Reconnecting with Your Soul

I write a lot about the soul – getting to know your soul, reconnecting with your soul, loving your soul, etc. Because of this, you might think that I’ve had a wonderful relationship with my soul for my entire life. Would you be surprised if I told you that it’s only in the last couple of years that I’ve been in touch with my soul?

Like all of us, I was born a spiritual being in a human body. And like many of us, as life’s hardships piled up on top of me, I became more and more weighed down and grounded into the earth. I needed to learn how to survive and find ways to go on when I felt completely broken. After many years of these hardships piling up on top of the other, I eventually forgot about my soul altogether. It took a back seat to my human life, and it waited patiently for my return.

But my soul never left. It would quietly whisper to me over the years:

I’m here. Pay attention. Don’t apply for that job. You shouldn’t be with that person. You have so much to offer to the world. Take this path rather than the one you’re currently on. Begin living again. You are so special. Your fear is an illusion. Only love exists. Stay in the present. Keep moving forward. Share your message. You are loved.

But I didn’t pay much attention to this soft voice inside of me over the years. I didn’t think much about it – I was too busy surviving. How would stopping to listen to this voice be at all helpful, anyway?

In my last post I wrote about a spiritual awakening that I experienced just over a year ago, which changed my entire world and reunited me with my soul. In my upcoming book, Coming Back to Life, I write in detail about this beautiful experience – but what I will say for now is that I received guidance from someone on the other side. As a skeptic, this wasn’t something that I took lightly. It rocked my world completely. It challenged all of my beliefs and everything I thought I knew about the world that I lived in. But over time (and lots of tangible proof that this was really happening), I began to listen, take notes, and immerse myself in this beautiful energy. I received such beautiful messages that I am looking forward to sharing with each of you when my book is complete. But probably the most important part of the entire experience was my reconnecting with my soul.

Once this happened and I remembered this part of myself, I felt whole again. I felt such a love that I’ve never felt before. It was the love from my soul, which is connected to all of you and every part of the universe. It’s the most powerful love, and it flows through each of us if we are open to it.

I now know that I will never lose touch with this part of myself again – my soul is my connection to all of life. Without that connection, I can never be fully alive. I now listen when my soul speaks.

If you are feeling this numbness – this disconnectedness – this searching for something more, something deeper, something that you have forgotten but can’t quite remember, you are longing to reconnect with your soul.

And you don’t have to have a dramatic spiritual experience where the stars align and the heavens part – you can take matters into your own hands and begin the process yourself.

I reconnect with my soul through stillness and writing. You may find another way that works better for you – dancing, painting, being in nature, etc. However you decide to reconnect, I would urge you to begin this process. Your soul has all of the answers, which means YOU have all of the answers. And though it may not always feel this way, it’s really true.

If you aren’t sure where to start, take some time to interview your soul and see what it says. Sit down, take a deep breath, center yourself, grab a pen and paper (or on the computer) and ask your soul what it wants you to know. Write down what it says. Keep asking until you are clear and know exactly what it needs you to hear. Don’t censor yourself – don’t wonder if it’s really you or your soul writing/typing. Just keep writing. You could also close your eyes when you are writing or use your opposite hand.

If you haven’t already, you can download my Journaling from the Soul ebook for free. It contains 50 prompts to help you get in touch with your soul. It’s a great starting point!

However you choose to reconnect with your soul is up to you. The important part is that you do so. I wish I could convey how much my life has opened up since I remembered my own soul. I went from feeling numb and disillusioned and afraid to alive and aware and fully conscious. It’s amazing, and I wish that for you more than anything else. You deserve that joy and completeness. And your soul can’t wait for you to reconnect.

I would love to hear how you reconnect with your soul. Do you have a daily practice where you are still and listen to the whispers within? Do you journal? Do you meditate? Do you take walks in nature? Please comment below and share with each of us. Your words will be helpful to anyone who is still searching and wanting to reconnect but isn’t sure how to start.






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  1. Thank you for this post, Jodi. Very valuable reminder. We tend to get caught up with hectic schedules and stress takes over our soul, smothering it, not allowing its whispers to be heard. We all need to slow down, relax our minds and become more conscious.

