soarDo you believe that you have a say in how your life turns out?

Do you believe that you get to choose how you spend your time, who you spend your time with, and how you live your life?

Do you?

For many, many years I didn’t believe this. For many, many years I handed over my destiny to others. I suppose I believed that they knew more than I did. I suppose I believed that they could guide my life better than I could. I suppose I believed that it was just easier, actually. Easier to live in the shadows and watch to find out how my life played out. Easier to be passive. Just easier.

And then one day I looked around and I found that my life truly wasn’t my own. By handing my destiny over to another, I also handed over my heart, my soul, my truth, my knowing, my awareness, my awakeness, ME.

And that just no longer felt okay. And so I began gather up my destiny from all of those I had given it to – some knew of the control they had and others had absolutely no idea (it was just sort of an energetic exchange that they weren’t even aware of). But in either case, there came a moment when I began taking it back. And, I became the sole caretaker of my own destiny.

And it was amazing. It was empowering. It was awe-inspiring. It was soul-nourishing. It was hope-inducing. It was life-affirming.

I was home again.

Yes, perhaps it would have been easier in some ways to continue going about my life pretending that I didn’t have any control over it. Yes, perhaps it would have been easier to continue allowing others to make the decisions and pay my way and help me know what to think and how to feel. Perhaps.

And yes, perhaps I wouldn’t have stumbled as often or cried as much. Perhaps.

But my life wouldn’t have been my own. And I wouldn’t have been fully awake – fully present – unless I asked for (and took) my destiny back.

It belongs with me, my soul, and my higher power. That’s all. No one else.

And that feels pretty amazing.

Yes, I will make mistakes. Yes, sometimes I will flounder and flail. Yes, there will be moments where I will lose my way. Yes – all of this is bound to happen.

But I know – I know – that this destiny of mine is here to stay. I know – I know – that we’ll go places together that I never could have imagined going if I had remained in the shadows of my life. I know – I know – that my life will be far more magical and far more amazing than it ever could have been had I not asked for my destiny back. I know it.

And that feels pretty wonderful. Pretty powerful.

And now I do believe – 100% – that we have the power to create our best life. I do believe that we get to choose how our life will turn out. I do believe that we get to play an active role in our life – each moment of each day. And it all starts with taking our destiny back from anyone that we’ve ever given it to for safekeeping.

We are the keepers of our destiny – we are the only ones who can know at the soul level the way to our calling, to our happiness, to our intended purpose on this Earth.

It starts with us, and it ends with us. And all of that stuff in the middle is the fun part. It’s the experimenting part. It’s the wild ride of life that we all get to be on. It’s the journey. And we must be in control of our destiny to make this journey possible.

So, if you’ve given your power away or if you’ve asked someone else to take care of you or handle things or make it better or deal with it for you… now is your chance to thank them for taking such great care of you and your destiny (if they did). And if they didn’t, then it’s even more clear that it’s time to take control of your destiny. Now is your chance to take full ownership of your life once more.

And no, that doesn’t mean that you can’t allow others to help you ever again. And no, that doesn’t mean that you are on your own from this point forward. Far from it.

It means that you are empowering yourself and loving yourself enough and trusting yourself enough to take back your life.

It means that you will cradle your destiny in your arms. It means that you will care for your soul.

It means that you and your heart are in the driver’s seat, and you’re ready to soar together.

It means that you are ready to live fully and completely. How amazing is that?

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