Have you ever pushed through all of your fears, walked right up to the edge, and leaped toward your dreams?

I bet you have. We all have.

How did you feel?
Excited? Elated? Proud? Light?

Maybe. Hopefully.


But what if while you were expecting to feel all of those emotions during the freefall between your old life and your dream life, you instead felt sick to your stomach and even more fearful than you already were?

What then?

What if during that freefall you started to question it all? What if you started to wonder why you had jumped in the first place? What if you worried that your dream wouldn’t be there to catch you?

What if that scared part of you began to ask yourself some tough questions: What were you thinking? Who were you to leap at all, anyway? Why couldn’t you just be happy and content with the way your life currently was? Why can’t you just enjoy this moment of pure faith – this moment of bravely leaping into the unknown?

What do you do if your freefall is filled with doubt and fear instead of joy and confidence?

You embrace it.

Seriously. While it may seem that this is the opposite of what you would want to do, it’s what you must do. If you resist it or judge it or run from it, it will only grow. When you embrace yourself for feeling this way and acknowledge the fearful feelings and the uncertainty, you allow yourself to move through it. And only when you move through it will it subside.

When you remind yourself that it’s perfectly normal and natural to feel this way, you give yourself permission to be in that space without judgment. When you remember how strong you were to leap in the first place – knowing that it took a special kind of bravery to be able to do that – you begin to turn these fearful feelings into empowered feelings. When you reconnect with that part of you who leaped because you couldn’t imagine doing anything else, you reconnect with your soul. When you pat yourself on the back for being strong enough to follow your heart, you begin to overpower any negative emotion. When you remind yourself how amazing you are for having the guts to do something like this, you allow the love to flow where before there was only fear.

And after all of this, you remember that the freefall is about surrender. The freefall is about faith. The freefall is about having complete trust that you are right where you are supposed to be.

When you land, you can reassess. When you land, you can make sure you’re really where you need to be. When you land, you can look around and see how this new world feels. When you land you can make sure it’s right. There is a time for all of this. But it’s not right now. Not during the freefall.

Embrace the freefall.

The freefall is evidence that you’re living fully. This is your moment to just sit back and relax. You did it. You leaped into pure faith – you believed that the universe and your dreams would support you and catch you. And they will.

Tell your mind that it’s all okay. Your heart knows this already. And your soul is leading the way.

There is no better feeling than landing right smack in the middle of a dream. And the only way to get there is to leap and freefall into it.

Embrace this moment.
This is your moment.
This is your freefall.


I am experiencing my own freefall right now as I’m getting ready to launch my first ecourse called Coming Back to Life (based on my upcoming book)!

I am excited and scared and joyful and worried and elated and uncertain all at the same time. But what I know in my heart is that I am so excited to offer this to you – so whatever fear is surrounding it needs to take a back seat so that I can bring it into the world.

I am so grateful that each of you are here to support me. I love that we are supporting each other. And that’s what this course is all about – coming back to life and reaching our dreams together. Let’s freefall together, too! 🙂 (More details about the course soon – it starts on 9/17!)

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