    Each morning, at 6 am I have the practice of lighting the lamp and spending a few quiet moments, praying, thinking, thanking the universe for all I am blessed with. Then, I spend the next two hours making coffee, cooking lunch and packing it in boxes. This process is very therapeutic for me. I like to think it connects me with my soul – as the activities involved in this result in a happy goal – nourishment for the body, and for me, nourishment for the soul.
    Vidya Sury recently posted..Book Review: The Devotion of Suspect XMy Profile

    • Thank you for sharing how you reconnect with your soul each day, Vidya. It sounds like a very peaceful practice, and it’s a great example how we can nourish our souls in everyday activities. I love that! :)
      Jodi – Soul Speak recently posted..You’ll Never Be ReadyMy Profile

  2. Just what I needed to read this morning Jodi. It reminded me that my early morning walks are food to my soul…and since not feeling so well…I stopped walking. ..until this morning and reading your post. You were my wake up call and I thank you. :-)
    Encourage one another.
    Elle recently posted..Can You Feel It?My Profile

  3. I truly believe we draw to us everything we need
    and this morning I needed this ♥

    Every morning as I lay in bed I watch the sun as it rises above the trees
    it reminds me a new day has dawned…and I sit with a smile upon my face
    and let the day unfold, listening to all the little thoughts that flow about what I want from this day.
    Being in the Veterinary world we never know what will happen, but after years of only seeing the negative things that can happen every day I was drained, full of sorrow, anger until something deep inside me whispered remember why you do this, remember that the joy, and love and peace you find in life, be that, hold that, feel that, share that…..from that there is no turning back. Everyday is full of awesomeness too, and like soo many others I’d forgotten where to look, what to hold, what to dream about, what to believe. So now every evening I sing a song that has no words, just a vibration tone, accompanied by me playing a song on the guitar that was given to me from my soul…. that is another story…but every night I spend the last 30 minutes or more of my day playing my guitar and sending grateful thoughts to the Universe and to all those who I know are in need and to everyone who touches my soul. No matter what happens through the day I let it go, I hold the love, the wonder, the joy and the music that moves me, I slip off into dreams once more to ready myself for the next rising of the day .

    and like you I only truly awoke a few years ago when I saw how much life seemed to have been weighing me down, how much complaining and bitching about every tiny little thing that I could do nothing about and so became a gold medal complainer and how fast upon being aware of the thoughts I spread in my day affected everything and everyone !! so if we affect the world around us that much what should we affect it with? there is only one answer LOVE ♥ ♫

    singing this song forever ♥ ♫ ♥ ♪
    LunaJune recently posted..With Open ArmsMy Profile

    • Thank you SO much for such a beautiful comment, June! Wow. I have goosebumps from it. You are such an inspiration – knowing that you were on a path that you no longer wanted to be on, and then consciously creating a new world to live in. I am in awe – seriously. I love that you are choosing to focus on the good that comes with your job rather than what makes you sad and angry. And that doesn’t mean that you’re in denial or not aware of those feelings, but you are able to feel them and then let them go.
      I used to run a ferret rescue and shelter, and I eventually had to stop because it was so emotionally draining. I didn’t have the tools then to focus on the good that we were doing rather than the painful situations these sweet animals were being rescued from.
      Anyway – we are all doing the best we can, and knowing this has helped me so much.
      I love that your nighttime ritual – beautiful and peaceful. ♥
      Jodi – Soul Speak recently posted..You’ll Never Be ReadyMy Profile

  4. Dear Jodi,
    I know I’ve been amiss with the meditation. Being on the road has turned my little world a bit upside-down. Nonetheless, I have taken moments apart.
    This morning I felt as though i were falling apart. Let’s just say that a bunch of old voices began speaking to me. Voices that are not my friends. They came in the form of negative thinking and created a huge fear inside of me. I didn’t know how to defend myself from such an emotional storm so I sat down and wrote to soul/spirit/my companion, call it what you will, but I spent a considerable amount of time questioning soul and getting some solid answers. I feel better now. Centered and ready for my day.
    I can’t wait to read your book Jodi. I’m sure it will be pulsing with life and light.
    Leah recently posted..Sticky IntimacyMy Profile

    • I really love that you trusted your soul enough – especially in such a low moment – to guide you and help you through it. And I’m so glad that some answers came out of it. You are so strong and so powerful and so amazing. I’m forever grateful that we’re here together. ♥
      Jodi – Soul Speak recently posted..You’ll Never Be ReadyMy Profile

  5. Hi Jodi – I am so enjoying your posts. Thank you. This morning at 4 am I finally listened to my soul. I received some insight that I am now acting on, as “backward” as the solution sounds in real life. I am trusting that if my soul is telling it to me, it must be the Truth.

