how to align with your purpose; heal your mind, body, and soul; and learn how living a purpose-filled life creates a positive ripple effect all around the world!

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This once-in-a-lifetime, miracle-rich, 5-part training system is designed to teach you how to instantly access your own Akashic Record, while in the comfort of your home, so that you can access limitless divine guidance and healing around such topics as:

  • What is my soul’s purpose?
  • What are my divine gifts and talents?
  • What am I here to master and how am I here to serve?
  • How can I accelerate my soul’s journey and reach the deepest levels of consciousness?
  • How can I align all life decisions (health, wealth, relationship, etc) with my purpose?
  • How can I turn myself into an attraction magnet for all things ideal?

… and so much more. Imagine your limitless possibilities!

Jennifer created this program to teach you how you can powerfully align you to your most abundant, joyous, purpose-filled path! She’s discounted it for just $197 for everyone in the Soul Speak community (a $300 savings)!

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Have you accessed the Akashic Records before? If so, I would love for you to share your experience in the comments below. I always love hearing and seeing how unique our purposes truly are. But what I love even more than that is seeing us actually being aligned with them and living them. That’s when everything just sort of gels together and starts to make sense, which is always a good thing.

Here’s to each of us living on purpose!



Deciphering the Signs

signsIn my last post, I shared about how I’m reading E-Squared, which has me looking for signs of universal love, energy, and miracles that are all around me. It’s been exciting to open up to these signs and to really be aware of them. And what I’m seeing is that every single thing can be a sign – depending on how we look at it. And we get to decipher for ourselves what each sign means.

As many of you know, we lost our beautiful dog-ter, Xena, just over a year ago, which was followed by an intense period of grief and almost paralyzing sadness.

Everyone grieves differently. For me, it became as much a physical journey as an emotional one. I cried deeply every day for a year. I couldn’t sleep. After taking care of her and watching her vigilantly in the two years from when her health began to decline until she passed away, I found myself to in a state of complete exhaustion. My adrenal glands had been on full alert for years, and my mommy circuits were always plugged in. My body informed me that it could no longer continue in this way, and all I have been able to do for the last many months is rest and relax and heal.

jodi and xena (2) Xena is a member of my soul family, and I felt (and still feel) such a strong connection to her. I’ve received so many beautiful signs from her since she’s been on the other side. Some have been the “hit you over the head” kind, and others have been more subtle yet just as powerful. I love knowing that she’s still here loving and protecting us.

We knew after she died that we wouldn’t adopt another dog. We needed to grieve. Our bodies needed to recover. And after losing 17 furry kids in 17 years, my heart needed time to heal. I felt like this was my time to take care of myself. I’m just about to turn 40 and have been caring for animals since I can remember. I was always the one that strays found. I was the one who took them in and loved on them and gave them everything I had. And it’s been so rewarding to do that, and it’s not something that I would change. But something inside of me has been whispering over the past year or so that it’s time for me to give some of that love to myself and to honor this space of fatigue by actually resting and unplugging any circuits that aren’t absolutely essential.

I have carried this knowing in my heart for the past year, and I have begun my year of silence with this intention in mind: to rest, to relax, to recharge, and to heal – both emotionally and also physically. I’ve gotten really strong in this knowing and really secure with it. It feels right in every way.

I don’t believe that the universe tests us to see how strong our conviction is. But I do think that things happen in our life that we can grow from and learn more about ourselves in the process of experiencing them. 

daisy mae1I am currently in one such experience, and it’s been really heart and soul opening for me to go through. Last weekend, my husband and I found a sweet dog in the field behind our home. She was emaciated and couldn’t use one of her legs. She was scared and starving and exhausted. Animal services came and were going to take her, but we couldn’t imagine her going to stay in a kennel when she had already gone through so much. And so we volunteered to foster her and cover any vet bills while we looked for a forever home.

She is a sweetheart. And my heart strings started to feel tugged at each time I looked into her deep brown eyes. I completely forgot about my self-care journey and just thought about her needs and making sure she felt safe and loved and comfortable. I began to wonder if maybe we could adopt her – maybe I could somehow find the energy to take care of her – maybe she came into our life for a reason – maybe it was a sign from the universe that we were meant to be part of her family. So many maybes!

