The Space In Between

in between copyI’ve been in an interesting place lately. I’ve dug deep within my heart and uncovered all that no longer feeds my soul. And I’ve gotten super clear about what does feed my soul – what makes me feel alive and free and jubilant. I know exactly where I want to be and what I want to be doing and how I want to feel. I know how I want to spend my days and who I want to spend them with and how I want to support others and how I want to support myself. I know all of this.

And yet, I’m in this space in between – that space where I’m no longer living my past, but I’m also not yet living my future. It’s this space where all of these dreams are taking shape and preparing to be born. It’s this space where I am filled with possibility and hope and faith and trust and wanting and desiring and knowing that it will all come together and happen exactly when it’s supposed to. Except, a huge part of me feels like I’ve been patient for long enough and just wants it to come to fruition now already!

I was just thinking that, rather than being frustrated about being in this space, it would be much more fun to see it as a blessing. It’s a time where I get to nurture my dreams. It’s a time where I get to water them and tend to them and get even more clear about them. It’s a time where I get to stay open and allow them to change before they even come to life. It’s a time where I get to dream endlessly without boundaries or borders or ceilings. It’s a time where I get to sit inside my own metamorphosis and await what’s to come.

When I look at it from this perspective, I feel excited and free and alive. When I remember that this universe is a loving one that works in congress with me to bring me all that I have ever desired and when I trust – really trust – that these desires will manifest at the perfect time, then I feel filled with light and love and warmth and joy.

I asked my soul when I would leave this space of in between and actually be in my life – the life that I want to move toward. And it said “never and always.”


It said that I am already in that space for the dreams that I asked for long ago. And I will be in that space soon for the dreams that I am manifesting now. And I will also always be in the space in between my dreams and manifestations because I will always be dreaming up new dreams that I want to manifest.

Wow, right?

So this space in between is constant. It’s not good or bad or anything other than something that we are all in right here in this moment – in every moment. As long as we are living and breathing, we are dreaming and hoping and setting our lives in motion. We are always receiving our past dreams and awaiting our future dreams.

And that really, truly excites me and helps me in such huge ways. It helps me be able to settle into this in between space much more easily. It helps me to enjoy the journey, which is what I’m seeing that it’s really all about anyway.

It’s my hope that we’re all able to breathe into this space in between and really embrace it as the blessing that it truly is. Our dreams are being manifested, and our desires are being born! Now that is truly exciting. :)



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