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Shared Wisdom Guest Post Featuring Lyndelle Palmer Clarke
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I AM the Change (The Self Respons-Ability Creed)


From this day forward, I accept, with humility, my power to create positive change in my life.

I take full respons-ability for myself, my thoughts, my words, my actions.

I do not blame others, point fingers, or complain about other people’s ‘stuff.’ I commit to working on myself first and foremost.

I understand that relationships are mirrors and what I don’t like in another is an issue I have not yet accepted in myself.

I completely acknowledge and own all my buttons that others push, all my mistakes and unresolved issues. I acknowledge my wounds from the past, my disempowering behaviors and patterns, and all the repressed & unloved parts of myself.

I now commit to taking the necessary steps to heal those distortions within me, through solitude, journaling, meditation, reflection and self-respons-ability.

I take action and do what’s necessary for finding the healing tools that will create a quantum leap in my life. I acknowledge that all the tools I need, for my complete transformation, are available to me, and I commit to finding and using them.

I practice self-love, self-acceptance and self-respect. I commit to my total healing now.

Through accepting and loving myself completely, I heal all the aspects that need healing and I become whole and complete.

By positively expressing my gifts of free-will and free-choice, I become an example to others and support them in growing through their current limitations. I do this through unconditional love, encouragement and compassion.

This I promise to myself, to my family and friends, and to the whole of humanity.

I AM the change.

Thank you for sharing this powerful message with us, Lyndelle!

Lyndelle is graciously giving away her brand-new, beautiful, amazing book: dailygreatness Journal: A Practical Guide for Consciously Creating Your Days!

I am so in love with it! You all know that I’m a sucker for introspective writing prompts (which this book has!), and I also love how it acts as a daily planner to help keep us on track and engaged in the activities that are leading us toward our dreams. From the Self Awareness Power Questions to the 8 Daily Steps, I’m hooked! I am going to use my own 432-page copy to help me get more focused – both on a practical level and also on a soul level.

This book is absolutely wonderful. And one of you will win it!
If you are ready to consciously create an inspired life, enter below!

Entering is super easy!

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  2. Leave a comment below sharing how journaling has changed your life (or how you would like it to change it)! (If you’re reading via a reader or email, please click here to be taken to the post.)

One lucky winner will be chosen randomly on 8/3 at 11:59 pm pst.

Good luck!

Lyndelle is including her “The Art of Finding Your Purpose” audio series + over 60 bonus gifts when you order this beautiful book! I love that! Please click here to read more!

I did receive a review copy of this book, but I would’ve recommended it anyway. I love when the books that I need come to me at the perfect time. This is definitely one of those.


Lyndelle Palmer Clarke is a bestselling author, speaker, certified spirit coach, new energy guide and rebel WITH a cause. She writes, podcasts and leads retreats and seminars on connecting to your s.p.a.c.e. within (spirit, peace, acceptance, creativity & energy), living authentically, and becoming more conscious in everyday life. With many creative projects on her CV, Lyndelle has brilliantly succeeded at beating her own drum and living life on her terms. It has become her life mission to help others raise their consciousness and live more purposeful, creative, authentic, and meaningful lives. Visit her blog here http://dailygreatness.co/

P.S. – Stay tuned for details very soon about my Coming Back to Life Ecourse! It starts 10/1, and I would be so grateful if you joined me on this journey.


I AM the Change + A Book Giveaway! — 43 Comments

  1. I’d love to consciously start journaling to reflect and appreciate every lil detail of this wonderful life we’re living. By reflecting positively, I believe you start seeing all the joy, and there’s alota joy we miss.

  2. Journaling has always been a part of my life at different times in my life. I started journaling years ago and did it everyday for a few years. Then life started moving too fast and the journaling stopped. It’s great to go back a few years and see what I wrote and to see how my life has changed since that time. I need to start journaling again, as it relaxes me, un-clutters my mind, and really makes me think about what is important in life. Thanks for the chance to win!

  3. I’ve been journaling for ages and cannot say enough about how it has affected me. From the practice of Julia Cameron’s morning pages, which gave me the strength and fortitude to choose to get a divorce even though I was going to college and it would mean raising three children without a partner, to my experience as editor of the Wellness and Writing Connections newsletter where I shared research and resources that support the benefits of journaling, I have long been an advocate of the power of writing.

    Lately, I have been wanting to take my journaling in a new direction and seeking resources that will allow me to try a new way of doing so that will not only build on the decades of experience I have already developed but also move beyond this solid foundation. Who knows? A book like the one you are giving away might even inspire me to do new things with my blog.

  4. I have started journals several times in the last few years but I never seem to stick with it. I want to make writing in my journal a part of every day so I can not only make positive changes in my life but also “be the change I want to see in the world”.

