I’m so excited about this special day! It’s a day just for you, plus I get to introduce you to our brand new Soulful Journal! (Keep reading to find out about our super special offer that’s just for you!)

Did you know that you officially have permission to love yourself a bit extra today? Did you know that you have permission to give yourself a extra time and attention and care today?

It’s true. It’s Self-Love Day. Yay! Thanks so much, Christine Arylo for creating such a powerful day.

It means that you get to do exactly what you want all day long. It means that you get to leave the guilt behind and embrace your own needs. It means that you get to put yourself on the to-do list and schedule yourself in. It means that you get to practice a whole lot of self care today.

Yes. I know. We could be doing these things every day.

But do we? Or are we pushing ourselves so hard and then crashing at the end of the day – thinking that maybe, just maybe, we’ll fit ourselves in tomorrow? Are we dreaming about the day when we can just rest and pamper ourselves a bit, but then all of our “have tos” take over and we forget about our own needs?

I know. Me, too.

And that’s why I love this Self-Love Day even more. There is something very official about having an entire day that is just for us. It feels good to know that we’re all going to be declaring this day for ourselves. I can feel the energy from it, and I absolutely am on board!

Let’s take today to remember how special we are, how deserving we are, how amazing we are, how loved we are. And let’s treat ourselves to some extra TLC today. Let’s look within our soul and ask it what it needs from us today. Some rest? Some time alone? A long, hot bath? Some time to read? A smoothie?

Let’s take this day to remember that we are worthy of our own love – so worthy of it. 

Let’s remember that we won’t have anything to give if our own cup is empty. And that we’ll be a much fuller, more fulfilled, more grounded, and more loving person if we just take some time first to take care of ourselves.

It’s definitely not selfish to love yourself. It’s essential for your soul. Absolutely essential. 

  • What can you do today to love yourself a little more?
  • How can you honor your own needs and put yourself first?
  • How can you schedule time for yourself?
  • How can you let your friends and family know that this is your day, and that you will be taking some special time for yourself?
  • How can you show yourself that you matter?

Because you do. And you’re so deserving of this special day – this day that’s just for you.

So how will you love yourself a bit extra today? 


We just released a new book in our Soulful Journals series that is exactly perfect for today! It’s called, Self Care from the Inside Out: 50 Ways to Give Yourself the Love You Deserve!

I’m excited to share about it + offer a very special discount + bonus gift just for you!

Do you ever feel run down, burned out, or just plain tired? Do you spend so much time and energy on others that you neglect your own needs and desires? Wouldn’t you love to receive the gift of feeling renewed, re-energized, and fully alive?

Well, there’s good news: you can give yourself this gift… by practicing self care! And this book can show you how—with dozens of self-care exercises, writing prompts, and fun activities to help build your self esteem, nurture yourself, and experience more love—inside and out!

This book is divided into two parts:

Part I: Inner Self Care focuses on the attitude, mindset, thoughts, and emotions that instill you with healthy self esteem.

Part II: Outer Self Care is where you get to express that healthy self esteem through fun, self-nourishing activities.

By taking the journey of Self Care from the Inside Out , you’re certain to boost your confidence, enjoy your life more, and have more to give others…while giving yourself the love you deserve!

Here is an excerpt from Part 1: 

Your Self-Care History

Whether self care has been the norm or the exception in your life, you can certainly find at least one time when you practiced self care – whether it was a small, one-time treat or an ongoing healthy practice.

Write about a time when you took care of yourself – at least to some extent. What did you do? How did it feel? If it’s something you no longer do, would you like to resume this practice (or something similar)?

Here is an excerpt from Part 2:

Nourishing Your Spirit

Most people would agree that you’re more than just a body and a brain. You might call that non-physical part your heart, your soul, or your spirit.

Regardless of how you define this part of you, it’s something that flourishes when you nourish it – just like your body and mind.

Write down at least 10 ways that you can nourish your spirit (e.g., meditating, reading spiritual books, participating in a religious or spiritual community), then pick one item from the list and do it this week.


I believe that self care is absolutely essential for living a happy life, and I’m super excited for our book to help you invite it into your life in fun, lasting ways!

To celebrate its release, we’re offering it for 30% off!

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