But the longer she was here, the more the maybes cleared away and I once again became clear in my own need to take care of myself. If anyone were going to sway me to adopt another animal, it would be Daisy Mae. (When I asked her what her name was, this is what I heard.) And yet, my body and my heart are absolutely certain that this is not her forever home and reminded me that sometimes I can help others in small ways without having to go all in. I realized that I could foster her for a little while and make sure she’s safe, but still honor my own needs and energy level by not making it a long-term commitment.

So here’s what I’m learning about signs: they are all around us. Everywhere. All of the time. And it’s up to us to stay on the lookout for them and then decipher their meaning. No one else can tell you what they mean. So many have told me that because Daisy came to me that it’s a sign that she is meant to stay with me. And believe me, I can see how this looks like what’s happening. But, when I’m able to span out my perspective a bit, I can see so clearly how her coming into my life was a loving reminder of how important my own self care is and a beautiful gift of remembering that I can help others while still taking care of myself.

That’s really huge for me.

And this sweet beautiful dog has given me this gift. It’s my hope that I will in turn be able to give her the gift of a forever family. 

I just love learning more about how our universe works. And I love seeing how we truly are the interpreters of our destiny. We get to sit with the signs and determine what they mean for us. That feels really empowering and loving to me, and I hope it does for you as well.

So the next time you receive what feels like a sign, please sit with it for a little while before determining what it means. And maybe refrain from asking another what they think it means until you have gotten some clarity around it first. You are truly the only one who can decipher it. You are the only one who can know how each experience feels within your own heart. That’s such a miracle.



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A Spiritual Science Experiment

download (7)

Even though I write about the soul and have frequent conversations with the universe, angels, and my spirit guides, I’m still a skeptic. I still have a logical mind that likes to see proof. Thankfully, I’ve received some amazing proof through the years to convince me that there is so much more to our universe than we can see or even imagine and to show me that we’re always loved.

I love when that happens because this proof melds my skeptical mind and loving heart together – so I can get on with life and live it to its fullest.

Today, I experienced more beautiful signs, which I wanted to share. I believe that we’re all receiving them each day, and it’s up to us to open to them and be aware of them.

I got the book E-Squared: Nine Do-It-Yourself Energy Experiments That Prove Your Thoughts Create Your Reality by Pam Grout in 2013 and began reading it. But this was around the time that our dog-ter, Xena, got sick and needed extra care and so the timing just didn’t feel right for me to go through the experiments then. Five months later, she passed away, and I went into a dark period of grief for about a year. I completely forgot about the book until recently.

We have a book club in the Soulful Life Sanctuary, and every other month we choose a new book to read together. This month, the members chose E-Squared!

Here’s what Amazon says about it:

E-Squared could best be described as a lab manual with simple experiments to prove once and for all that reality is malleable, that consciousness trumps matter, and that you shape your life with your mind. Rather than take it on faith, you are invited to conduct nine 48-hour experiments to prove there really is a positive, loving, totally hip force in the universe. Yes, you read that right. It says prove.

The experiments, each of which can be conducted with absolutely no money and very little time expenditure, demonstrate that spiritual principles are as dependable as gravity, as consistent as Newton’s laws of motion. For years, you’ve been hoping and praying that spiritual principles are true. Now, you can know.

E-Squared proves the following:

  1. There is an invisible energy force or field of infinite possibilities.
  2. You impact the field and draw from it according to your beliefs and expectations.
  3. You, too, are a field of energy.
  4. Whatever you focus on expands.
  5. Your connection to the field provides accurate and unlimited guidance.
  6. Your thoughts and consciousness impact matter.
  7. Your thoughts and consciousness provide the scaffolding for your physical body.
  8. You are connected to everything and everyone else in the universe.
  9. The universe is limitless, abundant, and strangely accommodating.


I loved that the sanctuary members chose this book, and I thought it was a perfect time to go through it and see what happened. I loved the premise of treating spirituality as a science experiment. I loved that while reading this book, we’re encouraged to find tangible proof for our connection to the energy that’s all around us. Just yesterday I started the first experiment, and I wanted to share some of my results.