  5. I like each page on FB.

    I have journaled for a lot of years, but lately I seem to be missing the deeper soul search. I have lots of details about my creative work, but not a lot about what I’m thinking and feeling. I just realized this weekend that one reason for that is that when I write, I know that it is likely that I will be interrupted. So I’m searching for another niche of time to go deeper.
    Carol recently posted..Just a Moment, 51My Profile

  6. Journaling has changed my life in so many ways, and continues to provided new awarenesses, shine light on opportunities and open many doors for me. Just yesterday, I was at a Spiritual Journaling workshop where were created a Mandela during the process of journaling with prompts. My Mandela gave me such a clear awareness of what I am wanting, what the blocks are and how to gently remove them. One of the answers (sentences) that came to me yesterday was (are you ready for this?) I AM THE CHANGE.

    Can you image how big my SMILE was when I saw the title on your email today. Gotta LOVE IT.

    Thank you so much for this opportunity and generosity. I would be honor to be gifted this amazing opportunity to continue to Consciously Create my Days.

  7. I love the concept of accepting responsibility for all my buttons and I also know that without loving, accepting, and respecting myself I cannot accept that responsibility, after all, how can I trust someone that I don’t respect with my biggest issues?

    Journaling is how I find the answers. I begin by simply spouting off about whatever is bothering me and wind up at the center of the thing. It’s as though journaling escorts me to the truth. I also journal about the positive things—nothing is held back. This process has been for me a mirror, clearly reflecting back the truths I need to embrace.

    Today’s post was a timely one, speaking directly to where I’m at. I love how Spirit does this. Thank you!
    Leah recently posted..In Sync With The MoonlightMy Profile

  8. Journaling gives me clarity and focus. It helps me put worries aside and see how irrelevant they are. And writing intentions down is very important for me. Somehow these hit home more than when I say them out loud.
    Reading old journals show me how I’ve grown, how far I’ve become and how silly some thoughts were. But also how important to grow.

  9. Writing journal , mainly gratitudes and thanking Universe for everything which is there in my life and also thanking what is not there, makes me accept people and events as they are….. thanks anyway …

  10. I am on a journey of self reflecting and discovery. I have tried journaling in the past with moderate success – but I plan on taking charge from a different approach to encourage the daily habit … it is time for greatness!! 😀
    becca givens recently posted..Sunday Trees – 37My Profile

  11. I have started writing this year about the unhappiness within myself and the quest to find who I truly am. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the journey and have learned tons about myself in the short time. Writing helps me to find the answers to my questions, and the direction I should be heading in. I would love to have the daily greatness journal to help in this journey and help me grow in my own self-love and move away from self-hate. Thanks!
    Crystal S. recently posted..ComparisonMy Profile

  12. I’ve been journaling on and off for years……it helped me tremendously during the times that anxiety was at its height for me……..I’ve also started incorporating it into my healing work that I do each morning………it truly is a healing and inspiring tool.

    I so loved this post…..thank you both!
    Gina recently posted..How the Goddess Circle has Helped Me Do My Soul WorkMy Profile

  13. I loved the “The Self Respons-Ability Creed” – so wonderful!

    I’ve been journaling for 21 years now ( can’t believe it’s been that long!) It’s become a part of my life that helps me to connect with where I’ve grown from, where I’m growing to. It helps me see the positive changes that have been made, and the seemingly life-long tenancies that I do not like, disappear.
    Its an incredible way for one to guide ones life, and see their life more objectively. Simply an amazing life tool.
    Aileen | Kaizen Vision recently posted..Personal Kaizen – The Art of Making It Happen!My Profile

  14. I’ve journalled in one way or another since I was 11. I began after my father died. Not sure if some adult suggested it or not, but it gave me my own path to healing. Since then I’ve journalled off and online for 40 years. Yes, I still have many of them including some of them from high school. This sounds like a lovely book. I am the change. 😀
    Arwen recently posted..Breasts, Cauldrons & SwordsMy Profile

  15. I would like to enter for the journal give away, as I do believe that journalling will change my life from here to where I want it to be.Not sure how to be put into the draw.
    I would not like to miss this opportunity.

  16. Jodi you had me hooded from this sentence “I take full respons-ability for myself, my thoughts, my words, my actions.” For 20 years I battled with alcoholism and depression – they were to blame for my unhappiness. When I was given the opportunity to turn my life around I realised that it was up to me to give myself the life I deserved and live it as the person I was meant to be.
    I’ve always loved writing as a way of expressing my feelings. Today though my thoughts and words are so much more positive!
    Carolyn Hughes recently posted..Crossing the Bridge of Dreams.My Profile

  17. Every time I start journalling I really enjoy it, but I could never keep it as a habit. It works for a week, maybe two, and then I go back to my old ‘me without a pen in hand’. And I don’t like that. I enjoy writing, analysing my thoughts but when it comes to writing it all down – I get stuck very fast. Maybe an organised experience with journalling would ‘make it stick’? :)
    Thank for offering this giveaway, Jodi and Lyndelle!

  18. I have started seriously journaling this year and am in love with the process. What intrigues me about this book is that is sounds like it will help document my journaling so I can grow! Right now, I have 6 journals scattered all over the place, plus random word documents. I forget to date things and would love something that would keep me both inspired to write and organized so I can chart my progression.
    Thank you so much for letting us know about this, Jodi!!
    Leann Harris recently posted..We Are Not What We ThinkMy Profile

  19. Thanks Jodi for introducing me to the work of Lyndelle – what an inspiration!

    I have been journalling during the difficult times in my life after I first read “The Artists Way” over 10 years ago.

