jaden sterlingI’m super excited to introduce you to a dear friend of mine, my soul brother, Jaden Sterling! We met in 2011, and his pure heart and genuine warmth drew me to him. I love finding members of my soul family, and he’s definitely one of them!

Jaden is an amazing person who has manifested his dream life: he lives with his beautiful wife and family in a beautiful house on a lake in Canada. He has manifested a loving, spiritual life. And he has also manifested tons of money, which allows him to spend his days living exactly how he chooses to. One of the many things that I love about him is that he chooses to be of service and gives so much of himself to others. He’s truly on a mission to show others how they can also manifest their dream life, and I am so happy to share that message with you here today.

His brand-new book, The Alchemy of True Success, launches today, and I definitely recommend that you read it! Jaden is offering tons of fun bonus gifts (including one from me) if you order it today. (You can preview them here.) Keep reading to learn more about Jaden, more about his new book, and see how you can order it. 


JadenbookcoverWhat inspired you to write your book, The Alchemy of True Success?

There were several things that inspired me, however, the biggest motivating factor was I wanted to help people overcome their fears and limiting beliefs. I’ve seen too many people suffering needlessly in our developed country. All the resources are available for all of us to live abundantly and joyfully. So, then why are so many people suffering? That was the question I had to ask myself and the answer that came to me was, they don’t need to, they choose to.

We both are big believers in the Law of Attraction. We believe that what we focus on expands and what we put out comes right back. How did you start to work with these principles?

It’s a story that goes back to when I was 19, and I was teaching tennis at a country club in Florida. I’ll never forget what happened: It was early one Saturday morning, and I was at the scheduling desk with my boss who was in his 60s and was also a former tennis pro. A member of the club walked up to the desk and took out his money clip that had a wad of 100s and threw it on the desk. I stood there with my mouth wide open unable to speak because at that time that was the most money I had ever seen. My boss looked at the money jokingly and said, “Can I have that?” to which the member replied, “Sure if you need it, take it because I don’t need it.”

From that experience I took away what I call the Golden Money Rules:

  • The first golden money rule is: Give money freelyGive it freely and without expectation. This is the biggest challenge people have when it comes to money. The truth is if you want something you must first give it. The same applies to anything such as love, joy, and happiness.
  • Second rule: Let go of your attachment to money. Be like the country club member who was willing to let the money go.
  • Third rule: Be someone who is generous and everyone will think you’re successful. This is really powerful because what you think of yourself and what others think of you generally is manifested.

Before reading your book, I had never realized the difference between our soul and our spirit. Your explanation of the two was so wonderful – could you share it here, too?

I would be happy to. Your soul and spirit help you maintain your connection to the spiritual realm. If you visualize a car, your soul would be the driver of the car whereas your spirit is the gasoline or electricity (for electrical cars) that makes the car move. Your soul can be thought of as your higher-self keeping you closely connected with the Divine. Whereas, your spirit is like a cheerleader, always cheering you on and supporting you to move in the direction that is aligned with your soul and higher purpose.

We both believe that knowing and acting upon our soul’s purpose is a quick way to achieving true success. How did your purpose come to you – was it a divine download where you saw it all clearly or was it a honing of experiences over a period of time?

Great question! Looking back on my life it is clear to me now, that my purpose was shown to me on numerous occasions. At the age of 12, my mom gave me a book The Seeds of Greatness by Denis Waitley. The book’s message resonated deeply within me and I knew it was a powerful catalyst in my life. Then at age 14, I was home one morning alone and I heard a tape recording of a Wayne Dyer speech. It was odd because no one was around, but the player was on. It was one of those surreal moments where I stood in front of the tape player and listened to him speaking and thought to myself, “I can do that. I will be doing that.”

I also knew at that time I would be teaching from experience not teaching what I learned by reading a book or taking a class. So, at age 20 I got into the business world to try and figure out what it would take to live a life of true success. It took me more than 20 years to figure out what I was going to teach because I always knew I would be a teacher sharing with others what I learned and helping others know for themselves what it takes to live a life of true success. So, yes, it took time for me to put all this together; however, I did get clues very early on about my purpose. Anyone who is awake and aware is also receiving clues along the way as to their purpose and they probably got signs when they were younger too. The question is, did they acknowledge the signs?

So often, healers and those who work in this field of helping others have a hard time manifesting abundance in their own lives. You are someone who has transcended that belief and are a master at manifesting who also lives his life in the spiritual realm. I absolutely love that you are helping all of us shift our beliefs around this because you are serving as evidence that it’s possible to live in both worlds. Could you offer any advice for anyone who finds it easy to help others and offer abundance but hard to accept abundance into their own life? 

So many people struggle with this issue because of past life experiences and the “remembering” on a soul level that (one or more previous lifetimes) ended badly because of people’s fears. They just have to remember that is not the case this lifetime. As my dear friend Doreen Virtue says, this lifetime we get paid a lot of money to share our beliefs and to help elevate the collective consciousness. Enough money is available (especially in developed countries) this lifetime for everyone to live freely and abundantly; the issue really comes to whether or not someone can receive that abundance. If someone has difficulty receiving, I would like to share a quote I read that helped me change my perspective and that is: “The most generous person is the one who receives.” ~Anonymous

If you could offer just one tip for someone who is looking to achieve true success in their life, what would it be?

Take daily-inspired action. After you do, then wait to receive guidance as to the next step you need to take, and then take another step.

What does your soul want you to know?

That you are so much more powerful than you remember. Which is exactly why I wrote my book. It was a collective remembrance of that which makes us spiritual beings having a human experience.


alchemy of true success

Jaden believes that you already have everything it takes to be wildly successful. True success is about following your heart, not your head. About letting go rather than grasping. About trusting your instincts, your gut feelings. It’s about learning what Jaden calls the “alchemy” of success.

In his book, he shares how you can achieve true success by activating your mind, revitalizing your body, and reigniting your spirit!

Here are some of the critical principles of success you’ll learn from this important new book:


  • Discovering your “inner alchemist,” the key to your success
  • Letting go–a critical step to living the life you dream of
  • Learning to stop blaming the world and take personal responsibility
  • Activating the innate power of your mind
  • Locating and reigniting your passion
  • Manifesting what you envision

This is one of those rare books that can change the course of your life. You have it in you to achieve everything you have ever dreamed of. This book will take the fear away and leave you ready to take the leap!


Today only, during its official launch, an array of valuable (over $1,000 worth) of free gifts are being given away with the purchase of The Alchemy of True Success in order to kick-start sales. Click here for more information about the book, free gifts and ordering!

Thanks so much for stopping by today, Jaden! I’m so grateful that you’re a part of my life.

For those reading, you can support Jaden’s work by ordering his book and also by sharing this post on Facebook and Twitter. Let’s help spread the love!





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