We all have a dream inside of us. Yes. Every single one of us.

Some of us may know exactly what our dreams are – we have vision boards and journal entries and action plans leading us straight to our dream.

And some of us may worry that we don’t know what our dream is – we feel stuck and uncertain and wonder if maybe we are one of the few people who was born into this life without a purpose.

Whichever category you fall into, please know that we have all been there. We all have moments where we fully embrace our calling, and we also have moments where we shy away from it and maybe aren’t even sure what it is.

I definitely know what each feels like. I know how it feels to have that clear vision – to go after it and to see my dream come to life. And I also know how it feels to be lost and sad and unsure about why I was born and what I was meant to do.

I wasn’t always living my soul’s purpose. Definitely not.

Like many of us, I began my journey in this lifetime completely open to sharing my true self with the world. I believed that dreams were possible, and I lived with an open heart. I sang sweet songs about loving everything and drew pretty pictures with lots of hearts. I wrote sappy poems to everyone in my family, and I just loved how it felt to have love pouring out of me all of the time.

And then, somewhere along the way, I realized that living this way wasn’t going to work. Living with an open heart was a surefire way to get hurt. And that’s exactly what happened to me. Trusting people and being vulnerable opened me up to heartache, and so I began to close my heart. I stopped trusting. I stopped sharing my true self with others. I allowed my brain to take over, and I let it run the show for many years. My heart took a back seat, and I immersed myself with things that were logical and safe – things that couldn’t hurt me (such as statistics and skepticism and science and editing).

And this worked for a little while. But I kept hearing my soul’s tiny whisper – asking me to reconsider, asking me to just listen to it for a moment, asking me to please allow it to drive my life again.

I continued to ignore it until I couldn’t ignore it any longer. My marriage ended. I was in a horrible car accident. I lost my job. I needed to move. And my life as I knew it was gone forever.

While it didn’t feel this way at the time, looking back I can see that I was given a fresh start. While my body was healing, I was able to reflect on my life – to see how far away from my purpose I had gone. I had space to go within and get to know myself again. I was able to see that the me that I was as a child (open and loving and creative and sensitive) was the me that I truly was – this was my essence. And I wanted to nurture these parts of myself and bring them to life again.

I started dreaming for the first time in many, many years. I starting imagining how my life would be if I were living it exactly how I wanted. And I started creating a plan to help me bring it to life.

While the process was a bit convoluted and seemingly random (I definitely didn’t wake up one morning and say that I wanted to help others get in touch with their soul and reach their dreams…), looking back I can see how each experience led to the next, which led to the next, which led to where I am right now.

And what each of these experience had in common is that I said yes to them. I walked through them rather than shutting down and turning away and cowering and allowing my brain to tell me a million reasons why they didn’t make sense. 

I said yes to my life – to living my purpose. I said yes to me. 

And I am truly living my dream. I am living my purpose. I am expressing my gifts to the world. I am doing what I came here to do.

And because I have felt both sides (not living my dream and living my dream), I know how each feels. And I also know how wonderful and life-affirming it feels to move from not living on purpose to stepping into your calling and sharing your light with the world.

Bringing your dreams to life doesn’t mean that everything is all of a sudden perfect – that butterflies and rainbows follow you everywhere.

But it does mean that the possibilities are endless. It does mean that you are allowing your soul to drive, which is what connects you to the universe. It does mean that you get to share your message with the world, which only you can share. And that’s pretty wonderful. 

Wherever you are in your own journey of embracing your soul’s purpose and living your dreams, please remember that it’s just one step at a time. Just one decision to live on purpose that leads to another decision and another. And pretty soon you’ll look back and see that you’re living your dream.

Stay awake. Pay attention to your soul’s whispers. Say yes to your life. Bravely step into your dreams – one step at a time.

I know that you can. And I hope that you will. 

Here’s to all of us reaching our dreams!

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