Self Care at Work

Today’s post contains a writing prompt from our Journaling Further Within book:
Do you practice self care at work?
What are some things you do 
to create a space that nurtures you?
Several years ago, I put together a list for myself – a guideline for practicing self-care at work. I laminated it and posted it where I can see it every day. And while I don’t always follow it, I find that it’s a great reminder.
I thought that it would be helpful to post it here for all of us to take in, post in our workspaces, and begin to practice (myself included). 
I definitely can’t take credit for all of these suggestions, but I simply am drawing a blank on the book that a few of them came from. Yikes!

If you have other suggestions for practicing self care at work, please be sure to leave your comment!
Happy balanced working, everyone! :)
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