You Know What You Know

Do you trust yourself? I mean really, really trust yourself? 

If you told yourself that your house was brown, you would probably believe it. (You could just look at it and know that this was true.)

But what if you told yourself something that you knew was true, but it wasn’t as easily proved? Would you still believe yourself?

What if you felt an intuitive hit about something or someone, and you had no idea how you knew what you knew, but this hit was so strong that you just couldn’t dismiss it? Would you trust your inner knowing enough to act on it?

I was on the phone the other day with Sue from Soul Speaking, and we were talking about how it feels to be tapped on the shoulder by the universe. Sometimes, we doubt this tap – we push it aside or bury ourselves in work or simply ignore it. We don’t trust that something this beautiful and amazing could really be happening.

Many of us have had a time in our lives where we knew something – really knew it – but were afraid to trust ourselves and admit that we knew it or act on this knowing. 

I’m not entirely sure where this self doubt comes from. But I have an idea. I talk to a lot of people. Almost every day I get to connect with beautiful souls from all over the world. We share our experiences and connect on a spiritual level. These people are healers and guides who have answered the tap and are living in service to others. These are empaths, intuitives, sensitive souls whose light shines so brightly. But almost always, as we’re talking about these deep issues – such as our soul and being of service to others – it comes out that they were abused or somehow mistreated when they were children. And because of that abuse, it oftentimes took them awhile to step into their soulwork because they didn’t trust themselves enough to recognize that they were being called on.

When we are abused, we know that it’s wrong. We know it. And yet, we’re told that it’s either not really happening or that it’s okay that it’s happening. And when we hear this enough we begin to doubt our own inner knowing. We begin to wonder if we’re truly being abused at all. And then we grow up and carry this doubt with us into our adult lives. And so every time we feel an intuitive hit – a message from our soul – we question it. We wonder if it’s real. We just aren’t sure.

But we really are.

When I was writing my book, Coming Back to Life: How An Unlikely Friend Helped Me Reclaim My True Spirit (coming soon), I constantly was faced with this doubt. I was writing about my experience with communicating with someone on the other side. Because of my own childhood pain, I had closed off the part of me that was open and free and trusting for many years. And this experience shook all of that up and had me questioning everything about my life and how I was living it. I wanted proof that this was really happening. (Which I received.) But then I wanted more. And this not trusting myself and needing external validation and tangible proof continued for more than a year. Until one day I realized:

I know what I know. 

That’s it.

We all do. We all have this inner knowing that is true and pure and always there. 

And when we question ourselves, it’s simply because we haven’t dropped into this deep space of truth within us. We haven’t allowed ourselves to get to the heart of our being. We are instead operating from a space of fear and doubt and ego.

If you are one of the sensitive souls that I referenced above, please know that you know everything you need to know already. It’s all inside you, and it’s okay to trust yourself. If you were hurt in the past and began to question your own truth, just know that you can trust your truth now. You can trust yourself – your soul. It will never lead you down the wrong path – never.

Your soul is this beautiful part of you that loves you no matter what. It’s the part of you that radiates light and love. It’s the part of you that gently guides you throughout your journey here on Earth, and it never leaves you. 

Just remember that you know what you know. And once you get into that space and are able to ground it and know that this is your truth, there isn’t a single thing that can sway you. 

So if you’re currently being tapped by the universe, and you’re questioning whether it’s real – drop into your soul and you’ll know immediately that it is. If you’re being called to shine your light in some way, trust that calling. If you’re opening up to the universe in ways you never even believed were possible and you’re scared because everything is so new, trust that you’ll never be led in a direction that you aren’t meant to go in. If you’re wondering if you can truly – I mean truly – trust yourself, stop wondering and just do it.

We are each beautiful beings, and it’s time that we all began to trust how amazing we truly are. We know what we know. And that little piece of wisdom is truly big enough to change the world.


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You Know What You Know — 28 Comments

  1. Excellent post, Jodi. I’ve struggled with self-doubt for so long. I even catch myself saying, “I don’t trust myself to do that.” But the truth is, I’m way smarter and stronger than that. It’s amazing what we can do if we just trust ourselves.
    Cassandra recently posted..In the Meantime…My Profile

  2. Jodi – this is simply beautiful! You’ve captured with such certainty and sensitivity the struggle to accept our own knowing as OUR truth. Those words, “I know what I know,” had a profound effect on me when I peeled back yet another layer leading to the acceptance of my own brilliance. They are powerful, healing words. And so very true.

