It’s Here! 365 Ways to Connect with Your Soul

new cover 3dI can’t believe how excited I am to share this news with you! Our first collaborative book, 365 Ways to Connect with Your Soul, is now available!

I’ve been writing about the soul for many years now – ever since I reconnected with my own and realized how much brighter my world was because of it.

As many of you know, I used to be completely skeptical to this sort of thing – I had closed myself off to all things that I couldn’t explain or see with my own eyes or touch with my own hands. It somehow felt safer that way. But my world also felt colder and darker and less filled with love and trust.

I didn’t want to feel that way. I wanted to feel light and free and open and trusting, and something deep inside told me that the road to this peace within was by reconnecting with my soul – my connection to all that is.

So I began listening to my soul – very slowly with skepticism, trepidation, and disbelief. I took the tiniest of steps at first – sort of feeling my way around with the plan that I could run back to safety if I needed to. I would slow down enough to hear my soul’s whispers and then act on them and see how things went. What I was surprised to find is that when I really paid attention to my soul and bravely moved through the fear that kept me from venturing into this new world, things just started to make sense. I found that my heart felt fuller. I found that love poured into my life in ways that I could never have imagined before.

My soul would say “crazy” things like:

Why don’t you try taking that leap into the unknown – towards a new job, new home, new relationship? Why don’t you see where it takes you? How about giving yourself permission to be happy and at peace? Why not allow yourself to ease into life rather than push through it? Your needs matter just as much as anyone else’s – take care of yourself and the love will flow out of you from that filled-up place. It’s okay if you show up in the world as yourself – authentically and exactly who you are. Be brave and let yourself be seen. Be brave and let yourself be loved – by others and also by yourself.

Because I listened to my soul, I met my husband, Dan, and allowed myself to love him and be loved by him. Because I listened to my soul, I allowed myself to leave a job that I hated and start my own business and become a full-time writer. Because I listened to my soul, I said goodbye to friendships that no longer filled me up and invited a loving circle of soul friends in. Because I listened to my soul, I opened my heart to love not just here in this physical world but also to universal love. Because I listened to my soul, I started this blog and put myself into the world in such a public way – believing that with my soul as my muse, we would be able to put so much love into the world. Because I listened to my soul, I gave myself permission to become the person I had always been but had somehow forgotton. Because I listened to my soul, I have come home. 

I wanted to create this book because I know how much my life has changed since reconnecting with my soul, and I wanted to give that gift to as many as I possibly could.

Putting this book together with Dan has been such a labor of love. We have held it close to our hearts for so long, and we feel like we’re giving birth to something so loving and so special. Over 200 contributors came together to help bring this book to life, and we’re all celebrating this huge moment with each of you today.

It’s our hope that it will be so helpful to you. If you’re feeling a bit disconnected from your soul and are looking for ways to plug back in, there are 365 of them in this book! If you’re already feeling connected and would like to deepen your connection or simply find a fun new way to connect, we’re certain you’ll find one (or many) in this book!

We are so grateful for all of the love that we’ve already received throughout this book’s journey, and we are thankful in advance for you to take it into your heart as well.

You can learn all about it and order your copy here!

Please order a copy for yourself and also some for your family and friends. It makes such a wonderful holiday gift!

Also, I would so appreciate it if you could help spread the love by sending out a Tweet or posting on Facebook about it today. Here’s a sample: How do YOU connect with your soul? This new book has 365 ways! Order now & get over 100 soulful gifts! #365soulbook

Thank you so much for all of your love and support with our new book! I’m so excited about it, and I can’t wait for you to read it and to hear your feedback!



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