I recently watched the pre-release of the wonderful new film, The Cure Is…, which is about the connection between our health, and our beliefs and thoughts.

I have long believed in the mind-body connection, and this film really solidified these beliefs even more. Years ago, I read Louise Hay’s beautiful book, You Can Heal Your Life, which was lifechanging. She helped me see that our thoughts become our reality, and we have the power to change our lives and heal our bodies.

We’ve all heard this saying:

What we think about, we bring about.

And this one, too:

What we focus on expands.

Our minds are so powerful, and I believe that we have the ability to create illness. (I’ve done it in my own body.) But we also have the power to eliminate illness. (I’ve done that, too.)

If you aren’t sure if the mind-body connection exists, think about how you felt when you were young and had to get up early for school on a day that you had a test you hadn’t studied for. I’m sure you were dragging your feet, felt tired, and dreaded going. You may have felt sick to your stomach, shaky, and even wondered if you were coming down with something. But, imagine that just as you were about to leave for school, you found out that it was cancelled due to a snowstorm. How would you feel then? Still queasy? Sick? Tired? I’m sure not – I’m sure you would feel 100% healthy in that moment, right? You would probably go outside and play in the snow, watch tv, and enjoy your free time. That’s the power of the mind-body connection.

When we are afraid and stressed and worried and sad and depressed and not living our truth in some way, our cells will respond in a way that opens the door for illness. Alternately, when we feel empowered and loving and authentic and calm and live from our hearts, we don’t leave any room in our body for illness to live. It’s amazing how this works!

In this movie, experts such as Marianne Williamson and Dr. Bernie Siegal (among several others) share about how our physical experience is a direct reflection of our thoughts and our beliefs. So if we have been focusing on illness, stress, or negativity, most likely we don’t feel healthy and filled with vitality. Our positive emotions actually strengthen our immune system though, so if we focus on love and peace and happiness, our body will be a direct reflection of that. They said that our genetic makeup really only accounts for less than 10% of illness, and so the rest is completely up to us! Isn’t that empowering to know?

I definitely recommend this movie, and I’m excited for you to watch it and really internalize it. Take it into your body, like I have, and let it sit inside your soul. We are all so powerful, and we have such a beautiful ability to live from our intuition and our hearts – living in the present moment and a loving space.

Here is the trailer for the movie:

The world premiere is on 11.11.12.

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I hope you’ll watch it. But even if you don’t, please know – really know – how powerful your thoughts are. Please know that you really can control your health. Please take a look at your beliefs and see how often you move into negative thinking.

I love that we always have a choice about how we’re going to live. In each moment, we can decide to change our thinking and release certain beliefs. We can let go of emotional baggage that we’ve been hanging onto for years. We can forgive others. We can forgive ourselves. We can love others. We can love ourselves. All of this is possible if we allow it to be possible.

And what I wish so much for all of us is that we do exactly that. That we really take in the possibility that pure health and pure well being are possible. That we are worthy of living a loving, happy, calm, abundant, healthy life.

Because we are. Truly, we are.




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