The first experiment asks you to set the intention that a blessing will come into your life from the universe within 48 hours. Your only job is to stay open to it and be on the lookout.

So last night, at 9:18 pm, I declared to the universe that I was ready for a blessing and looked forward to receiving it within 48 hours. About 45 minutes after setting the intention, I had a strong urge to search for a book online to help me with a project that I’m working on. The first one that came up is by someone that I had in mind to reach out to when the project was finished, and I didn’t even know she wrote a book about it. It was such validation that I’m on the right track, which is always so reassuring. This confirmation brought chills all over my body.

While I knew that this was a blessing, I didn’t want to stop there. I knew that I still had 47 hours to go, and I certainly wasn’t going to limit myself to just one. So I continued to stay open for more to arrive.

When I woke up this morning, I noticed a strand of Xena’s fur in the bathroom – glistening in the light. We used to find her fur all of the time right after she died, but it’s been a long time since I’ve seen any. I knew that it was her letting me know that she was still here with me.

A few hours later, Dan and I were outside eating our lunch. I looked down and saw another piece of her fur in my salad – again, glistening in the light. I pulled it out and taped it to a piece of paper so I wouldn’t lose it. Just a minute or so after, Dan found a piece of her fur, too. So he went inside and taped it to the same piece of paper. While he was inside, a feather flew over me and landed in the grass where she used to go, and it’s made up of her exact colors: white, gray, and black. We were shocked and humbled and in awe. We knew that she was right there with us.

I then came inside to get back to work and saw an email from a customer that had come in at the same time we found the feather. Out of the clear blue, she mentioned that after her dog died, she would receive feathers from him to let her know that she was on the right track. She had no idea what had just transpired – I hadn’t told anyone since it had just happened.

This entire episode brought tears to my eyes. I have felt Xena with me ever since she left, but to see such clear signs that she’s still here is so heartwarming. There’s so much uncertainty in my life right now, and I feel that her visit is helping me remember that I’m on the right track – with the book that I found yesterday and with the fur and feather today. It’s loving guidance to encourage me to keep moving forward and to keep staying in a high vibration. When I’m in this vibration, I get to communicate with her and with the universe. I get to plug in. And I’ve been reminded of this today, which is something that I’ll carry with me forever.

I still have about 30 hours left with this experiment. I have no idea if any other miracles will take place, but I’m definitely staying open to the possibility!

If you’ve already read the book, I would love to hear about your experience below! You can also join us in the sanctuary and talk about it with the other members. If you haven’t read it, I highly recommend it! I’m just getting started and am already so excited about it. You can order it here.



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Free Soul Clarity Message + Monthly Special!

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Soul Clarity Cards

The Soul Clarity Card deck includes 48 cards to help you get clarity on what your soul wants you to know. They come wrapped up in an organza bag and include an amethyst gemstone (which helps you connect with your soul).

My soul speaks to me in concise phrases, and so I created these cards with that in mind.

Each card contains a guided action for you to consider – something to help you live soulfully and mindfully.

I believe that the answers are always within us, but sometimes our light gets covered up by life – all of the to-dos and the shoulds and work and errands and hurt and anger and all sorts of gunk. And it can be hard to sift through all of that and find our way home – back to our soul. These cards are a tool to help you on your journey back home.

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And now, it’s time for your free message!

Here’s how it works: I’ll pull one card for anyone who leaves a comment at the end of the post by 11:59 pm pst today (3/1/15)! If your comment is posted before then, I promise I will pull a card for you. Each month when I open this up, I receive hundreds of requests, so please be patient with me. (If you happen to miss this deadline, please know that I’ll do it again on 4/1.)

All you have to write is “Yes, please!” or something similar. Please don’t feel that you need to share what you are looking to heal or what you would like guidance for. You are more than welcome to, but it’s not necessary. I know that this can be very personal, and your soul and the universe already know what you need. (If you are reading this via a reader or email, please click here to be taken to the post.)

A technical tip for you: To be able to find your comment and not receive a barrage of emails by subscribing to comments, you can go to the comments page and do a search for your name. (On a PC, you press the “control” button + the “f” button.) This makes it super easy to scroll to your name and your reading. :)

Big hug to each of you.

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