Have you ever created something that you were really, truly proud of?
Something where your essence came through in each and every part of it? Something that oozed YOU throughout it?

And what if – in addition to being super proud of yourself for creating this certain something – you knew that this creation could really, truly help others? What if you had given your heart and soul to it because you believed that someone else’s heart and soul would benefit greatly from it?

Have you ever felt this?

I’m guessing that you have. I’m guessing that we all have.

What happened after you created it? Most likely, you wanted to share it with others. You wanted to share it with the world. Your enthusiasm about your creation was almost palpable – this NEEDED to be seen and shared and loved. Its only purpose in life was to help others and add love to the world.

And you KNEW that!

And in a perfect world, you would climb up on your rooftop and shout it to anyone who would listen: “I created this wonderful something, and everyone needs to know about it!”

But we don’t do that, do we? Because this world that we live in isn’t exactly perfect (well, actually it is, but we don’t always see it that way – right? This is definitely a topic for another day…). Anyway – somewhere along the way while we were busy being human and navigating our way through this world, we learned a few things:

  • Bragging is bad.
  • Pride is a sin.
  • Confidence means arrogance.
  • Self promotion is an absolute no-no.
  • Making money off of products that are meant to help others is just not right.

Yikes. Well, I guess we won’t be telling the world about our super amazing creation then, will we?

We know too well how it feels to be chastised for sharing our creation that we felt so excited about and proud of. It feels horrible. Because there is that unspoken (and sometimes even spoken) rule that it isn’t right to share, brag, or promote our own work. But even more than that: there is the unspoken rule that it is sleazy to do this. Yuck.

And with learning that and feeling that and really taking that in for many, many years from childhood to adulthood, we stopped sharing. And we even started playing the game of chastising ourselves when we tried to step out of this belief system and share and be proud and promote. And our ego – that part of us who tries so hard to protect us and keep us safe – seemed to always step in and ask:

  • “Who do you think you are?”
  • “Your ego is way too big.”
  • “You need to be put in your place.”

You may have said these things out loud, but even if you haven’t – somewhere deep inside you, I would argue that these thoughts are floating around.

What’s funny is that you can support others and promote others and share everyone else’s creations until the cows come home and you’re blue in the face (and any other cliches you can think of), but you just can’t seem to be able to do the same for yourself.

So how do we get out of this sleazy spiral of not feeling good about self promotion that just makes everyone feel like crap?

  • We consciously choose to break through it.
  • We realize that we are deserving of praise – from ourselves and from others.
  • We honor our creativity and pat ourselves on the back for having the guts to put something out into the world.
  • We take baby steps towards releasing our own creations into the world. And we slowly begin to share them with the world.

We can break this cycle. We can turn it all around. We really can.

All it takes is choosing to no longer be bound by our ego. To no longer be okay with playing small because it’s safe and comfortable. To want to stretch and soar. To want to shine. It all starts with one single choice.

Are you ready to make that choice? Are you ready to let go of these limiting beliefs that have kept you from soaring?

I sure am. They certainly aren’t serving me, and I would venture to guess that they aren’t serving you either.

So, what I would LOVE for each of us to do is use this forum to share what we are proud to have put into the world!

  • Do you have a project that you’re working on?
  • Are you proud of a book that you wrote?
  • Would you like us to check out your website?
  • Have you just launched an ecourse that you want people to take?
  • Do you offer coaching sessions that you know would help others?

Use this space to share your creations with each of us! Be proud of yourself for both creating it and also being brave enough to share it! 

And if you don’t have a creation yet, you can share what you would like to create!

I’ll start, and then please comment below and share your creations!

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Okay, now it’s your turn. What are you excited to share/promote/tell us all about? 

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