    I remember how journalling really helped me to get clear on my coaching career. Also, I was able to use some of my journalled notes in my second book:-)

    This post has reminded me to take up this practice again:-)
    Arvind Devalia recently posted..21 Reasons Why We Should All Embrace the London 2012 OlympicsMy Profile

  20. Thanks for the giveaway. I’m still a rookie when it comes to journaling, but am enjoying tge healing benefits of it. This would be great to add to my daily tool box of living in the now.

  21. I would like to start journaling again and I think this would be the perfect way for me to do that.

  22. Oh, these are such deeply powerful messages.

    Writing/journaling has helped me clear away the clutter, all the yuck in the way of my shine..it has helped me untangle the tangles and remove what’s in the way of love, of my most empowered self.

    Thank you, Lyndelle & Jodi–so much. It’s such an honor to be here with you beauties.
    julia recently posted..Can You?My Profile

  23. Gorgeous affirmation! I maintain a gratitude journal and a happiness journal. Oh, the joy of looking back at my notes! 😀 Thank you. I just loved the post, Lyndelle and Jodi.

    I am going to consciously make more time for myself, because I have been feeling a little harassed – too many late nights and early mornings can be draining

    Love, Vidya
    Vidya Sury recently posted..Book Review: I, Rama Age of SeersMy Profile

  24. Journaling has saved my sanity. My only child, Jennifer was the victim of a murder suicide in 2006 at the age of 31 by a former boyfriend. I would not be able to face each day if I didn’t write down my feelings. The words just come pouring out and the hole in my heart just melts. I wish I could easily transcribe my thoughts onto paper as I’m riding down the road or just going through a normal workday. I love to jot down notes during the day to be able to put them in my written journal in the evening. Journaling sometimes is my written diary to my daughter. Tears also hit my pages but that’s okay too.

  25. I don’t have a website:(.Maybe someday.Thank you so much for all the work you do to keep each of us in tune with what we need in our lives as well.No pushing,confimations,tips,quotes,ideas,what a fantastic place to be!I am reading the daily affirmation,daily!!Thank you<3

  26. Journaling has helped me in so many ways. It has carried me through my darkest days, days that crippled me with depression, the feeling of pen to paper made me feel better, made me sort out my thoughts and made me feel less alone.

    As I grew, and changed, and evolved my journals became tangible reminders of the past and then they became something that I could let go of and that allowed me to heal.
    Dominee recently posted..Citrine, crystals, and creativity!My Profile

  27. Journaling has helped me take responsibility for myself and to deepen my understanding of the issues that I’ve faced. It’s creating a clear picture of what I want versus what I no longer need to move forward.
    Thank you for your offering of this amazing journal!

  28. Oh, what a wonderful book, talk about timing! This is a journey that my soul needs right now. Thank you for sponsoring the give away – and a big thanks to the author for sharing a copy for the giveaway!

  29. Hi Jodi,

    I journal daily on gratitude and celebrating the abundance in my life! And would love to play in this journal, it looks absolutely beautiful! What a wonderful way to celebrate all of the greatness that surrounds us! Thank you for introducing me to Lyndelle and DailyGreatness. I am excited to learn more! With Gratitude, Elizabeth :-)
    Elizabeth recently posted..Celebrating the power of a great Book with Gratitude!My Profile

  30. Journaling has been apart of my life since I was young. I dream. I write. I vent. I sketch. I dream some more. Sometimes poetry will just ooze from my soul. It’s my creative soul process of connection. This journal is absolutely gorgeous! I would love an opportunity to take a look at it and review it for an upcoming product review blog I have for nourishing of the soul! So whether I win or not – I will be investigating this work of art more closely! Thank you for the opportunity!

  31. Hi Everyone!

    It’s so wonderful to see all your beautiful comments here about BEING the change and how journalling has changed your life.

    Many of your comments resonate deeply with me as journalling has been a way of life for me also.

    Thank you Jodie, for bringing my journal and message to your amazing community of SOUL centred people!

    And congratulations to the winner of the journal – I know you will LOVE it!

    Much love,


  32. I have felt the still small voice of God pushing me towards journaling for a number of years but have always found an excuse not to. The push has become louder and more urgent recently. My biggest concern is others having access to my inner thoughts.

    I am currently in a situation where I need to revive my “go-getter” creative spirit and feel that journaling will help. I need a push start and feel that this book will give me that push start I need.

  33. I have been journaling off and on for several years. I journal more when things are not going so well. I would like to do it more consistantly, especially now that I’m seeing more good come into my life :)

  34. When I was going through a hard time as a child my mother gave me a journal and said “find something to be thankful for every day and write it down no matter how small and when ur feeling sad read back through it and it will remind u of the things in your life that make u happy” and I still journal as an adult and read back through from my entries as a child even. It’s made me a more optimistic person.

  35. i am beginnning my journey of journaling and find that it helps me work thru my thoughts and fears and life stuff, its a great way to express myself , i am a new lover of journaling. Liked you both on Facebook!

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