    Thank you for the compassion and love that you are sharing with us all. I’m honored to know you, and I eagerly anticipate the great adventures we’ve yet to share. Namaste, my friend.

  3. You’re so right, Jodi! We all have intuition, but few if any of us were taught to trust it. Also, as part of being hurt as children, we also learned since a very young age to control our environment and our lives to keep ourselves safe. That doesn’t allow us to be vulnerable and be receptive, which is what’s necessary for our inner wisdom to get our attention, for us to trust it. The ironic part is that we bring more pain and hardship on ourselves by trying to continue to control, until one day we simply can’t do it anymore, and then we experience that moment of forced surrender. And from there, we may go back and forth between trusting and not trusting and wanting to control again. And gradually, bit by bit, we surrender more and more, trust more and more. At least that has been my experience. :-) Thank you for introducing such a great topic and reminding us that we can trust. So glad you’ll be offering your ecourse that goes right along with building trust in our inner wisdom/intuition. Lots of love to you!
    Alice Chan recently posted..In the WaitingMy Profile

  4. Great points Jodi. I used to have a challenge knowing when it was intuition or something else!!! I’m getting better at just letting go, releasing what isn’t that deep inner divine spark and just walking into the light.

    You always touch my heart with your words and I thank you.

    Love Elle
    Elle recently posted..Who Else Wants More Fun And Joy In Life?My Profile

  5. What a beautiful (and true) post! The more we trust ourselves, the less external validation we need–and the less it will affect us if people try to invalidate us! We can trust that we know what’s inside us–just as we know whether or not we’re hungry, tired, or in love.
    Thank you for sharing your inner wisdom and love, Jodi! I love you!!!
    Dan recently posted..The Case of the Missing TowelsMy Profile

  6. Just beautiful, Jodi. Sometimes it’s hard to trust that inner knowing because we move at such a pace that we don’t always allow ourselves to just “be”… so then the question becomes whether we’re hearing our soul speaking, or our ego. But you’re so right – when we drop into our soul (love the way you put that), then we just know. There is no question. xoxo
    Christine (The Brighter Side of Life) recently posted..Purging to Make RoomMy Profile

  7. Loved this post, Jodi. Thanks for sharing your insights regarding learning to trust your intuition. I think that sometimes we make it too complicated–at least I do! I forget that the confirmation is the simple “ahh….yes” feeling of the soul.

    If it feels right, it is right! :)
    Steve Rice recently posted..POETRY: Just…EnoughMy Profile

  8. Great post, Jodi! Yes, sometimes I do shrug those signs off but I always regret it. I guess it take some practice to listen every time.

    Thank you!

    Love, Karina

  9. How fortunate we are that you decided that you know what you know and that’s it. It seems that any life trauma – abuse or otherwise – can cause one to doubt. My trauma happened in my early twenties and left me doubting everything for years including whether or not my house was brown. When ego steps in and takes over it is often about survival. I am happy to be back in my heart and open to the Universe’s tapping.

    Thank you for this post!

    Crystal recently posted..SlowMy Profile

  10. This is such a great confirmation of what is so true. I’m so thankful to have listened to those whispers from the universe – it took some time to truly know what that was, but so glad I was listening :). enjoyed reading this…thank you! and so glad you know you know what you know too :)
    Gina recently posted..Money Beliefs and AnxietyMy Profile

  11. Hey Jodi – the title of this post makes me thinks of Johari’s window, which has to do that which we can know or see about ourselves and that which we kind. Related though not the same thing.

    Lately I notice many self-debates on what this “reality” thing is that we live in. I know that science is very useful for many, many things…yet it also lacks explanations for many things. Especially when it comes to feeling connected and fulfilled in life.

    So tuning into that deeper, intuitive wisdom that seems to be built in to us as human beings, once we get out of the way of it, appears to lead not only to easier living, but deeper living as well. The trick is to stay in awareness for me, and not make it into a dogma however. Whenever dogma hits and this intuitive wisdom we have becomes run by beliefs and held to rules, then I think that’s when things get into trouble for people (don’t get me started on religion :).

    I might have mentioned it before but the best Theory of Reality I’ve seen yet is by Thomas Campbell. He incorporates the intuitive, theoretical and scientific in cool, wacky ways, but it really resonates with me on many levels.
    David Hamilton | Everlution recently posted..Reclaiming Your Personal Power With Possibility ThinkingMy Profile