soul-insideSometimes you can hear your soul easily and readily. Sometimes it’s right there at the tip of your heart, and the conversations flow between the two of you. And when this happens, it’s absolutely beautiful and magical and wonderful.

But sometimes you ask your soul to connect with you – to communicate with you – and you don’t hear anything. Sometimes you feel a void where your soul used to be, and you may wonder if you’ll ever feel close to it again.

In my own life, I’ve found that while my soul is always a part of me, and it’s always there and waiting for me to connect with it, sometimes it takes a little bit longer to sink into its wisdom if I’ve been in a pattern of running and busyness and avoidance of it. 

And when that happens, it just requires a bit more time of sitting still and being quiet and allowing the guidance to soak in.

Because what I know is true is that our soul never leaves us. Our soul IS us. And so it’s absolutely impossible for us to exist without it. We ARE it. 

But… sometimes our humanness gets in the way of our direct connection with our soul, right?

That’s where I am right now. I’ve been on a whirlwind of life experiences, and each one (amazing or challenging) seemed to create a distraction between me and my soul. It seemed to create distance and forgetting and disconnection.

But because I know that my soul is always here and because I have faith and believe that I can always reconnect with it, I am able to ease into this remembering, and I am able to allow myself to slow down and come home again.

If you’re feeling this disconnection, too, please join me in sitting still and being quiet and allowing yourself to hear the whispers again, to feel the love coming from within, to remember the connection that is always inside of you – the plug that connects you to the universe. 

Rather than freaking out or beating yourself up or feeling sad that you feel far from your soul, give yourself permission to reconnect. Give yourself space to feel whole again. Give yourself time to breathe into this magical part of your being.

Because when you do these things, your soul will rejoice and will be so happy that you’ve remembered YOU. Your soul will embrace you wholeheartedly, and it will invite you to continue this opening and allowing and listening and surrendering. And that’s such a beautiful thing.

Our soul is always with us. Even when we feel distant from it. We can choose to reconnect with this wise part of us. We can choose to come home. 

This magical place is always available to us. It’s always inside of us. And I love that.

So I invite you to spend some time in stillness today – reconnecting with your soul. I know that you’ll feel more grounded and filled with love after you do. 🙂

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embrace life ad