Have you ever gotten so wrapped up in your own world – in all of the “have tos” and “must dos” that you began to lose sight of why you were doing it all in the first place?

Have you ever narrowed your focus so completely that your vision became tunneled and you couldn’t see anything except for what was right in front of you?


Have you ever found yourself spiraling into all of this madness and busyness and you needed something or someone to reach in and pull you out?

I have. I definitely have. And what a wake-up call it was.

I woke up this morning feeling especially drained. And stressed. And worried about being able to get it all done. I readied myself to go through the motions of another day – answering emails, talking on the phone, and just getting through all of the other parts of my life that I normally love to do. I was tired and felt like it was all just too much. There was just too much to do. Too many people were pulling at me. It couldn’t possibly all get done. I was quickly heading into a full-blown pity party.

And then I received an email.

A beautiful, loving email from someone who is going through a rough time and wanted me to know that my posts here and on Facebook are a healing refuge for him right now. And he just wanted me to know that.

And with those words, I remembered. It’s not about me. It’s not about my ego. It’s about each of our souls connecting. It’s about our community supporting each other. It’s about our hearts reaching across time and space and loving each other as though we are standing side by side. That’s what’s important.

He was my messenger today. From that moment until now, everything shifted. I have been filled with such gratitude, and my heart is full.

These beautiful reminders pour in each day, and when I am conscious enough to hear them and fully receive them, they completely transform me. They are the most loving gifts that I could ever receive.

So thank you to each of you who has been a messenger for me throughout this journey. Thank you for reminding me that you are here and that we are in this together.

There are messengers around us every day who are able to pull us out of our heads and lead us back to our hearts.

And for them (and for each of you), I am forever grateful. Thank you for always bringing me back to what’s real and what’s true. Thank you for always bringing me back to my soul – back to love.



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