    I look forward to reading your book! Have a blessed day!
    Taslim Jaffer recently posted..Try-This Tuesday: Do It For The First TimeMy Profile

    • Thank you, Taslim! :)
      I’m glad you’re listening to your soul. You’ll really feel it if it’s coming from that deeper place within you – you’ll just know. And it sounds like the guidance you received was coming from that place. :)
      Jodi – Soul Speak recently posted..You’ll Never Be ReadyMy Profile

  6. Hi Jodi — Wonderful post! The places where I find it easiest to be in touch w/my soul are outdoors in Nature, writing, observing people being kind to one another, and, as you suggest, just being still and in the moment.
    I agree that the soul, happiness or whatever you want to call that place of perfection is not something one has to go looking for. We already have it; all we have to do is let it out from under all the other stuff we allow to get piled on top of it.
    Jeffrey Willius recently posted..A NOSE FOR WONDER – Making Scents of SpringMy Profile

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  8. I love this post, Jodi. I write a lot about happiness and I’ve found that connecting with my Soul on a daily basis is an essential part of loving my life. When I begin to neglect my “Soul Work” in pursuit of more worldly endeavors, all hell breaks lose. That’s the simplest way I know how to put it. Nurturing my soul is a top priority; and I believe that all the craziness that happens when I lose sight of this is a gift that reminds me of my purpose in this world.
    Nea | Self Improvement Saga recently posted..Why I Talk to Trees, Play In the Rain and Love My StrangenessMy Profile

    • Thank you so much, Nea! :)
      It’s really true that when we step away from our soul, we tend to venture away from our true purpose. That’s when things don’t flow as easily or seem to fit together. I’m glad you are conscious of this and take time to connect with you soul. ♥
      Jodi – Soul Speak recently posted..You’ll Never Be ReadyMy Profile

  9. Hi Jodi,

    I was so glad to recently discover you on Facebook!

    Over the past several years I’ve had this nagging sense, on and off, that something was missing. Even when things were going great, BAM! – I’d get this uncomfortable feeling that I was neglecting something important, something deep. What I was missing was fulfillment, my life purpose. And as part of that, a connection to my soul.

    Finally, a couple of years ago, I could no longer ignore or deny these feelings, and have been working at “living on purpose.” I can’t say it always comes easily, but it’s amazing and so worth it. Once you start living this way, there’s no going back. No ignoring what makes you come alive.

    I find I feel most connected when I’m walking in nature, when I’m writing or in quiet moments of solitude where I allow myself to b-r-e-a-t-h-e.

    Wishing you a weekend of wonderful moments,

    Christine (The Brighter Side of Life) recently posted..Rekindle Your Childlike WonderMy Profile

    • Hi Christine!
      I’m so grateful that we’re connected now! :)
      Your soul was definitely reaching out to you, and I’m so glad that you’re paying attention. You’re absolutely right that once you start living this way there is no going back. Once I realized that I even had a soul, it opened up my entire world.
      I can’t wait to get to know you more! :)
      Jodi – Soul Speak recently posted..You’ll Never Be ReadyMy Profile

  10. I’ve never taken much time to get to know my “soul.” I just seem to run from one day to the next, never feeling adequate in much of what I do. I too am on a journey to change that. I have found comfort in a new book that I am reading. The book is “Being You: How To Live Authentically” by Gerard M. Doyle. This book shows readers how to be confident and live life without fear or anxiety. Just like your pictures this book shows how to be authentic.

  11. Hi Jody,
    What a lovely post. This really resonated with me as I feel that I have had an “awakening” and what a magical and energising experience I am finding it. It ocurred slowly for me, a little bit at a time. The general feeling of disenchantment with life. A feeling of being used. A feeling of being unappreciated. Then a friend invited me to listen to her radio show and I remembered when I used to have a radio show. And there, just like that I began to write down all the things that were no longer in my life. Jody that was a long list! And right there I realised that I had lost my self. And I vowed that I would begin to try to get those lost parts back. To rebuild my self. I have just begun. I have taken the bull by the horns and decided to blog the experience. So reading posts like yours lets me know that I am doing the right thing! Thanks and be blessed in all you do. Blackmore.
    Steve Blackmore recently posted..A moment of magicMy Profile

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  13. Jodi,

    Your post really resonated with me, as I have been going through the same things you did. I am young and inexperienced, and have spent such a long time “navigating” my mind, getting to know myself again, re-connecting with my emotions (and not being afraid of them), and being more OK with myself.

    In the midst of doing this, I have also met a wonderful man and we are going on (2) years. However, I have recently found out that something isn’t quite right. I feel as though something is missing, and have no inkling on what it is. I spoke with my mother, and she mentioned the writing rituals she does weekly. I immediately attributed this to the mind, and then she corrected me and said she was connecting with the soul. BOY DID THIS BLOW MY MIND!

    I had completely forgotten about the soul- it was not even in my radar. Being as intelligent and introspective as I am, I was extremely surprised that I totally missed this. I am going to start trying to reconnect with my soul, as (introspectively) I have sensed my soul try to tell me a lot on more than one occasion. Sadly, I don’t think I have been connected with my for most of my life, since early childhood. In any case- THANK YOU for posting this!

  14. Good afternoon Jodi I feel so lost like I lost myself and can’t find me I need real help don’t know what to do don’t know what to write what to say how to THInk nothing I feel like a waste