I’ve missed you. I’ve missed this – checking in. Being still. Being real. Being me. Being here.

I had such big plans to sit down and write a “good” post – something with “wow” and “pizazz.” Something that was sure to inspire and have us all look at our lives in a new way.

And then I sat down. And I remembered: I am not here to “wow” you or write with “pizazz.”

I am here to write from my heart – from my soul. To reach into each of your souls and find that common place that lies within each of us. That place that is unified and similar and filled with love. That place where nothing needs to be said – where everything is already known. That place where we can hold hands through space and time, close our eyes, and simply be. In this moment, I remembered why I created this space. I remembered why I love it so much.

So here I am. And there you are.
Welcome back – to each of us. 

It’s so easy for me (and you, too, I would guess) to get distracted and become reactive and unconscious and somehow go missing within all of this busyness.

And it’s only when I am here – when I am writing – that I come back and remember what it is that I am meant to do – to be – to become.

Your “you-ness” may be expressed in other ways – through painting or singing or dancing or laughing or running or meditating or connecting or teaching or (…..fill in the blank…..).

But it’s not something that can be missed – you know you have found it the moment you do it and the moment you come back to it.

So here I am. And there you are.

Here we are once again – stepping forward and saying, “This is me.” And standing proud in that knowing – that BEing.

Thank you so much for being here and helping me remember who I am.

Here’s to each of us for being given this beautiful gift of knowing and being each and every day.

Here’s to each of us for being able to realize this gift and have the strength to step into it – own it – and live it.

Here I am. And there you are.
We are here together.