Perspective. Gratitude. Breath. Joy.

As I type this, my computer is making a horrible grinding/buzzing sound. The fan isn’t happy, and it’s hard to concentrate.

I will admit that I banged my laptop around probably harder than I should have to try to get it to stop. I said a few words that I don’t care to repeat here. And I have spent the last few moments fuming. Technological issues are one of my hot buttons and, for whatever reason, when things aren’t working properly, I can quickly spiral downwards into a full-blown tantrum.

But somewhere in the midst of this fury, I remembered that I had a choice. Yes, it was perfectly natural for me to feel frustrated that my fan sounds like an airplane taking off – making it hard to reflect and write. Yes, I would be justified in feeling this way. But how is this helping me? How is my anger about this situation going to change it? It’s not.

So I can choose to go on feeling frustrated and tight stomached or I can choose to shift it all toward feeling grateful that I have a computer that works well enough that I can write this right now. I can realize that even though I am not able to control this hardware malfunction, I can control my reaction to it.

And that’s such a valuable lesson.

There is so much in our lives that we simply can’t control. It doesn’t matter how badly we want to change things or fix things – there are times when we simply don’t have the power to do so.

And this is one of those times for me.

How often do we allow our joy and gratefulness to be replaced by suffering and frustration? How often could we have made a conscious shift and moved through this situation rather than resisted it?

So that’s what I’m doing right now.

I’m taking a deep breath. Feeling gratitude for my computer and even sending it love (it truly works so hard). And then I’m taking another deep breath. And I’m going to do this until I am calmer and filled with peace.

And then I’m going to smile.

Because, really, this is so silly when you think about it. Is it really that terrible that my fan is making extra noise? Is it?

This is such a beautiful exercise for each of us to practice.

Perspective. Gratitude. Breath. Joy.

All in the present moment.

All right now.

And while my frustration isn’t completely gone, I will say that it’s dissipated quite a bit. It’s all about being mindful and conscious and awake.

What a beautiful way to live.



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Perspective. Gratitude. Breath. Joy. — 24 Comments

  1. Hi Jodi,

    I soldiered through a minefield of techie problems over the last several weeks, so I could very much relate to this post. I was reminded of a “gratitude meditation” that I’ve done many times – oftentimes whilst on the way to work, which is a time when my thoughts can be drifting towards despondency. I would just mentally list off what I’m grateful for: Health, great relationship with my son, my friends, personal breakthroughs of recent years, etc. Felt a little silly at first doing this, but I was impressed by how powerful it could be, just turning my imagination in new directions and putting my energy *there* instead of reinforcing situations that were feeding my frustration.
    Seth Mullins recently posted..The Fathers and Sons CollectionMy Profile

    • Thanks for the tip, Katrina – I’m glad your fan is fixed! I have a Dell laptop, and I’ve read that noisy fans are a problem as they get older. This happened once before, and it miraculously went away. I’m hoping that happens again. :) Have a great weekend!
      Jodi – Soul Speak recently posted..Perspective. Gratitude. Breath. Joy.My Profile

  2. Ah yes computer gliches can really push my buttons too! I like your solution, simple and so much more satisfying in the end than getting worked up.

  3. Welcome to Mercury retrograde! 😉 Technical problems are just soooo common right now, and like you I tend to get very frustrated by them. Glad to see you’re not allowing this to ruin your day – or your blogging <3

    Much love and blessings!
    Sibylle recently posted..Sunshine All The WayMy Profile

  4. Controlling our reaction is what it is all about – but at a hot moment, very hard to practice 😀 Hugs!

    I have a dark mark on my wrist – I was wondering what could have caused it. Then I realized it was the way I used my laptop, resting the right wrist on the edge – and constantly rubbing against it has created a dark patch 😀 My fan talks to me when all is quiet, too. 😀

    Hugs – looking forward to your course! Love, Vidya
    Vidya Sury recently posted..Fifty Shades Of LifeMy Profile

  5. Another nice post, Jodi! I can totally relate to how something that’s really insignificant in the grand scheme of things can put you in a foul mood. For me, I’ve found the best way to stay even-tempered throughout the day is to get centered at the very start of the day, through meditation, a prayer of thanks and gratitude for all the good in my life–and as you mention, breathing! It’s amazing how a few deep breaths can almost instantly bring calm. Best, Tom The Inner Way

  6. Wise and authentic as always, Dear Jodi! You really nailed it in terms of recognizing that problems, frustrations and needs are reminders to turn to grace, just like you did–being grateful for your computer instead of dwelling in the consciousness of how it’s failing you. If something isn’t important to us, it wouldn’t cause meltdowns. So, clearly there’s a lot to be grateful for, and you modeled that for us beautifully. Thank you! Lots of Love!
    Alice Chan recently posted..Not YoursMy Profile

  7. Technology used to be a big hot button of mine too, (and occasionally still is!) but then I realised that for me, technology issues taught me patience!!! Now, whenever technology starts causing me problem, I stop and breathe (and do some maintenance on my laptop!). I love that you have connected technology issues to gratitude! x
    Donnaonthebeach recently posted..Ask Donna: I Have Too Many IdeasMy Profile

  8. Perspective makes such a difference – and so does gratitude. I have to admit, though, computer problems can irritate me and frustrate me faster than almost anything else, and it’s so easy for me to lose perspective! Yep, one of my hot buttons! Thanks for this lovely post…
    Gin recently posted..butterfly medicine…My Profile

  9. Indeed the place of lack of acceptance strikes again, I also like to call is resentment in terms of the situations when we’re not accepting it. I too go through this regularly, and sometimes those lines get blurred between determining what I can change, and can’t. For instance there are times where I think I just need to accept, but I actually can do a lot more to change it than I can. Interesting to think about, I think.

    Love the honesty of your sharing!
    David Hamilton | Everlution recently posted..Find Out About Transformational Life CoachingMy Profile